Top Ten Most Powerful Hellsing Characters

A ranking of Hellsing characters according to feats and fighting strength. Note that Schrodinger is not included on this list, so this is Alucard before he released Level 0. This list takes into consideration feats before Romancia (the final chapter). Integra and Jan Valentine would have been 11th place on the list.
The Top Ten
1 Alucard Alucard is a fictional character and the protagonist and antihero of the Hellsing manga and anime series created by Kouta Hirano.

The most terrifying monster in existence, Alucard is a one-man castle who can topple all of his enemies. Equipped with two large pistols that can fire explosive silver or blessed bullets, Alucard possesses an arsenal of hax supernatural abilities. With his vampiric strength at its limit, he killed Monster Anderson in one blow. With millions of lives inside of him, he can release them all in an undead army that can run an entire city. His greatest ability is to absorb the souls of others through blood and add lives to him, which he cunningly used to outlast Vampire Walter.

2 Alexander Anderson

The Paladin from Iscariot had the skill to catch Alucard off guard and actually kill him when they first met. In London, he engaged Level 0 Alucard in an epic battle against his undead army, slaying dozens of revived soldiers despite being severely wounded by the Jackal and the weapons of Alhambra and Rip van Winkle. With his immense willpower, he was declared as the only human that could kill Alucard.
With Helena's Nail, Anderson was able to wreck Alucard, countering every single one of his movements and tanking all of his bullets. His regeneration rivaled Alucard's, and with his speed and silver bayonets, he made Alucard look sluggish as he brought him to his knees with only two holy blows. He vaporized all of Alucard's undead army and would have turned Alucard himself to ashes had Seras not interfered.

3 The Captain

Millennium's top soldier dominated a young Walter back in World War II, and even kicked Alucard in half (twice). In his werewolf form, he was completely destroying Seras and had to revert to his base form in order to keep from killing her. After that, even with Pip helping her out, The Captain still proved to be a superior threat to Seras as she struggled to take his kicks and tenacious shifting into mist. It was only when The Captain gave her the silver tooth, revealing that he wanted Seras to end his life, did Seras find an opening to kill The Captain. His physical strength and durability are the highest in the series.

4 Walter C. Dornez

Once he had been vampirized, Walter demonstrated the impressive feat of slicing down two large buildings as he made his entrance. He dominated Alucard while his body was at its peak, handling Alucard's regeneration as he thrashed the No-Life King from building to building like a rag doll. His fluent mastery of his many nimble wires allowed him to counter Alucard's raw power, bullets, and even his demonhound familiar Baskerville. Walter continued to humiliate Alucard by taking control of Luke Valentine and smashing the slain Baskerville onto Alucard. In his last attack, even while he was deteriorating, he was able to mutilate Alucard in a few instants and drive a stake into his heart to kill him... Only to find out that Alucard had eaten Luke Valentine to save his life.

5 Tubalcain Alhambra

The Dandy Man was able to fight directly with Alucard for a decent amount of time, handling his bullets and keeping up with the vampire king with his own quick footwork and swiftness. Their battle devastated everyone and everything near them. He was even able to outmanuever Alucard with a clone and deal damage to his regeneration with his magic cards, which can be controlled in flocks telekinetically. The cards can slice uranium cannon shells and explode. Alhambra pushed Alucard to Level One, and handled all of Seras's attacks while doing so. He was ultimately overpowered by the superior vampire.

6 Luke Valentine

Luke thought he was the one who could surpass Alucard, and demonstrated impressive speed when he blitzed towards Alucard and when he outran his Casull bullets. Luke also showed good durability and regeneration when he took a Casull bullet to the chest and was unscathed by the time he got back up. However, he was ultimately destroyed by Alucard's Level 1, who only activated it because he wanted to play with Luke.

Luke obviously has more power than Rip Van. Or at least if it's in potential. I sight that luke had enough power to resist being digested, So he probably could have reached somewhere around the Captain's level, had he been given time.

7 Rip Van Winkle

Rip's magic bullet can destroy helicopters, fighter jets, and missiles in seconds. The bullet follows Rip's will and is capable of immense velocity and tremendous destructive power. No aircraft was able to approach her because of her bullet's lethalty and range, except for Alucard who was able to land on the ship with a Blackbird using his Level 1 powers. Rip's magic bullet was able to continuously plow through Alucard until he finally caught it in his mouth. Although the magic bullet is very strong, Rip herself is not powerful.

8 Seras Victoria Seras Victoria is a fictional character in the Hellsing manga and anime series created by Kouta Hirano.

Seras used heavy-duty equipment such as an anti-tank cannon rifle and Harkonnen II, which can take down missiles and a battle zeppelin, to blow away her enemies. After she became a True Vampire, Seras's raw power skyrocketed as she completely dominated Zorin Blitz and her squad of Millennium vampires. She fought The Captain in hand-to-hand, as the both of them tossed their supernatural powers at each other. Although Seras simply could not match The Captain as a werewolf, she was able to handle his base form with Pip's help. In their last attacks, Seras and The Captain blew off each other arms, but Seras was able to constrain him and have Pip deal the fatal blow.

9 Zorin Blitz

The commander of the assault on the Hellsing mansion, Zorin led her forces into the HQ with her hax illusionary powers. Her illusions are able to confuse all of the senses and disrupt her foes psychologically. Furthermore, she can read into the minds/souls of others to access their memories, allowing her to replay traumatic or painful experiences in her target's mind. While her target is trapped in a nightmarish world, Zorin can sneak up behind them and slice them in two with her scythe. The range of her illusions gives her an advantage, but her assets do fall short because of lack of speed feats. Zorin is a brutal and ruthless fighter.

10 Yumie Takagi

Anderson's pupils, they are the second strongest in Iscariot. Although they lack feats, what little they've shown does place them marginally below Luke, at the very least. They were able to take out Millennium's vampires without injury, and also killed some of Alucard's undead army without a problem. Furthermore, Yumie demonstrated impressive speed when rushing at Walter while Heinkel sniped Walter several times.

The Contenders
11 Schrodinger

Their powers can be summed as "I think, therefore I am". So long as they believe themselves to be something or somewhere that's what they are, they can heal wounds instantly if they want, be anywhere on, in or out of the planet, even people's minds aren't safe from him. Near Immortal, Instant healing, Teleportation, and the ability to get into your head literally. However we don't know the full extent of their power so for all we know they could have just believed themselves to be stronger than alucard or strong enough to destroy planets

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