Best Love Live! School Idol Project Characters

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1 Nico Yazawa

I honestly love Nico so much! I can't understand why there are a lot of hate comments about Nico on Nozomi's profile! I mean Nico can seem a bit aggressive and stubborn a lot on the outside, but on the inside she's really a kind, sweet loving person for all of her friends and family! I know right now she's first but if she ever looses the number 1 streak she will always be first on my side in my heart!

I love nico so much, she's sometimes seems naughty or mean, but that's how she look like. But she's actually a nice person. She's sweet, cute, tsundere, hardworking, independent, really trust her friends, believes in her friends, she is the best!
Whenever I see her on screen, she bring me smile on my face, I can't help but thinking she's really adorable!

Nico may seem like an abrasive, aggressive and self-absorbed person, but really deep down she's a caring and loving person. Nico is also a good big sister for her younger siblings, she looks after them, she teaches them things. Nico cares more about her friends than probably anyone does in Muse, especially for Maki. Maki also cares about Nico and that is why Nico and Maki are my best girls! Nico has a dream and goal like anyone, and Shen will do anything to achieve it! I think we have all been in that position before. Nico is relatable!

I love Nico Yazawa Because she's the most cutest anime girl I've ever seen.I wish her to be number 1 but if not she will still be number 1 in my heart.Gather Nico Lovers

2 Nozomi Toujou

Obviously better than that Mari character whose craftiness hasn't been given boundaries nor has a decent backstory.

Nozomi's great but why so much hate towards Maki?

Who gives a damn about Nico's past? Her dad died, now she has good family

I love her,She's got a better personality than annoying nico! And better! She has tarot cards and a great voice

3 Maki Nishikino

Maki is a Santa believer that does not believe in the government's big lie about "Santa not existing". Her bravery to go against the government shows she is the most inteligent and thus she is the best girl

Best singer in u's, can play the piano and is also a composer. I love her tsunderee moments. She is very down to earth, quick-witted, mature and brave, Her beauty is no joke too.

Maki is super hot and talented. I love tsunderes, and she makes number on each POP on this list. Despite being negative, she's super sweet and is very kind to Honoka and the others.

Everything about Maki is great and I can relate to her a lot.

4 Eli Ayase
5 Rin Hoshizora

Rin is absolutely my best girl. she's so cute and energetic that I can't help but get excited with her. shes also got one of the best voices in my opinion

She's a tomboy, has a lovely singing voice, and is so underrated.

She is pretty as heck!

Rin is best girl

6 Hanayo Koizumi
7 Kotori Minami

Her voice is cute, her visual is cute, she is cute.

Hands down best girl.

She is a beauty

The cutest one!

8 Umi Sonoda

I love her voice, although I like Kotori more, she is my second best girl.

She is my favourite anime idol.

I love her! She so cute

I love her so much!

9 Honoka Kousaka

I may be biased in this because I cosplay as Honoka, but I believe she has the best personality. Even through just the Anime, when she, Umi, and Kotori went on stage to perform START:DASH! and nobody was there, Honoka just smiled through it and had hope. Through the whole series, she was the character who was trying to make everyone happy, which in fact is an amazing trait to have. That's why I think Honoka should be placed up higher is all.

Such a bright young lady. She's the one who started it all; the one who taught her friends and everyone watching to never give up and chase their dreams. She's enthusiastic, energetic, and would be a super friend to have if she existed irl X3

Underrated, which is surprising. Cutest, funniest and most attractive character.

Honoka is one of the best honoka can join my harem.

10 Mari Ohara

Nothing better than a cute Italian girl with charisma and shininess

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11 Hanamaru Kunikida
12 Yoshiko Tsushima

She is a major queen.

13 You Watanabe
14 Riko Sakurauchi

Riko is worst girl, I despise her, no offense to you guys who like her- this is just my opinion, but I do not like her one bit.

She is very mature and connects to the others' feelings easily, also, she is very good at giving advices.

She is super adorable.

Best girl ever!

15 Rina Tennoji

Unique personality, I love the lack of emotions thing. Kinda relatable. Beautiful.

Rina is easily the most unique out of all of them because of her "Rina-Chan Board".

Some people mix up her self-consciousness with shyness and thus thinks shes a Ruby copy.

Rina best girl

16 Dia Kurosawa

I love how she can from a serious and respectable person to a crazy and funny one. She is a very reliable person, who can save the group when the worst happens, also such a caring older sister.

Elegant and beautiful: a classical Japanese beauty. The only thing bad about her is her sister.

Best girl, she's hella talented and is a good character in love live

17 Kanan Matsuura

Cute in 2d and in 3d.

18 Kurosawa Ruby
19 Setsuna Yuki

She is a human ray of sunshine! She oozes love and warmth!

20 Karin Asaka
21 Ai Miyashita

Happy virus. She enjoys cooking, like me.

22 Alisa Ayase
23 Chika Takami

Chika is also a cute character! Just like Honoka.

24 Kanata Konoe
25 Shizuku Osaka

She is a friend that will until you when you're sad just to cheer you up, a very pleasant person. She is also damn pretty too and has good body proportions.

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