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This list is a countdown of what I consider to be the best songs from the anime series Sword Art Online. For this list, I'll be including songs from Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online: Extra Edition, and Sword Art Online II (and probably future anime installments in the future such as the new Ordinal Scale movie and Sword Art Online III) that I found to be enjoyable. These can range anywhere from Crossing Field by LiSA or Ignite by Eir Aoi. With that said, Sword Art Online fans and anyone else who likes these songs regardless of what they think about the anime, cast your votes!
The Top Ten
1 Crossing Field - Lisa

Such an iconic song... along with Yume Sekai it truly captures the vibes of SAO. The feels.

A wonderful classic. Even though Courage is objectively better, this ain't far behind

I've always loved this song, I never skipped the intro.

2 Ignite - Eir Aoi

I just listened to this song for the first time, and wow, did it blow me away! After hearing Crossing field, I thought for sure it would be the best opening in the show, but this one gives it some competition!

This song was absolute bomb!

I haven't listened to this song until the end... but that makes me want to listen to more! When the song reaches the middle part of the song, it just blows my mind.

Been a while since I heard it but it is defined my favorite of the bunch. For whatever reason I can't even imagkne myself listening to Sao songs in English (extremely out of character for me since I'm usually the exact opposite with other shows even in anime.)

3 Courage - Haruka Tomatsu

Courage is my favourite song of all time. Now don't get me wrong, Crossing Field and Ignite are iconic and all, but Courage is not only that, but also badass and emotional.

After listening to all these songs a lot, I have decided that Courage, out of all of them, is my favorite opening. Call me weird.

This is the only song that I didn't skip when I watched SAO. Yuuki is my favorite character, and therefore, this is my favorite song

4 Shirushi - Sword Art Online 2

To me, this is the single best song this anime ever made. Especially once you know the circumstances behind it, its beautiful, its powerful, its emotional, and just an amazing song overall.

This is the best ending song of SAO. There's no ending song in this show that even comes close in my opinion. I love it.

So damn emotional! Even though I prefer Courage as a song, this is just..., I can't describe

5 Adamas - Lisa

When I listened this opening for the first time, the next episodes I didn't skip them. Love it!

I love this song. I download the other day and I never skip the song.

Overrated honestly. Not very interesting and the melody isn't anything that good

6 Yume Sekai - Haruka Tomatsu

This gives me the nostalgia down the spine...

7 Catch the Moment - Lisa

Fell in love with this song the first time I listened to it. Probably my favourite alongside Crossing Field

8 Innocence - Eir Aoi

All of the SAO openings are great, it's hard to order them from favorite to least favorite, but this one is in the bottom half. It's still amazing though.

9 Startear - Luna Haruna
10 Overfly - Luna Haruna
The Contenders
11 Resister - Asca

This is the most climactic and epic opening of the series. Originally I thought Courage was the best song but not sure anymore after hearing this gift from the gods

12 Unlasting - Lisa

So much feel.
I especially like how this song is a combination of a traditional eastern asian folk and electronic music. It metaphorically contrasts the world they are caught (ancient) in, created by something almost futuristic.

Much more emotional than the other songs. I really like the other songs, but this one really caught my heart at first glance, and is also the song that got me back to SAO.

13 Niji no Oto - Eir Aoi
14 Iris - Eir Aoi
15 Forget-Me-Not - ReoNa

Her voice makes me remember of Yui or Aimer. So beautiful!

16 Smile for You - Sayaka Kanda

Once the climax comes to a resolution, Yuna's fifth and final song, Smile for You, comes to fruition. Surprisingly enough, Smile for You isn't just a touching song that acts as a proper farewell for Yuna as her soul leaves the world a second time and embeds the memories of her time in Aincrad to all SAO survivors, but it's also the closest thing to Sword Art Online having a song that sounds like something from a Disney movie! It helps that Sayaka Kanda, the voice of Yuna, also voiced Anna in the Japanese dub of the Disney movie Frozen! To put it simply, Smile for You achieved something great in being the closest a Japanese animated film has to having a Disney song! That said, Smile for You is a wonderful song that will leave you in tears towards the end of Ordinal Scale.

17 Ryusei - Eir Aoi
18 To See the Future - Tomori Kusunoki
19 No More Time Machine - LiSA
20 Niji No Kanata - Reona
21 Ubiquitous DB - Sayaka Kanda

Ubiquitous DB's lyrics aren't lying when they say Yuna will forever be ubiquitous in your memories. Ubiquitous DB has an upbeat melody and catchy beat that matches Yuna perfectly for her as an AR pop idol singer. Whether you're singing along with the chorus like Silica or rocking your head in rhythm like Asuna, Ubiquitous DB is guaranteed to make almost anyone move to the beat of this amazing song. Trust me, I love this song so much that I can't stop listening to it! Probably my favorite Yuna song out of all 5!

22 Till the End - Reona
23 Thrill, Risk, Heartless - Lisa
24 Longing - Sayaka Kanda

Curiously enough, the first minute or two of Longing may sound familiar to those who have watched Fate/Zero, as Longing's melody sounds very similar to the second opening song of Fate/Zero, "To the Beginning", by Kalafina. Regardless, Longing still manages to make itself stand out from To the Beginning solely by tone and rhythm entirely. One could say Longing is the less tragic sibling of To the Beginning. Also, I tried researching if Kalafina had any involvement in this song, and I never managed to find if they had any involvement in Ordinal Scale. Based on that, it could only mean Sayaka Kanda sang Longing herself with only Yuki Kajiura's chorus collaborating with her! Japanese Anna never fails to impress!

25 Break Beat Bark! - Sayaka Kanda

Mondegreen aside, Break Beat Bark! is a song that speaks of inspiration and perseverance. The song truly fits in perfectly towards the climax as Kirito and Eiji finally duke it out with each other, both as foils to each other in a duel to restore their respective love interests' memories. I couldn't have imagined a much better moment to showcase this phenomenal masterpiece of a song than at the concert and parking lot duel. All things said, Break Beat Bark! is a sensational song that tells you never to give up.

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