Top 10 Teen Titans Couples and Pairings

Anyone know Teen Titans? I ship couples and pairs. Now, if you want to see the top ten couples for me, check it out!
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1 Beast Boy and Raven

Yes, yes, they have a kind of flirtatious relationship, and the whole opposites-attract thing is great. But they also have the best connection (in my opinion) out of any of the characters. Beast Boy always comes to help Raven in any of the episodes in which she is in danger, and throughout the series, they overcome many roadblocks in their building relationship.

It's magnificently thorough and complex, but when you get down to the core, there's no doubting that they care deeply for each other as comrades and as possible love interests.

2 Starfire and Robin

I absolutely love Robstar! (Although I prefer the name Robfire or Rarfire.) Sometimes, Starfire acts like a damsel in distress around Robin, but the number of times she saves him and catches him bride-style makes up for it. Robin also often saves her and catches her bride-style. It is so clear that he would go to the end of the universe and back for Starfire, just like she would for him.

Some people say that he is all dark while she balances him out with light, but I say that they both have dark and light in them, which makes them complex characters that belong together. Starfire clearly has some issues feeling like she measures up to Blackfire and is definitely willing to use extreme force to prevent bad things from happening. Robin is not just a loner. If he was, he would not have formed the Teen Titans. He knows how to joke around on rare occasions too.

As for the people who say it was "too obvious," I say that it needed to be a little "obvious" to make sure there was build-up. Robstar forever! (Or at least until Barbara Gordon, but that's not for a long time.)

3 Kid Flash and Jinx

In the new show, she and Cyborg are together, and it is literally the worst. On top of that, they go completely against what they believe to be together, and she's back to being evil! Can I throw up, for real? Jinx and Kid Flash are the cutest, and ain't nobody gonna go against the absolute cutest episode in the entire series and say she and Cyborg are a thing. Ugh... why...

But really, they are the best couple, with so much chemistry. I mean, who wouldn't completely fall in love with them? I can't even...

After watching "Lightspeed," I was stuck with this ship. It was way better than BBRae, to be honest! There was only one episode about them, and I wish there were more.

So, this is what happened: Kid Flash replaced the luck necklace with a rose at first. Later, he started flirting with Jinx. That part was so cute, and I loved it! Later, when Kid Flash was messing up the whole H.I.V.E. tower, he sat on Jinx's bed flipping through her unicorn drawings, thus flirting with her even in such a serious situation!

In the part where Kid Flash saw Jinx (Madame Rouge in disguise), he started acting like Madame was very awesome and began flirting. Later, when he met the real Jinx, he asked, "Jinx... are you really... you?" That part and the end of the episode were my favorite parts of the whole episode. Jinx even frees Kid Flash to protect him from Madame Rouge. Wow, that's sweet!

The last part, where Kid Flash gives Jinx a rose, finally convinced me into shipping them, thus making Kid Flash my number one favorite TT character besides Beast Boy. "Lightspeed" even became my favorite episode beside "The Beast Within." Wow, and now this ship became my main ship.

4 Beast Boy and Terra

I believe Beast Boy and Terra would have made a better couple than Beast Boy and Raven. They're much cuter together than Beast Boy and Raven ever were. Beast Boy and Terra aren't shy about their true feelings for each other, while Raven hides behind hatred, fear, and mistrust and "pretends" to strongly dislike Beast Boy. Terra liked him honestly from the beginning.

I would have loved to see them kiss on the Ferris wheel, but unfortunately, Slade interrupted it. Beast Boy and Terra are so cute together.

5 Robin and Raven

Well, I find this pairing rather interesting. I truly can't understand why some people keep overreacting about it. People have their own interests, and they don't need to be the same as yours. Just because the world thinks otherwise doesn't mean we have to think like that, unless it has something to do with world peace, which I don't think it does.

I have my own reason for liking the pairing, just like you have your reasons for liking yours. So please, if you think differently, respect us. I don't mean that you can't express your feelings of dislike. It's just that I find some of them pretty... well... aggressive, I think? *pointing to the first comment*

6 Cyborg and Bumblebee

They would have made a better couple to begin with. Besides, Cyborg and Jinx don't really mix well. So, this is a lot better. Also, they almost have similar personalities.

They just look so cute together, and Bumblebee already has an adorable nickname for Cyborg, which is Sparky.

Not because they're black. I like how they have common interests in tech and some professional stuff.

7 Kole and Gnarrk

Heck yes! Gnarrk is super lovable, and so is Kole. She is a perfect match for him. Kole is one of my favorite Teen Titans characters because she is so adorable and a well-developed character at the same time.

8 Fang and Kitten

Ha! I love this couple. They are so perfect together.

This couple is hilarious!

9 Cyborg and Jinx

What really brought this couple to mind was not the episodes in Teen Titans Go (nor will it ever be) but the episode around season two entitled "Deception." Cyborg goes undercover into Brother Blood's school for gifted evildoers known as Hive Academy.

While on this mission, Cyborg was meant to earn trust and gain intel, but he eventually felt like his school life was real. It made him feel human again. He and Jinx had somewhat of a relationship because:

1. When the initiation for the Hive began, although it was funny to some, Stone (Cyborg) had to walk in a dress while carrying Jinx's books. She appeared overjoyed by the fact, hugging her book with a dreamy look in her eyes. She seemed happy.

2. In his transmission to Titans Tower, Cyborg told the Titans he even went to a dance. Who was his date to this dance? Jinx, of course. He thought of it as a fond memory.

3. After it was discovered that Stone was Cyborg, Jinx proved to still care, saying, "You could have been one of us," to which he replied, "I could have been a lotta things." This shows she felt somewhat betrayed by the fact Cyborg didn't choose their side, which means she cared for him to a degree even after learning his true identity.

Jinx and Cyborg had something at one point, something that is actually canon. At one point, he dated Jinx, and I feel it is possible for them to be together again after she became a hero. An old spark could be rekindled.

Also, her relationship with Kid Flash - I'm not sure if it was romantic. I know it was there, and I know she switched sides because he convinced her, but it doesn't convince me. I think she'd be better with Cyborg, not because I don't like Kid Flash or the ship, but simply because with Cyborg, it actually showed there was something there.

10 Cyborg and Sarasim

I know Sara's about five thousand years old, but they show so much love that I can't resist!

They are perfect for each other! They love so much.

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11 Raven and Herald

Maybe it will happen on the show?

12 Cheshire and Speedy

I love Cheshroy, especially because they were canon in the comics. They even got married and had a baby and were a really cute dysfunctional yet functional couple. I also really loved how in Calling All Titans, she was the one sent by the Brotherhood of Evil to take him down.

They become romantically involved in the comics. I think she even has his baby.

Too bad they didn't get enough screen time.

13 Terra and Aqualad

Their relationship really would've worked out if Raven and Beast Boy hadn't ruined it. They were really in love, and I could tell.

14 Mas and Starfire
15 Mento and Elasti-Girl
16 Pantha and Wildebeest
17 Raven and Aqualad

Even though Aqualad is a sea guy, that does not mean he does not need a girlfriend.

18 Menos and Starfire
19 Blackfire and Red X

Starfire's sister, Robin's costume. Blackfire had a crush on Robin (or so I assume. She flirted with him at the very least), and Red X flirted with Starfire. Those two would be perfect for each other.

I think they'd make a good couple because of their trickery. In fact, I had thought of Starfire and Red X but realized Blackfire would fit in more since she's a villain.

I love this couple. It actually makes better chemistry. I'll be honest with you guys: Red and Black go together, so why not RedFire?

20 Argent and Hot Spot

Oh yeah, I love this pairing. They seem so compatible and are an excellent couple.

21 Kyd Wykkyd and Angel

This couple is technically canon. In Deception, Angel goes to him, and they teleport away. Also, in Homecoming Part 2, they are standing together. Additionally, in Titans Together, they are attacking together.

Kyd Wykkyd is by far the most badass background character ever.

I actually really like this because they just seem meant to be.

22 Terra and Robin
23 Bumblebee and Aqualad
24 Aqualad and Speedy

I was a bit reluctant at first because I ship Cheshire and Speedy, but now that I think about it, they'd be really cute together and make more sense in the Teen Titans universe since Cheshire and Speedy never had a conversation.

Yeah, they would be great together. I feel like they would be best friends before becoming a couple, with lots of bickering and love. It would be adorable.

This is a pair. A very nice pair. I laugh at the fact that Aqualad goes nuts when Speedy brings fish tacos for lunch.

25 Nightwing and Starfire
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