Top Ten Annoying Things About Internet Wars

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Usually, at least one side disrespects the other side's opinions

Certain opinions don't deserve respect. Many people draw opinions based on what the media and their peers feed them, without thinking for themselves. Others draw opinions based on faulty logic--Nazis, for instance.

I may not always respect your opinion, but I will fight tooth and nail for your right to hold it, however flawed it may be. - PetSounds

Anyway, it's true that certain opinions don't deserve respect if backed up with stupid reasons.

At least one side of an Internet war is the psychopathic one, as in the type of person who treats a certain thing like a god (see serious Call of Duty fans for an example). These psychopathic sides get enraged by someone disagreeing with them, then they often call them out and irritate them, sometimes sending death threats in extreme cases. - Turkeyasylum

Problem is, the more you fight against an opinion, the more the opposer increases their affinity for the idea.

Also, most of them are over stupid things.

The key is imagining other people complexly and wholly, and also realizing that the way you see their irrationality may be the exact way they see you. - keycha1n

I'm neutral with most things if it is easy enough to identify, I can point out the pros and cons of both sides. And come on, an opinion is an opinion, you can't change their opinions - kaitlynrad11

We have better things to do than sift through pointless gibberish

Sifting through pointless gibberish could be entertaining. But yeah we can spend time to do something more productive. It's up to the person; there's no "right" or "wrong" choice.

Sure, the wars on the Internet may be quite hilarious, but that's all they provide. They contaminate YouTube, Wikia, Reddit, Tumblr, and many other Internet locations. When looking for useful information, it can be quite tedious. - Turkeyasylum

Wars over serious topics

Serious topics are the best ground for a war, but sometimes the subject of argument is pointless.

I'm perfectly fine with someone who believes something that contradicts my beliefs, but I'm NOT fine with someone who attacks people they disagree with. Here's an example:

Eileen is a lesbian girl who comes onto the Internet. She meets Shannon, who she quickly becomes friends with. She tells Shannon about her orientation after a month of knowing her, then Shannon goes on a tangent about how her beliefs are "wrong".

Wars can engulf a whole community very quickly with a topic like this, with both people starting the war getting attacked because they, well, started the war, even if one side did nothing wrong in the first place. - Turkeyasylum


That depends on the approach of participating the war. Fighting on the Internet doesn't automatically make you "immature".

This is what I'm trying to say to all of those people, but no. I'm just me, so people don't listen - AnonymousChick

Even the 'mature' ones are still immature for participating.

Pressure to join

When a war begins, sometimes I'm a little tempted to join a side (but 90% of the time, I do not). But people can start a subwar, which would be a war dedicated to having another group of people join the war. This causes more stress than anything on the Internet. - Turkeyasylum

I just grab the imaginary popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this war! - kaitlynrad11

It's a serious pain for Admin to deal with

He deserves it! He keeps removing good users for no reason!

I wonder what admin would say about this.

Helps to create a breeding ground for trolls

It's very easy to troll during an Internet war as you can troll as a member of the extreme side of either side of the war. Often, trolls can compose of some or most of one or both sides, - Turkeyasylum

This is the only bad thing about it, to be honest.

They can bully someone off the Internet

That's basically because of hypersensitivity.

There was a report a few years ago of a person comitting suicide around my area due to cyberbullying. People can end up in depression or can feel like they don't belong when they're criticized for their belief, And often, these people are genuine people who don't care about wars. That's the saddest part of it. - Turkeyasylum

One or both sides can function as thought police

An incredibly opinionated side with a ton of support function as Internet cops, who don't exorcise crime but overthrow legitimate opposing viewpoints. These are more likely to be Internet criminals as they don't respect anyone's opinions except their very own. - Nonpointed

I seem to be a thought police.

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It makes you want to just scream and rip your hair out

Stay calm and make your opponent brain dead. It's best to be psychopathic.


Fighting with idiots will only drag you to their level of idiocy.

The longest thread ever was a 2010 subreddit titled "Is Wario Libertarian? " It had 12,000+ pages and moderators locked it to prevent further discussion. You won't find it because it was deleted. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

It makes you want to kill yourself
It can hurt people

It's up to them if they'll get hurt.

If bad enough, the FBI may get involved
It's dumb
It gets boring after awhile

It's all hilarious and exciting, but after a couple of hours it's boring. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

They name themselves "good users" or "bad users"
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