Most Annoying Things About Quotev

Quotev, a site full of angsty teens who write crappy stories packed full of cliches.

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1 Unrealistic Good Girl x Bad Boy Stories

Whoever made this list needs to raise their standard - RoseCandyMusic

I. HATE. THESE. SO. MUCH. words cannot describe. Then they think all girls are attracted to the bad boys. No! My idea of “hot” is WAY different to the average Quotev user. I think the “bad boys” are ugly, unlikeable and rude. - Lunala

2 Too Many Werewolf Stories

Go to Quotev and you get these awful werewolf stories.
UGHH I hate them. Cliche and overused. - Lunala

3 The Hogwarts Stories and Rabid Potterheads

They’re everywhere. I like the hp books but the potterheads of Quotev are rabid and will bash you if you hate HP or whatever. - Lunala

4 Mary-Sues

Quotev is full of flat OCs that are flatter than a steamrolled-over cardboard cutout of Bella Swan. - Lunala

5 Bad Character Development

Girl: I hate the alpha! He’s rude!
Alpha: Mate.
Girl: I hate you! Ugly monster!
Alpha: Come with me.
*5 seconds later*
Girl: he's suu hot

Even Bella Swan has better development than that. - Lunala

6 Unfunny Humour

€Are chu a kawaii potato? ! So random! If iTs nOt hOlO iTs nOt iTs stUoPid aNd bOriNg! :3”

Average Quotev user’s idea of humour. - Lunala

7 Angsty Teenage Girls

99% of the usernames go along the lines of “TheSlytherinPrincess” or “StarbucksHolosexual” or “Btsforlife” and if you hate simplynailogical, k-pop or anyone in Slytherin they will bash you with cheesy insults. - Lunala

8 Celebrity Fanfics

Back in 2013 it was 1D and now it’s k-pop.

both 1D and k-pop suck - Lunala

9 Bad Grammar

€Your mine little mate.”
Actual quote from one of the awful werewolf stories. Sounds like it was written by a six year old girl. - Lunala

10 It's an Edgier Version of Wattpad

Wattpad but with 99% of the 10 year old Bendy/fnaf/undertale fans, actual writers, etc taken out.
Then shoehorn some angsty Potterhead Slytherin-obsessed teens in and multiply by 1000, then funnel in lazy cliches and “holo nails” and garbage. - Lunala

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1. Unrealistic Good Girl x Bad Boy Stories
2. Too Many Werewolf Stories
3. The Hogwarts Stories and Rabid Potterheads



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