Most Annoying Things About Quotev

Quotev, a site full of angsty teens who write crappy stories packed full of cliches.

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1 Unrealistic Good Girl x Bad Boy Stories

Do NOT say that. - Hollymint

Yeah. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. I've heard that phrase before. - PhilTheCorgi

The maker of this list is so mean - RoseCandyMusic

Whoever made this list needs to raise their standard - RoseCandyMusic

I am not saying this to RoseCandyMusic, I am saying this to Lunala. - Hollymint

2 Too Many Werewolf Stories

I think werewolves are cute, because I love wolves. They look like wolves wearing flannels. - PhilTheCorgi

3 The Hogwarts Stories and Rabid Potterheads
4 Mary-Sues


5 Bad Character Development
6 Unfunny Humour
7 Angsty Teenage Girls

*waves shyly* - Ashes


Don't say that. That's rude. - PhilTheCorgi

It doesn't matter if they have anxiety they can't help it
(i'm TacozAreGood on there)
I have anxiety + I'm 10

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8 Celebrity Fanfics

Marilyn Manson fanfics are great

9 Bad Grammar

Well, I think bad grammer isn't that bad, since it's good to share stories and stuff with everyone- and editing is allowed, right? There is a writing group that anyone can join and make stories/quizzes better! It's good to be able to correct grammer. If no-one corrects them, you might not be able to make your grammer better! So I think bad grammer is okay. Sorry this got long. - Hollymint

Now THIS is mean. - Hollymint

10 Female Only Quizzes

Please don't hate on people based on their gender. That's mean, especially to girls and women. - PhilTheCorgi

The Contenders

11 It's an Edgier Version of Wattpad
12 Rude People Rude People

I am on Quotev and I can tell you that there are some rude people on there. Someone called me the n word because I was asleep and didn't reply to them. - Ilovestephanie

Somebody insulted my drawings today, and then I started crying because of that. - PhilTheCorgi

13 Stories with multiple men having a crush on one woman

Eww. It makes me feel uncomfortable to be honest. I don't think they should post that on Quotev. - PhilTheCorgi

14 Cringeworthy Quizzes
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1. Unrealistic Good Girl x Bad Boy Stories
2. Too Many Werewolf Stories
3. The Hogwarts Stories and Rabid Potterheads


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