Top Ten Most Annoying Things People Do On the Internet

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Use caps in every comment

Using caps means that you are yelling at people.

I have no problem with that at all- Kevinsidis



Criticize your opinion

There's engaging in a respectable debate between two people, and then there's straight-up dissing each other just because one person doesn't like what the other one says. Because this is the internet, there is no such thing as a civilized discussion.

You see people arguing online, and rarely do you see someone going "I'm afraid your viewpoint is incorrect, and in my view this is why". Instead, we have a miasma of flames spewed over someone's viewpoint, and the rules of the discussion are completely thrown out the window. Bonus points if the one's spewing are well-respected members and/or moderators, if they do this continuously they ought to be the one's banned for their repetitive bad behavior than the other side of the argument. Especially if that side is actually reasonable to argue with.

You can't stand conflicting opinions? Anybody will criticize you, and you will always have haters, no matter what. If you can't take these, then you shouldn't be online.

Everyone has the right to have an opinion, whether it is the same as yours or not.

Threaten to do something bad

If you don't follow me and say I’m the best user in the entire universe, I’m gonna do something bad

Example of this is well ''KYS.'' Never what you wanna see a hater take it too personal.


There is a perk I have for troll I cannot stand the majority of them, and then there those who are actually pros like the ShigeruMiyamoto parody, but then there a ton of baddies that just need to fend outta here with there notorious history.

These losers have no lives. They are the second worst type of person on the internet behind pedophiles.

Yeah, trolling can be a real pain in the neck most of the times, but not really if you're watching a video of a gamer trolling some douchebag in a game of Call of Duty.

Hack into accounts

Hacking is not acceptable and the act should be banned, immediately.

Hacking into accounts is actually illegal.

I hack myself every time I log on.

And now I know, don't wait to go!

''Correct'' your grammar even though it was right

What is "right"? Anyway, people usually correct your grammar if they're aware that they are losing the debate.

People who use better grammar on the internet are seen are more intelligent. It's psychological and something people have to accept. We can be bothered to learn grammar instead of stupid acronyms. I don't personally use grammar online to impress people, I just do it because it feels more comfortable for me to. Why would you switch between using grammar at school and internet slang on the internet when you could use either one of these options everywhere instead? I use grammar so much outside the internet that I prefer using it inside the internet as well. It just feels wrong not using it. That's probably also the reason I commonly type my comments as if I'm typing an essay..-.

Granted I get made fun of when I make an obvious mistake I try to lessen that quite simply nobody is perfect.

Trolls who are grammar Nazis do it to piss people off

Please go home you grammar nazi

Act immature

Such as attacking others, or posting awful sexual conduct they should be banned.

Post selfies

I don't like selfies neither, but when they're online, you can just ignore them and carry on with your day. However, its when your mum starts forcing you to have lots of pictures taken of yourself when it gets really annoying. Every time we're somewhere, even if it's a place we've been to millions of times before, my mum has to take lots of selfies and feels like it's her duty make me do the same. I hate having photos done. I even hate seeing myself in a mirror, never mind on an electronic device or on Facebook. I hate cameras and the ability to take them on phones. It makes me feel so anxious. Also, she sometimes does the most awkward poses that you could ever do while taking her selfies. Sometimes she does flirty poses, and keeping in mind that she's 41 or something, you can imagine that being very cringy. Selfies are cringy as a whole. She feels like an artist messing around with the filters on her phone but I don't feel good at art although I can do decent filters and stuff using ...more

I don't want to see how amazing you look in a women's washroom or your own toilet... sometimes your selfies are plain disturbing. So please stop posting your infinite selfies. Its not a race. One or two selfie a month is not a crime

I really don't like this habit I don't give a damn whether it is a male or a female, they are annoying...
No one cares what you ate for dinner or where you were last night.

I just don't get the concept of selfies. They're just weird (and sometimes disturbing) pictures.


Spamming is annoying. Especially bronies who are running around the internet, putting pony pictures everywhere they go. And then they look for a random forum website, discussion page, or the comment section in a YouTube video, and put some random my little pony comment even though the topic has nothing to do with ponies.

I see this done on post comments either because they don't see the comment approved, or I'm outta town, and still have another rendition.

Repost popular content

Not sure about 10 most annoying, but I have seen far worse then this.

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Give credit to hated things

Giving credit to other people is gonna bring haters too them no matter what. Just keep people anonymous.

The net is full of disgusting adventure time fanfics an fanart and a many people think they're masterpieces!

I can't believe many people love junk adventure time fanworks!

Hate popular things

Only hipsters like everything that's popular. It's not even real like neither, they just pretend to like it.

People can hate popular things if they want to. It's their choice.

No one has to like popular things.

Post porn in chat rooms

Which is relatable by being a immatured ego maniac.

*________ has been banned from the chatroom*


Are people stupid enough to trash talk about a little mistake, when our world is full of rapists, murderers and robbers?

Arrogance I see, back it up why don't you?

Trask is the new trash.

What's a trask?...

"Thumbs Up If..."

For example "thumbs up if you hate Justin Bieber" or "thumbs up if you like cake" and they actually get a lot of likes because people can never recognize a scam when they see an obvious one. It just makes me facepalm to see that people are that dumb to actually give it a thumbs up.

For example "thumbs up if you like cake" or "thumbs up if you hate Justin Bieber" and they somehow get a lot of likes because people can never recognize a scam when they see and obvious one.

No, I'm not going to "Thumbs Up" if I laughed at a certain part. No, I'm not going "Thumbs Up" if I think something is awesome

Thumbs up if you hate it when people beg for people to thumbs up your comments.

Tell you to "KYS" because you like something they hate

Its very common to see a hater make this comment, and its flat out wrong.

This is basically what fetish haters do.

I'm getting really annoyed with the KYS thing.

Try to win an argument they already lost

Jared usually comes victorious at most outcomes.

That's very immature.

Bash someone for no good reason
Be sexist

Feminazis have made men sexist again. Both genders are acting like hypocrites. You simply cannot fight sexism by being sexist(I'm not just talking about radical feminists, men suddenly feel the need to post sexist things as well now). At least now the playing field is level(even though let's face it, men post more memes and comments than women)

"All girls have to wear make up" But I hate makeup. I never wear it.
"All boys cannot like the colour pink" WRONG you can like any colour you want, no matter your gender. My favourite colour is black.

For the last time, no gender is better, or cooler, or more this than that. It's just so stupid!

How about equality, balance it all out.

Inappropriately message you

Sending inappropriate content or just straight up attack you who expect to be a cyberbully, Yes it still exists.

I've experienced this on a game before and it was annoying

Respond to you without reading your comment

Irreverent random things being shoved out there pretty much.

Be homophobic

What's so scary about gay people?


People can do that if they want though.

Swearing is annoying.

Capitalize the first letter of every word

It's annoying, for sure. It's hard to read, and like you start shouting, and then stop.

This is irritating when people do it. It also makes the words hard to read.

Yet this is how most people start off a sentence though its grammar 101.

Fortnite Fam Don't Do That

First comment

Mostly YouTube commentors always fight for first comment. Honestly who cares? And they only do that to seek attention. What matters is that the comment is interesting.

Relates to YouTube more than any other site not sure it has been a trend for this long.

Why do people do this? Does it really matter if you're first?

97th comment!

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