Top Ten Arguments Supporting the Philosophical Significance of a Lonely Coil of Wire In a Local Junkyard

The Top Ten
1 It is a symbol of the truth that man, though he is surrounded by society, experiences loneliness numerous times in his lifetime.
2 Man's pathetic fragility is hinted by the vision of this coil in the local junkyard.
3 The local junkyard is an icon of the desolation of mankind.

The local jumkyard is an icon of the desolation of mankind... and is filled with bad smell! Eeww... Let it be desolated *let's embrace roses :)*. - Kiteretsunu

4 It signifies the evil that coils and wrecks mayhem through the world.
5 It is an icon of the evil of mankind.

How exciting for the lonely coil of wire! - HezarioSeth

6 It highlights the grave importance of placing coils of wire in the local junkyard. If your locality does not have its own junkyard its future is at great peril,and the lower nature of mankind may surface. Contact 1800-452-761 for Junkyard Creators and Co.

I see. Do I? - HezarioSeth

7 The psychology of the human nature cannot be unravelled.

Is that so, HezarioSeth? - HezarioSeth

8 The sorrow of men across the world is signified by this symbol (of the aforementioned local junkyard).

You can say that again. Never mind, don't. - HezarioSeth

9 It proves that man, in his life, will never accomplish great things if he embraces evil.

Some truth in that, eh? - HezarioSeth

10 Man, throughout the ages, will suffer if he refuses to replenish evil from his soul. (Here the aforementioned junk and stuff symbolize evil.)

I love junkyard-coil-philosophy! Do you like this brand new genre of psychology that eluded Socrates and the other chaps? - HezarioSeth

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