Top 10 Things that Should Never Be Considered a Sin

Whether in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc..

Whether exclusively or not.
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1 Being Atheist

You don't believe so why do they even bother talking about how much of a sin it is you're an atheist for a reason.

2 Anger
3 Committing Suicide

You just don't like being depressed and I thought God wanted the best for humans...for depression isn't but seems like he doesn't care about it then.

Many people who commit suicide for a reason, mostly out of depression, and I you really go to Hell for suicide, then that just makes you feel worse! Why would God do that?

Well, ritual suicides were one of the many traditions of samurai back then in Japan that were done as an act of honor in order to avoid disgrace or execution.

4 Being Lazy
5 Eating Meat

We need the nutrients from meat I am surprised they have great health even though they don't eat meat. Killing animals without need should be a sin instead.

I kind of agree with this; it's not our freggin' fault that we need proteins and sodium to live longer. However, commiting animal hunting sport competitions, or doing this for entertainment should be a sin.

6 Gothicness
7 Having A Different Sexual Orientation

Guys, just chill. It's 2021. Some guys like other guys, some woman like other woman. Get over it.

What if the particular sexual orientation is pedophilia?

Sorry kid, your youth pastor isn't qualified to be a pastor if he's LGBTQ.

8 Eating Pigs

How are you going to live then meat has nutrients I doubt they will tell us not to eat raisins and "because we need them" is not an excuse we need to eat pigs for it's nutrients but they don't allow us to.

9 Having Anal Sex

Anal sex is disgusting & useless form of sex, regardless if its between homo or heterosexual couples.

10 Masturbation

Never ever thought that partaking in a spot of D.I.Y was considered a sin; especially when you have the house to yourself where there is no danger of anyone tripping over your tools.

As long as you do it in privacy, it's not going to hurt anybody, right?

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11 Sexuality
12 Having a Different Religion
13 Viewing Nudity

Entertainment media has pretty much glorified nudity, so it would be impossible to avoid it, let alone with ease.

Here's my thing with nudity in entertainment media. If it's non-sexual nudity I.e. changing, hospitals, etc., then it doesn't bother me. However sexual nudity is where I draw the line. Welcome to my TED talk lol.

14 Farting in Public and Enjoying the Smell of It

Not a sin, per se. But enjoying the smell? You got bigger problems.

Not a sin. But I still wouldn't do it.

15 Having Sex

At least not if you're married. Outside of wedlock demeans it's beauty.

16 Listening to Music

Some genres can't be called "music" and is therefore a sin. And such bands and artists should be charged with Grievous Bodily Harm to the earholes.

Music is satanic, that why I don't listen to it.

17 Peeing in Public
18 Lust
19 Killing Someone

If it's murder, then that's bad, but if you're killing very, very, VERY BAD people because it's your job (soldier, military pilot, etc) and you HAVE to, or it's self defense, then it's OK.

Are you kidding me? It's the greatest sin after not believing in god

20 Having Tattoos

It's only bad if you get anything that says bad things about God

21 Skipping School

I don't know if Skipping School is so bad that it should be considered a sin, but it is certainly a bad thing that you should never do, ever

22 Sleeping
23 Drinking

If your not careful about how much Alcohol you consume, it should be a sin.
But if your careful about how much Alcohol you consume, it shouldn't be a sin.

24 Apostasy

Although I am not an apostate and a proud Christian, I find this sin very unnecessary. You just change beliefs and believe in something else instead of your past beliefs. This is a sin in many Abrahamic religions and I find it very unfair. Some countries even KILL you for being an apostate. (Middle East, yes I'm talking to you) I don't think this deserves to be a sin. How is believing in something else a mortal sin?

25 Playing with Your Hair
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