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1 God

The essence of a person is to praise God. He created us to have a relationship with Him. Missing that means missing our purpose. God made us in His image, yet we often choose to depart from that image. True reflection of God's image comes through a relationship with Him, which involves more than attending church or reading the Bible. It means being like God and imitating Him.

Let us love God and one another. Loving a friend is easy, even evil people can love their friends. However, loving an enemy or someone who dislikes you is much harder. We should pray for those who do not know God and for everyone around us. If we love God, we must do as He directs in the Bible, cease sinning, and deepen our relationship with Him through prayer.

2 Love

Love towards your family, friends, and everyone else is important. Love can dissolve the anger in a traffic jam, help you endure annoyances, and ease pain inflicted by others. It motivates you and shows the best way to handle any situation. While you work to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities and living conditions the world has to offer, doing more than the minimum is just a bonus. You could live a whole life with just love to give and receive and still be happy. Love. Print it all over your life. It's as simple as that.

3 Family

Family stays with you in any situation.

This is one of the great advantages of having a family, yet many of us fail to realize it. You may have many friends, relatives, or colleagues who will be there during your happy times or successful achievements. However, your parents, sisters, or brothers are the ones who will support you during tough times. Your mom and dad understand you better than anyone else because they created you and have been with you from the beginning. They understand your feelings and are always there for you when you need support the most. This is the power of family. While many people can offer help, your family will be there when you are alone.

4 Health

Health is the number one priority in life. Period. Without it, you simply cannot experience life as you wish. Every other aspect of your life will be compromised if your health is lacking. The most basic, yet essential, requirement is to live healthily.

Perhaps the reason why many people are unhealthy is that they do not prioritize it. They often neglect their health in favor of other pursuits, such as work or family. Many people take their health for granted, but maintaining health should not be difficult. It involves making the right choices and avoiding bad habits.

5 Music

There are studies in the medical field where they use music to treat depression. Let me point out that in the philosophy of Pythagoras, the relationship between music and mood swings was already well known and important in understanding the harmony of nature and the universe.

I personally can't live happily without music. Also, because music is made and practiced in a "reality" world by humans, I find it more important than unrealistic concepts like God, Jesus, Allah, and so on.

6 Friends

Second to God (God is NOT a 'thing', in my opinion), friends are the best thing in life. To the point, do you enjoy the presence of your parents? Your siblings? For me, I'd prefer my friends. If you have the 'normal' pair of parents, every attempt at a 'normal chat' with them usually ends in a preaching lesson. Parents tend to fuss over us and assume things they know little about. They may love us as we are, but they always hope to change parts of us. And worse? We have to endure it.

On the other hand, friends do not have that authority over us. They are our equals. We can rant about our parents, and unlike our parents, friends allow us to act as we wish. They are like an outlet for us to release our stress. Without them, I might have died a long time ago. I once had a 'no-friends' experience, and talking to walls isn't fun. Trust me.

7 Happiness

I would have to agree with the philosopher Aristotle, who stated that happiness, or what he called eudaimonia, is the most important thing in life. True happiness is the one true end in life, everything else is a means used to achieve it. For example, being healthy leads to happiness, as does love. For many people, acquiring knowledge brings happiness. Many would even say that God makes them happy.

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life. If we use our innate sense of rationality, we can determine this for ourselves. Without happiness, life would be dull and not worth living. To live a productive and successful life, you must find happiness in yourself, your work, and your hobbies. Therefore, happiness must be the most important thing in life. All the empirical facts point towards it.

So before voting for God, love, or even family, stop and think about what you actually want from life. I'm sure most of you will want to be happy.

8 Knowledge

How do you think we evolved? By accumulating knowledge. Now, we relearn what was discovered in the past, uncover new things, and much more. Knowledge is crucial because it underpins most of what we have today. Even basic activities like eating and sleeping are influenced by knowledge, as we learn how to perform them within our first hour on Earth.

Why is God number one on the list? Not everyone believes in God, and there's no proof of his existence. However, the existence of knowledge and our constant acquisition of it are undeniable. Just now, I gained a new piece of knowledge by noting its position on this list - knowledge is in the number nine spot.

9 Jesus Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Palestine. He was born to Mary, as the bible says "she was found with child of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 1:18). He was both man and God (John 20:28). According to the bible He is God alone (Deuteronomy 6:4)... read more

Well, you can vote for God as well, and Jesus is the Son of God. I know not all people here are Christians, but come on, He died for our sins and did so only for us! While that happened, He went to the Place of the Dead (recall that as hell, or the underworld, I don't know) and asked if they believe in Jesus Christ and God Almighty. The people He asked were those who don't know Him and those who died in the Noah incident.

If they truly believe in Him deep within their hearts, they shall live with God in Paradise (Heaven). On the third day, He rose again, and everything starts anew. So love Jesus and God, put them first! May God be with you, AMEN!

10 Money

Who spends 40+ hours per week praying to God, looking for a partner, having sex, spending time with friends, or listening to music? No one I know. But they all go to work so they can earn more money. Money is the bread and butter of life. Without it, none of these other things are possible.

You could argue that health is more important than money. For instance, not having the use of your legs, being severely burned, or dying from cancer before you reach 25 can diminish the value of money. But beyond health, money is clearly essential in life. If you disagree, you might just be envious.

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11 Parents

Parents are important, but at some point in your life, you have to cut the "sanitary cordon" or you will not be able to lead your life the way you want. This doesn't mean that suddenly your parents are unimportant, but everyone has to lead their own lives. You don't follow your parents' orders your entire life.

Parents always think of a better future for their children. They provide the best education so their child can be independent. Parents fulfill all their child's demands. To their children, parents are like gods.

12 Life Itself

Without life, you can't consider anything important. Suppose you die. The best thing that can happen is going to heaven, but you can't choose that when you're dead! God is important, but life is necessary to believe in God. Money isn't as crucial as the quality of life.

Although money can make people happy, consider the homeless who own none! Everything else - family, friends, especially love - you need to be alive to experience these things. Life should be valued, with no murder and no assault on anyone's quality of life.

13 A Soul

Soul? What is that? A thing? A piece of fire in your heart or something? Who knows? But what we do know is that it represents who we are.

Scientists can't explain the soul, because it is spiritual. Science does not believe in that...

14 Nature

The preservation of nature is crucial. Too many people in this world are destroying the earth (and they don't care, as long as they're making money from it). If you destroy nature, you destroy the earth because the earth relies on nature to exist (alteration of weather, earthquakes, air pollution, etc.).

Nature is love, nature is life. I love nature and care deeply for it. I want to work with it when I'm older.

Nature is what makes our planet beautiful, how can you not love nature?

15 Girls

I just know that without the two girls in my life, I would most likely be dead or not exist. Yes, one of them is my mother, and the other is my girlfriend. Women are the greatest gift that God gave mankind, something I've believed since I was young.

Girls are perhaps the strongest evidence that God is real. Have you seen the love a woman can give to her sons, her husband, boyfriend, brothers, etc.? That, my friends, can only come from God. I've tried to find another explanation for such love but can't. It's the best thing in life, right after God. Period.

16 Science

It's a strange analytic formula to get from science to results in life. Not all sciences are equal to math. And as for the outcome "life", it involves applying your thinking to turn ideas into practice. Producing something starts with the intention to produce it.

I agree that science is important for many things, and so is math, but fun and entertainment are not necessarily related to science. Having fun and being entertained can be very simple things that nature provides. For example, you can throw stones at a target you have chosen and enjoy it. The outcome is certainly not life itself.

You should have said that entertainment equals fun, which equals enjoying life, but that is not even 20% related to science because it depends on the type of fun and entertainment you are experiencing.

17 Animals

Imagine a world without animals. We would all be vegans. No pets! That would be so terrible. My pet dog, Sirius, cheers me up all the time!

18 Acceptance

Acceptance seems far away these days, as trans people and gay people get treated like dirt merely for their existence. Because they're different doesn't mean they're bad.

Accept yourself! Love yourself! Does anyone else remember that Vine?

19 A Healthy Planet

Probably the most important thing, but it seems like it's going in the wrong direction.

20 Prophet Muhammad Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570 AD - 632 AD) was an Arab religious, social, and political leader and the founder of the world religion of Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, he was a prophet, divinely inspired to preach and confirm the monotheistic teachings of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets... read more

Yes, he was the supreme human being who lived on earth. All prophets praised his prophethood in their secret books. He was truly inspirational to everyone. He was the most generous human being who lived on earth. All prophets admired him, and Muhammad (peace be upon Him) admired other prophets as well, like Abraham (friend of GOD), Noah, David, Moses, and Jesus (peace be upon all prophets). Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger of Almighty Allah deputed to purify all human beings. He is the Prophet of all human beings.

The last secret revealed book, the "Quran" of Almighty GOD, based on 30 chapters, discloses the life of the Prophet, including Muhammad, in detail. He was the last prophet who lived after Jesus. Prophet Jesus was a prominent prophet of GOD, but was not the son of GOD as the new Bible states. He was born to mother Mary, a virgin and pious lady, by a miracle by Almighty. He also did not die, although GOD lifted him alive into the sky.

21 Education

It is regrettable that some important studies cost a fortune, making it difficult for many people to afford or choose the studies they wish to pursue. Education should be accessible to everyone. Poor people often can't afford to pay for studies to become a doctor, a lawyer, etc., due to a flawed capitalist system that keeps many studies available only to an elite few.

Is education really ranked 29th?

If you don't have friends, a good family, or money, education is the only thing that will never leave you. You can live in a mansion that gets burned down the next day, but your education is what will help you rise again.

22 Authenticity
23 Home

It is the only place where you can sleep well. Even in hotels, you worry about the bill.

24 Confidence

Confidence is the opposite of self-hate. To set yourself free and find true happiness, you must be confident in yourself and believe in your own morals.

25 Being a Good Person

I always try to be a kind TopTenner, even to mean people when all I want to do is throw dodgeballs at them.

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