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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


They should stop wearing tons of makeup because they are beautiful without makeup. Just the littlest amount of foundation and eyebrow pencils if needed is good enough. Don't put all that fake lashes and colored lenses. Also, you don't need to be lighter to look more beautiful girls!

Artificial beauty shouldn't put on the list that clearly say NATURAL. With their unrealistic beauty standard, how people close their eye and agree that this country has a lot of natural pretty girls. No offense but please can't you tell the difference between country whose most of their girls are still natural face and who's undergo plastic surgery. I'm not lie but I've seen so many Korean girls in real life and they are not striking at all, unlike many people who exaggerate about their beauty. It's my opinion.

I am a South Korean fifteen-year-old who has lived in the United States for the past fourteen years of my life. I noticed in the comments that someone posted a somewhat offensive paragraph concerning the looks of South Korean girls. Quote: "Take a look at your girls who haven't undergone surgery yet... do you think you look pretty? Ha-ha! I don't think so."

I disagree with the first part of the commenter's rant. Yes, there are a ton of people in South Korea that regularly resort to plastic surgery. However, that doesn't mean that the nationality is ugly. Not true.

However, the rest of the person's comment is something I agree with. Beauty is subjective--what one human may believe is pretty could be a completely different viewpoint compared to another. It's like saying, "You have to have blue eyes to be pretty." That simply isn't accurate--people with green eyes or brown eyes or something in between are all beautiful.

Besides, the point of life isn't to be ...more

A lot of them get plastic sugery. My friend is Korean and she said after she graduated high school her mom asked her if she wanted to get the double eyelids sugery. She denied it. Korean beauty standards are impossible to achieve even Korean women don't look like that. They're beauty standard is to be like a plastic doll. I'm not trying to be racist here but all Korean men or women all look the same now because they all trying to be a plastic doll. a lot of them look beautiful before sugery. Also Korean are racist my parent Japanese and American. One time I came to Korea and go in a store the store owner just started following me around like I was gonna steal something. I heard that if you are black in Korea you can't have a job as an English teacher because they think you don't speak proper English. Also two Korean girl said that I'm fat in Korean thinking that I don't understand. I'm 5 foot 9 inches tall and 129pounds I'm not fat. It doesn't really matter what they look likr as long ...more

Korea has many natural beauties that you can find in a lot of k-pop idols, yes, they do have attractive people, but most citizens who aren't kpop idols use makeup to make their face look totally different. No, I'm not saying all kpop idols don't use makeup cause every does, but it's about making the features look different. Lens to make your eyes huge when they're not, makeup to make lips look smaller, slimmer nose, they change basically all their features. No I'm not saying all, but many girls do this. And it's like a normal thing in Korea- plastic surgery- eyelid surgery, nose surgery, whatever- it's common in Korea. Overall I say that it's not too average to be super pretty without all the powder or surgery in Korea. Sorry, just my opinion.

Korean girls aren't natural beauty, they are beauty with surgery

That can be true for some, I'm not lying, but not all. I mean, American girls aren't always natural beauties, also Japan, China, and every other country! - DOGLOVER2006

I've seen so many pretty girls who did not get any plastic surgery and yes, I am sure that those girls did not get plastic surgery because I am referring back to my middle/high school years in South Korea. It is so ignorant to say that EVERYONE gets plastic surgery. It's only a very fraction of woman who gets plastic surgery and most people who do get plastic surgery most of the time only gets a double eyelids surgery which doesn't change their facial features that much. Also as a side note, almost no Korean man gets plastic surgery and is still thought as one of the most attractive males in Asia so that proves how South Korea has many natural beauties.

I voted because I wanted to comment. I read a comment who says why don't u learn Korean, and says that it's hard to learn language that are very far in the system and etc. I mean I also not a native speaker nor I have been in English speaking country, but most of my friend can speak English and my native language also has a different system. I wanted to clarify may be not like that. It is so hard to understand language that not many people can speak, English now consider an international language so it's easier for people from a different country to speak to another because most people knows, familiar and even understand and can speak in English:)
It doesn't mean one's diss Korean only because not many of them can speak English.

In my opinion their girl's faces is not that pretty. I have seen a lot of Korean girl and compare to other Asian girl they are hmmm you know just plain. I don't see their beauty, when I look at their actress or female idol indeed all of them wear make up and I can't stand with their opinion about beauty? I hardly can't tell who is who because most of them have same feature. Artificial beauty can't compare to natural one. Because the feels not the same

Wow guys. Stopping dissing everyone. This stuff is all permanent for your college apps. No matter where you are from, everyone is beautiful regardless of how ugly others may see you. And as for the plastic surgery--what's wrong with it? A person should feel comfortable and beautiful with their appearance, if that can be achieved through plastic surgery, what are we to say that they are fake? Come on guys, bring some happiness into the world. Repeat after me: EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Let there be no doubt that South Korean women are the most beautiful in the world. Hands-down, no question. Their choice as to whether they use plastic surgery or not is just that, their choice. I don't have an issue with that at all. If it makes them happy, it makes me happy. I am a Caucasian, Canadian professional (engineer) male. If I had my choice I would be reborn in Korea and marry one of those beautiful Korean women and be happy ever after. I worked in South Korea for two years on an engineering project, and I wish I had never left. I love their cultural heritage, their smartness hard-working spirit and their beauty is amazing. The end.

Why are you people arguing about stupid things? You have no rights to judge people like that. They can do whatever they want to do with themselves. You all should not comment about it. Yes, some did do plastic surgery. How is that got to do with you? And yes, they do wear makeups. But I bet everyone in the world puts makeup on their face. Stop fighting over people's appearances. It is not going to change anything.

Most of them did use plastic surgery. Yes they were pretty but not natural beauty! But sometimes there's a Korean girl didn't use a plastic surgery for example YoonA she is a natural beauty.

I'm from Philippines. Koreans should stop using any plastic surgeries they should be proud of the beauty of what God had given them. If only they don't use any plastic surgeries and too much make up maybe they'll look even prettier and more beautiful.

I'm from South Korea, and celebrities and really ugly (no offense) people kind of need to have plastic surgery. But now everyone is like "Oh, South Korea, the plastic surgery country" just because the idols needed to be pretty to be famous. South Korean people aren't just pretty just because of plastic surgery, they are also naturally beautiful.

Ugly. sorry but that's my opinion, their true face are boring and need plastic surgery to be pretty I think they have the same faces. they're the meanest, fakest and ugliest women they're decieving man trough their fake faces to have money

Just wanted to comment, Korean women have flat faces with small eyes except when they get surgery, definitely not real beauty.

Excuse me, but that is highly disrespectful. Maybe some Korean women YOU (only YOU) have seen are like that, but you can't just say, "Oh, since I saw three Korean women with flat faces and small eyes, all Korean women are like that! " Definitely NOT! - DOGLOVER2006

Maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself, I definitely DO NOT agree with what you just said. - DOGLOVER2006

It is true that Korean women undergo tons of plastic surgery. However, this does not mean that ALL Koreans want to attain a certain level of beauty through medical enhancements. To answer the qestion of one of the voters, I have seen Korean girls without make-up and or plastic surgery, my girlfriend is an example of that kind of girl. And believe me when I say that she is beautiful, I know for a fact that she is, and it is natural. This might be due to the fact that she wasn't raised in Korea, but that doesn't make her any less Korean. She's beautiful.

Natural beauty? I think you put it wrong. When most women in there has gone through plastic surgery means it isn't natural. Simple as that.

Open up your mind, they maybe beautiful because of using plastic surgeries but their beauty is not natural.

I feel like this was only upvoted because people wanted to comment. Korea has some of the most unnatural, plastic women in the world. The only attractive women have gotten surgery, and they believe they are better than China and Japan, even though they came from China originally.

Um America has plastic Surgery all the time, from nose jobs,eyes,face lifts etc.. So much so that they're face completly changes. Who doesn't do plastic surgery? People are so jealous of other races it's stupid that I came across this site and even wasted my time reading this. I'm half Korean half white with hazel green eyes. No plastic surgery at all and have no problem getting men. As for other Asian being "most attractive" come on now, there are ugly and pretty in Every race. With Filipinos- they are attractive up until they turn 30, than they all end up looking like they're moms with strange body shapes and super dark skin. Kinda like trolls. So stop bashing on other Asians because you live under a bridge.

To be honest, the average korean is relatively less good looking than most Asians. Most look very similar with the same hairstyle and clothes. However, the rare few exceptions are really gorgeous.

What's really so bad about plastic surgery? I know it can mess up your face, but the people who have done it were willing to take the risk, you know that, right? So if you DO know that, then why are you saying ", Korean people did plastic surgery, they're terrible"? IT WAS THEIR CHOICE. - DOGLOVER2006

Yes Korean girls are beautiful, but Korean's are very famous in terms of Plastic Surgery, and its hard to communicate to them because its hard for them to speak English