Best Things About Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Each Assassin's Creed has gotten better than the last. From the storylines getting more involved to the parkour mechanics getting more responsive, the games have been a steady improvement.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the most recent addition to the series, has brought an even larger world, naval battles, and an increased emphasis on stealth which makes it all that more involving. You'll find that quick hour turn into an even quicker 4 hours...

Below are the best things about the game and why it ranks as the best of the series.
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1 Naval Battles

It's fun to get into the battles and then, if outmatched, run. Likewise, you can sail around the outside of an existing battle and fire cheap shots at the ships and then sneak in for the booty.

2 Edward

Amazing character, but doesn't look that handsome in the game compared to him on the cover.

3 Melee Fights

The melee combat was great at making you feel like a badass assassin, being able to slash through huge amounts of enemies. However, I did think it was too easy, as you could easily stay in one place and counter kill the people. There's an exception for the enemies who you can't counter kill, but the ones you can are in more.

All of the Assassin's Creed games have had a story based around stealth, but occasionally you're going to have to get into a conflict. This game deals with the mechanics of that better than the rest.

4 Stealth Modes

You'll find yourself slipping between islands while tailing a ship and having to blend in while eavesdropping on your enemies. All very tense and exciting.

5 Crew

In Brotherhood, you got to make friends and then send them off to do side missions without you and only needed them for an occasional assistance call. In AC4, you'll be recruiting crew to help you run faster and larger ships.

6 Connor wasn't in it

Thank God they got rid of that terrible character.

7 Real-Life Scenes

While there are a couple of cutbacks to the "real world" within the game, they are few and far between and you don't have to follow an entirely separate storyline.

8 Cut-Scenes

There are some and you can follow them if you like, but it's pretty easy to skip them and save yourself some sitting around time.

9 Graphics

All video games seem to be getting better at this, but AC4 is definitely setting a standard. For open world, you get some pretty amazing in-game scenes.

10 Hunting

From iguanas and boars to crocodiles and hammerhead sharks, you'll need to stealthily hunt all sorts of animals to upgrade your person. Not down with killing animals? Don't worry, there are plenty of dogs, goats, and sheep to pet along the way.

The Contenders
11 Blackbeard
12 Characters

The main characters seem somewhat more friendly and trustworthy than in the other games. They are definitely less obnoxious and whiny.

13 Music

All games seem to have theme and mood music, but in this game, you get both the score behind your missions as well as the singing of the crew. Don't worry, you can have your character tell the crew to shut up.

14 The Jackdaw
15 Story Line
16 Incapacitating Ships
17 The Blue Clean Water
18 The Environment
19 Pirates
20 Backstory
21 Facial Hair

Everyone has the best facial hair in this game.

22 Contracts
23 Darts
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