Best Period Settings for the Next Assassin's Creed Game

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1 Wild West

Colt revolvers and Winchester repeaters

2 Prohibition Era

Switchblade knives, baseball bats, brass knuckles and a 50 round Thompson SMG


Bolt action rifles with mounted bayonets.


I bet it would be similar to the plot of Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark

Semi auto pistols, submachine guns and semi auto rifles

5 Russian Revolution

The rise of the Soviet Union, Bolshevik Communists, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin.

6 Boer War
7 Vietnam War
8 Feudal Japan


Ninja + Assassins = awesome

They are making this - 2storm

9 Ancient Egypt
10 Ancient China
The Contenders
11 Victorian London (1800s)

That is a setting for the new leaked game Ac Victory.

12 Gulf War
13 War on Terror
14 Cold War
15 Mexican Revolution
16 Civil War

I will be very interesting

Abraham Lincoln, fighting for slavery! How can this not be up here? But WW1 is?

17 English Civil War
18 Ancient Rome
19 Ancient Greece
20 Pre-Anschluss Austria

The period before Nazi Germany annexed Austria. You could play as an Austrian Assassin who uncovers a plot involving Austrian Templars conspiring to join Nazi Germany.

21 Russian Civil War

The Reds and the Whites

22 War of the Roses
23 Falklands War
24 Spanish Civil War
25 Napoleonic Era
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