Best Assassins In the Assassin's Creed Series

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1 Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Never played unity or the original 3 creed games but ezio beats Altair cause one of the most important things about Altair is he's wise. Ezio in revelations learned of altairs past and wiseness. And discovering the power of the apple and didn't go crazy with power. I belive what I've heared of Arno he sounds interesting. By the way Connor is neive and dumb. He's un wise Achilles had to guide him through the game. PS play rouge it's a great game and it links with unity black flag and 3.

Ezio if my favorite because of his personality and he has a badass outfit. Edward is my second favorite. Conner is just a dick, so no. Altair would kick all of their asses though. Even though his game didn't allow you to do much, he would beat them.

Ezio is the best because he spent three decades training and fighting templars. Also he has good attitude around people and he is a very patient man and followed his mentor's orders.

Ezio is the best, you see him transformation young boy into a master assassin. He has been in the most games for a reason! Ezio has every quality for the best assassin and even more.

2 Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad

I have to say altair cause he is called legendary. No other assassin is called that. He became legendary with 1 HIDDEN BLADE. Altair is the mentor/master assassin. There would be no more brotherhood if he wasn't here and he knows how they fight. He killed so many and never got any damged,
If u get hit once u will lose some synch. By the way I'm a huge ezio fan.

I think that Altair should be the best. Although in the games, he doesn't have much skill, he is the original assassin. All the others only come after him. If there ever was a fight between all the assassins, I'm sure the he would win easily!

Though ezio has better character evolution, I adore the plot twists involved with the game. And his missions in assassins creed revelations were perfect and amazing

Due to the fact that getting hit reduces Sync, it is known that Altair never took a single hit during his entire time he was reacquiring Master Assassin status.


3 Edward Kenway

To the comments that say that he killed a master assassin without training her was injured and weak
The black flag was the first book I read and it got me into ac but like that boy aqua my favorite assassin is arno dorian anyway edward when trained became a legendary pirate and assassin he saved the observatory and killed a templar grand master and a sage he was weak but ambitious in the start but after some time he starts to improve and become a master assassin his death was also very sad.

This guy slaughtered pirates, slayed a master assassin and could destroy an entire Warship along with its crew just by himself. Hold on, HE DID ALL OF THAT WITHOUT FORMAL TRAINING. He was naturally skilled, cunning and Brutal as hell. If he and connor had a fight, unfortunately Connor wouldn't get a chance to enjoy his last 10 seconds of life. I'll end it there.

Ezio is really over rated. I know that he is better than kenway but still kenway deserves the second place. A great pirate and as assassin. H's character was awesome. His fighting style pure badass. Also he had the most character developement

Well he's better than connor he has more guns was skilled even without assassin training

4 Connor (Ratonhnhaké:ton)

Conor has a brilliant story with him being a Native American turned assassin, the story he goes through in AC3 is fernomimal with the fighting and deaths. Before AC3 was released my favourite assassin was Ezio because if his back story and his ambition to protect the brotherhood, but Conor already having the ambition to stop the bad against the good before he was in the brotherhood. Conor is in the best story told Assassins creed with the best costume and missions as well.

Connor is bigger faster and stronger than all the other assassins. People just want to hate because he wasn't charismatic like Ezio but he was stoic instead. Connor would dominate all the assassins to date until they move forward to more modern stories.

Connor might be a boring assassin but he was faster and stronger then the other assassins, he doesn't hide his anger oh and he watched his mother die right in front of him, he had a tough childhood but now he's a absoulute war machine. I mean come on! He killed a whole army my himself.

According to me, he is the best because being a native and losing mother at a young age, and father being in opposite side he became an assassin and lead the nation towards freedom.

5 Arno Dorian

Arno dorian has the best story but people see him and unity as trash because of unity's buggy launch
When he was a kid he lost his father and later lost his stepfather and his lover
He learned from his mistakes and even though he is not the most powerful assassin but he learned and also has a op sword

Arno is just the best he has an awesome costume and in the end he has the nicest costume ever in ac and I hope they make more games with him like Ezio because he is the most amazing assassin and it doesn't feel right leaving it where the game ends plus at the end he was so young like Ezio and he only gets the best costume when you complete the game so you don't get the chance to youse it unless they make another game with him wearing that outfit so people can try it out!

Arno has a great personality and is a very skilled assassin. I personally think he is comparable to Ezio. I also think he should have at least another game starting where Unity left off. His girlfriend is dead, he got kicked out of the Brotherhood (I know he joins back later but it should be in a game too) and there's just too many loose ends that should be tied in knots.

He is the best assassin ever born he can see through walls using eagle sense and I'd love to youse the costume at the end so they need to make more games where you are him to youse it and they need to put ac unity on PS3 and Xbox 360!

6 Bayek of Siwa

One of the beat origin stories, great voice acting, first to start a few things in the assassins creed games, great fighter, first assasin, great black character, he beat Egyptian gods, he deserves another game, and mostly because racists and b! +ches didn't want him to star in the game because he was African and he still kicked ass. Underdog killed it.

Bayek of Siwa, also known by the alias Amun, was one of the last Medjay of Egypt and the founder of the Hidden Ones alongside his wife, Aya.

7 Shay Cormac

He has beautiful adventures and an enemy of assassins

He pulled the wool over the assassins eyes

Not really an assassin...

He is one of the best Assasin Templar in history he had the best reason I can think of because the creed that he was in made him kill millions

8 Haytham Kenway

Haytham is by far the coolest character in ACIII, if not in the whole series. He's cunning, decisive, brutal, and just awesome.

He is an Assassin only by blood, as a descendant of Adam. However, he does not deserve to be called one.

Don't worry young ha than we will get some chocolate at whites after the show

The best character, but he ain't an Assassin

9 Desmond Miles

Desmond is epic

Desmond has to be the best because he has memory of altair, ezio and connor memory and figthing style

10 Evie Frye

She is one of the best masters of stealth in the series. She is so smart and serious when she needs to be. She is nothing like her brother, Jacob.

Shes pretty smart and sneaky, and also serious

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11 Aveline de Grandpré

The only and best female assassin

Lady Aveline de Grandpre is the only female assassin on this list, and in my opinion, way better than connor, she has his skills but with abit more variety

12 Amunet
13 Shaun Hastings

He is a true barista

14 Jacob Frye

Best assassin

15 Adéwalé

Sad when he is dead in ac rogue

He needs a hood

Getz a hood

He is friend of Edward kenway :D

16 Eivor Varinsdottir
17 Nikolai Orelov
18 Niccolò Machiavelli
19 María
20 Hope Jensen
21 Mario Auditore

This is very sad,He died in ac brotherhood

Ezio is nothing without Mario he taught him skills to fight told him of his heritage he is 65 by brotherhood but is a better climber than janissary the forgotten one

22 Giovanni Auditore

Ezio's father I cried when he died and when he died his son called him fatheeer!

23 Darim ibn-La'Ahad
24 John from IT

The moustache is real

25 Israel Putnam

He has a nice pistol

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