Top Ten Athletes that Need to Retire After 2017


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1 Manu Ginóbili Manu Ginóbili

Good representation of quality players on this list as well. I think they are all almost certainly done after this season... which brings up a kind of Sub-list: who here gets into his sports Hall of Fame? For Ginobili, I think it's incredibly close, he has played so many years as a sixth man... in the end, I think the 4 championship rings get him in. - Ned964

2 Dwight Freeney Dwight Freeney

Great player for many years. And he should retire. A near lock for the HOF. - Ned964

3 Vince Carter Vince Carter Vincent Lamar "Vince" Carter is an American professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association.

His skills have finally diminished to the point that he should hang it up. I'd say he doesn't get in the HOF. - Ned964

4 Antonio Gates Antonio Gates Antonio Ethan Gates, Jr. is an American football tight end for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League.

I can't believe this cat is still playing, given the demands of the position. He's a lock for Canton. - Ned964

5 Carson Palmer Carson Palmer Carson Hilton Palmer is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, and Arizona Cardinals.

I will vote for Palmer, but almost everyone on this list is singing his swan song. Great list, many here are bound for their league's HOF. - Ned964

6 James Harrison James Harrison

Still playing at an effective level now that he's back in Pittsburgh, but it looks as though this is his last season. HOF? To me it's close, but he does not get in. - Ned964

7 Ichiro Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki

He may have some value for some team, but I would be surprised to see him back in 2018. He sick numbers make him a lock for MLB HOF. - Ned964

8 Dirk Nowitzki Dirk Nowitzki

Great player who is a lock for NBA HOF... I can't remember if Dallas gave him a 2 year deal, but he is very close to done. - Ned964

9 Koji Uehara Koji Uehara

He still is effective, but it might be time to bow out. Not going to Cooperstown - Ned964

10 Adam Vinatieri Adam Vinatieri

He still is very effective, so I'm not sure he's done. I'm gonna guess he comes back at least to next training camp. He is a lock for Canton, only the 3rd pure kicker - Ned964

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11 Richard Jefferson Richard Jefferson
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