Most Attractive Hetalia Guys

It doesn't have to be hot, sexy, cute or handsome it's just who in your eyes is the most attractive man in Hetalia.

The Top Ten Most Attractive Hetalia Guys

1 England

People make fun of his brows, BUT THEY'RE CUTE. Plus I can relate. I'm into semi-Tsunderes and British accents, what can I say.

He's one of these anime characters I wish to exist in real life. He's so cute, really handsome and has got an adorable accent. Not to mention I can relate to him so much as he's so misjudged by others and doesn't let many people in his heart. And these eyebrows... What can I say, he makes me question my sexuality (and I'm normally ace).

.. The eyebrow, the messy hair... The gleaming emerald eyes... The sexy British accent, his gentlemanly-like flair (and when he's mad or drunk, so cute). Plus, he really cares about people, but has trouble expressing his feelings, which proves he has a soft side to him. England is great!

That accent though! England is definitely my #1! Some people find him a stick in the mud but if you've read any fan fictions with him in it then you've most likely seen his hot as hell punk/ rebellious side. The messy hair, the eyes, the accent, just everything. Somehow even the eyebrows look damn hot!

2 France

I find it hard to believe Japan and Canada are higher. I know everyone has their preference but France SCREAMS sex appeal. By far the sexiest in the series. Only he could be so feminine, yet so masculine, so confident, suave, chic... yet so sensitive. He has DAT accent and he speaks French FGS, the language of love! I bet he smells incredible too and he's a GREAT cook!

I like the fact that he isn't "teenage-boy" hot, but is more classically beautiful.

I thought he'd be higher than 7. He's got great fashion sense, fabulous hair, and he's really sweet.

You gotta admit, he is hot. And he has amazing hair...

3 Spain

He is cute, passionate, caring, dense, attractive, positive, and friendly guy! The question here is HOW not to love a character like that. And he has and incredeble sexy body. Did you see him in the April Fools episode? He is too hot form me. And his booty is just the finest thing I have ever seen.

Spain is literally the most attractive nation out there. Even his personality is attractive! - Feliciano_Vargas

He's one of the most charming out there, hands down. Paired with a bright smile and cheerful personality, his hotness is brought out ten fold. He's real sexy and has a nice ass as well.

I mean, come on! He's the hottest and the sweetest guy out there! Even his obsession for tomatoes and his love for turtles is adorable! He's the perfect guy!

4 Japan

No doubt that he is attractive, I once saw him blow a kiss. I screamed at the top of my lungs!

I like who he really doesn't look much different in fan art than he does on the show. - JustinLawLove

I love Japan. He's so polite. And that accent...

He's really cute and has a rlly gorgeous voice.

5 America

While, I may be biased for my own country, you can't deny that he is a 10 in personality, cuteness, hotness and overall awesomeness. He's the Hero!

Hey! He's strong, he loves trash food, knows when it's time to fight back, is sweet and is willing to be a hero! Plus, messy/tidy hair, those glasses, and such a lovely outfit, I can't help but be attracted to him!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a huge crush on APH America. He's completely adorable/hot, and he's the hero! Plus, he can be pretty badass if he tries.

He's so cute and hyper, and although he can go overboard, I totes have a crush on him.

6 Canada

He's so soft. And deserves to be appreciated! If he only had more screen time!

Canada is really shy and that is what makes him cute. Because every other guy in hetalia is big, bulky & strong.

Canada is just so adorable and hot and I just love Canada so much, and.. That curl. I love it.

Canada for the win. And his 'sexy French hair'

7 Germany

"He's super sexy in my taste... So far he's my favorite and I like how serious is he. He is much my taste and probably that is my point of view for an ideal boyfriend. Serious but...soft and caring? Just SO HOT!

BROSKI he is SUPER HOT he... I don't know like his toughness,muscles, deep voice mmm so hot I me like I'm in love with him ill smash him totaly and marry him I littery draw him everyday ahh LOve him so much very sexy tooo

I usually don't like blondes, but he's the exception. His strong but caring nature has conquered me.

Germany is hot as hell to me, probably because he's so dominating! Like pictures of him in leather holding a whip always make me squirm in my seat! Italy, you lucky bastard.

8 Prussia

The thing I like about Prussia is that despite him boasting about how he prefers to be alone, you can see that the guy is actually rather lonely and there is more to his character than meets the eye. I couldn't help but think how cute he was when he discovered Hungry was actually a girl. Rather than be a pervert like someone would expect ( Especially considering how often he boasts about being "awesome" all the time and the infamous "crotch cloth" from moments before. ), he gets flustered and does the exact opposite by looking away and giving Hungry his cloak with just a calm, "Keep it." No mocking. No teasing. He acts like a decent person for once and leaves. Also, I can't help but gush a little when he interacts with Germany aka his little brother! The guy clearly cares for Germany in his own way and seeing the interaction in canon and in all of those fan art with Germany and Prussia ( NOT GERMCEST MIND YOU! >># ) makes my heart melt every time! ~ It doesn't hurt that Prussia ...more

Gilbert Beilschmidt, aka My waifu +w+ Absolutely everything about him is attractive, from his smirky grin, his confidence, and his sparkling ruby eyes. He's kawaii and HOT1! 1! And it would take me a million years for me to plead my undying love for this silly albino

He's so cute and hot at the same time! He's just one big dorky loser who is just so cute. Also he is NOT a pervert! He didn't realize Hungary was a girl and looked away when he saw her cleavage (? )!

Exactly what he calls himself... awesome!

9 Denmark

What? He goes 11? He should be at the top most list! HE IS A VIKING. HE IS THE KING OF SCANDINAVIA AND THE NORTH. HE IS TALL. HE CREATED LegoS. HE HAS THIS SEXY HAIR. HIS EYES ARE SO BLUE THAT IS BEAUTIFUL. HE IS MAN AS Germany AND WHY WOULD HE BE ON 11? I mean seriously, look at him! He is so adorable, hot, and sweet. He cares about his family so much even if it's Sweden. He's a sweet big brother, and ever red gutters? HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF JUST TO MAKE SEALAND SAFE. He is known as the happiest country in the world. A country with beautiful fairy tales and such a loving man he is. I want him as the top 1

What the hell?! Denmark is amazing, why is he so low? He's so sweet, and just wants everyone to happy. And that body don't hurt either. DAMMark indeed. - AwesomePasta

WHY IS HE NOT #1?!?!? Amazing accent, goofy sweet guy, and super hot to boot! He's so adorkable as well, I just wanna make him smile that giant, amazing smile and make him happy.

Ok I can't BELIEVE Denmark isn't higher on this list. Like, have you LOOKED at him? He is SO handsome! He's a beautiful combo of cute and hot. His hair is PERFECTION and he has the cutest eyebrows and eyes in existence. He just looks at you and SPARKLES NORDIC SUNSHINE. Lookit that boy, he's tall, handsome, muscular, and a total HUNK. DAMNmark indeed. Like America, he's also just preciously happy and optimistic, and wants everyone else to be too. It is every fangirl's dream to become his Queen of Scandinavia and build a Lego castle to live in together. Denmark is PERFECT ok?

10 Austria

Piano keys aren't the only things he's good at fingering

Austria is attractive, but I don't particularly like his personality. I do however admire his devotion to music. It's truly inspiring and I find most of his beauty through his music.

How is this guy only at 11? In my opinion he's one of the most attractive out of the lot.

His mean face makes him look so cute

The Contenders

11 United States
12 Northern Italy

He is not dumb like people think he just looks at the brighter future. He started the renaissance! It produced so many things people didn't think could be and new ways of thinking the people have never before!

Italy would be a perfect boyfriend! He is so cute and I love his accent. He also can make delicious meals. He has got an adorable curl. I just love every part of him!

He been though so much but still smiles. It just makes me happy how he doesn't care much about getting bigger but helping others and his people for the better

I would honestly date him, such a cutie, and all optimistic
he would help me look on the bright side of life
and we would both be seen as weak together - it2ly

13 Romano

He is just SO CUTE! He was absolutely adorable as a little chibi, how he would call Spain a 'jerk bastard' all the time, how he would be munching on a tomato all day long, and his reaction (as a chibi) when Spain pulled his curl was priceless! Also all those cute brother to brother moments!
And one can not simply forget the time when Romano and Italy got their curls stuck together!

He's Italian! Proclaimed to be Gods gift to women! That's got to have something going for it!

He's an adorable swearing bastard! That is all that should be said in my oppinion.

Its Romano he's hot, Italian and he is beautiful

14 Scotland

Why is he all the way at 12? He's not even a canon character!

Scotland is a sexy bastard, I'm surprised he's not higher on the list.

I thought Scotland would be in the top three at least, he is hot as hell.

I'm legit 1/4 scottish I can't HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM - LatSea-RusCan

15 China

My, my, I just love him. I know that in reality I love Japan ( And I want too go there), but China is an awesome place. And Yao has is charm, is hair, is eyes... Ok, I can't tell you why, but he is the most awesome character in hetalia for me

The best character in Hetalia for me. I like both his versions: in the first seasons and the new version. I just love his personality and looks. He's good at cooking is absolutely adorable. My number one character.

You gotta admire someone who can beat a gun and a katana with kitchen tools! And the scars...

Like one of the comments you gotta admire someone who can beat a katana and a gun with a kitchen tool...

16 Ancient Rome

Something about him draws me towards him. I don't know if it's his personality or his looks, but I know the narrator was right when it said 'unusually handsome'.

yess super handsome guy

17 Sweden

His quiet (and scary) nature along with his cute face makes him so adorable

Sweden is love, Sweden is life. Seriously, he should be higher up the list.

yes but his voice scares me how deep it is more than germanys

Sweden is just a little cinammon roll that's misjudged and has a playfull side he's adorable

18 Greece

I absolutely adore his laid back personality and his love for cats. In a way, he's sort of like me

Hot, sweet, a great dancer, strong and he loves cats! What more can you want?

He's very laid back, loves cats. Soft spoken, weird, and vey adorable. He's someone if we get to learn more about him he'd be the kindest laid back guy in Hetalia. He needs to be noticed more and I'm still surprised he's more fit than the rest of the guys!

Greece needs more love... I love him as a character in general and think he's attractive, but I'd rather have a more active personality. Sorry, Herc. But hey, at least I voted for you. You know who else needs more love? China, that's who. rambles on about Yao

19 Netherlands

Green eyes, spiky blonde hair, tall, stoic, but he has a soft spot for bunnies! How sweet! And he gardens! What more could a girl want than a guy in touch with his feminine side? In my mind, he is totally sexy.

20 Iceland

Iceland is probably one of the cutest Hetalia characters. If not the very cutest, in my opinion'

Iceland and Norway are too underrated I mean have you looked at them

His silver hair and stoic expression was so hot

His passionate personality boosted his atractiveness

21 Russia

He is so cute but Die Vaterland is always first (germany) he's is pretty hot though too

, imagine waking up next to this silver haired male & he engulfs you in a warm hug while you two are spooning for warmth because it's freezing not being under the covers (Oh! my mom is home, I can hear her car...well that was random) and then he murmurs in your ears "Good morning Sunflower" In his cute a55 Russian accent or whisper Russian things in your ear, like -drooling-

This might just be my personal preference, but I really think Russia is so hot, along with Germany in close second. I just love how they (especially Russia) can be portrayed as cute and then dominating at the same time! X3

He's so cute. I also saw the live action musical of Marakiate Chikyuu and his dance is hilarious - TwilightKitsune

22 Latvia

I think Latvia is honestly adorable, he is so perfect and needs more love!

Yes please hun - LatSea-RusCan

He is literally my precious cinnamon roll. he is so adorable!

Raivis is so cute. I wish I could comfort him though

23 Holy Roman Empire

Why is that adorable chibi on here? - SenpaiNoticeMe

Hot and caring - LatSea-RusCan

TOO CUTE! - Sassy13crown

24 Norway

His stoic expressions, soft looking blonde hair, dull indigo eyes. Not to mention he can do MAGIC! It's also really cute when he tries to get Iceland to call him big brother.

Norway is rather underrated for such a developed character. You can't tell at first but you have to go more in depth of the character and its relations to the real Norway. I could give so much more reasons but I don't think I can fit them all.

Super cute and cool! Him and Iceland are best bros, don't @ me

What the hell, why is he on 24 he should be in the first place he is my favorite character, he is sooo cute I love him! I also love his butter and coffee! It is the best. I love his whispery voice. I want to go to norway sooo bad! Someone used to think he was a girl because of the phone to call trolls. They even thought that he was Ukraine and they looked exactly alike!

25 Romania

He's just so cute. And his fang? I think that' pretty sexy and adorable.

Adorable little vampire baby. A much better version of twilight (just my opinion) A mysterious charm to an attractive well dressed man

He's an adorable little trickster! What's not to love? He believes in magic and loves his little brother! What a cutie!

He just so attractive with his ruby red eyes and that little hat tops it all off!

26 Switzerland

ANOTHER CRAZY HOT GUY YOU LEFT OUT! What is wrong in you guys' MINDS!?!?!

He's so beautiful and smouldering with sex appeal, why is he at 29th?


27 Korea

Come on! He should be higher. Sure he's not in the anime, but he has a great personality, good art skills, and great comedy. I have heard he's quite muscular. 😍

the ze

Although he is like 15 or 16 he is really tall and I really like black hair and not to mention cute

28 Poland

I'll fight you about my opinion on this.

A crossdresser?!?!?!? Please

so fab =3

29 Australia

Yeah he and his broad muscles that clearly shows his hard work in the down under.

I think Australia should be higher in the list.
Aussie is handsome. I hope we can agree fandom. There may be more attractive guys like Spain and his ass but Australia is good looking too with his abs.

Dammit why is Australia voted this low?

Australia has to be higher

30 Turkey

For me, he is the hottest (not cutest or my favourite) most of the fans don't find him hot, but come on, he is the manliest guy in Hetalia, also I love his voice and personality, and he is really hot as The Ottoman Empire too!

How could he be forgotten!? And you place greece before him!?!? I am disgusted.

He is so sexy. I mean, those abs. And you place Greece before him. I hate this.

Must be on the first 10

31 Bulgaria

If you like Attack on Titan's Eren Jaeger then you will like Bulgaria

He's hot to be honest - LatSea-RusCan

32 Seborga


33 Finland

He looks adorable and is so sweet, but of you look at the history you will see how badass Sweden's wife can be.

Why is finland behinf scotland and northern ireland ho aren't even canon characters - LatSea-RusCan

Finland definitely deserves a higher rank, have you looked at him yet?
He is so adoreable, he is just so happy, and the fact that he is santa, SANTA!

Finland is just plain adorable. Anyone who dislikes him, I don't understand... everything about him is amazing! 0w0

34 Northern Ireland


35 Lithuania

Such a hard worker and super cute! He deals with a lot but still smiles at the end of it all.

He's so sweet! He puts his friends needs before him, and goes out of his way to help them, not to mention, he does look pretty nice...

He is really cute and sweet. I like that he is hardworking and friendly. I wish more people would like him.

My bae.. he's so adorable I just want to cuddle him.

36 India
37 Portugal

So I just want to say...HE'S DAMN HOT.
I think he's should be on top 10. I like his little ponytail and his beautiful eyes. Often I wish that we could have seen him more on the series.


38 Cuba

Cuba is terrifying 0_o

39 Sealand

What the fudge?! Sealand is like 12! Why, people? Why?!

He's MY LITTLE CUTIIEEE. id date him cause I'm legit 12 yeet - LatSea-RusCan

40 Macau

This guy should be higher on the list. Look at his hair.

41 Egypt

Sure Egypt only appears once, but he is super hot! Heehee

42 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Seriously? He is a little boy. How old is he? Like 8

You are pedophilic or what?


43 Thailand
44 Wales

Although he doesn't have a proper image yet, I think the fan image of him is pretty damn attractive.

Though there is not a proper image for Wales, the fan images for him are pretty darn attractive.


45 Croatia
46 Great Britain
47 Estonia

How is he only at 36? He should be in at least the top 25! I think he's super hot! Nerdy is the new sexy~

48 New Zealand

I don't really think that New Zealand is "Hot" but I think that he's pretty cute :3

49 Picardy
50 Cameroon
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