Best Avatar: The Legend of Korra Episodes

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1 Beginnings, Parts 1 & 2

Heck, it is better than Sozin's Comet and that's saying something. Comparing a legend of korra episode to the best last airbender episode.

AMAZING EPISODE! Easily the best of Legend of Korra and possibly of Avatar: the Last Airbender as well.

It was a really great origin story to the Avatar. I thought the animation was amazing.

I love these ones. Wan is Keith and Keith is my dude. Also, Avatar backstory? In the words of Sokka, WOO! FORKLIFT!

2 Turning the Tides
3 Endgame

This was like the storm of episode of Legend of Korra.

4 Skeletons in the Closet

I kinda love this one so much.

5 And the Winner is ...
6 Korra Alone
7 A Leaf in the Wind
8 The Revelation
9 Out of the Past
10 Enter the Void
The Contenders
11 The Aftermath
12 The Voice in the Night
13 The Ultimatum
14 The Venom of the Red Lotus

I don't know good character development or whatever and funny moments here and there

15 Beyond the Wilds
16 Old Wounds
17 When Extremes Meet
18 The Last Stand
19 Darkness Falls
20 Welcome to Republic City
21 The Spirit of Competition
22 Day of the Colossus
23 A New Spiritual Age
24 The Metal Clan
25 Stake Out
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