Prettiest My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Characters

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1 Rarity Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.

She is beauty, she is grace, she the most elegant in the human race. I don't understand why so many people bash her for wearing makeup and curling her hair? If she like doing that, if that makes her feel beautiful, then let her be? If she's pretty that way, then she's pretty that way. Misogynistic a**. Not to mention how powerful and smart and talented she is? Hardworking and always committed to things.

Rarity wears fake eyelashes and its not natural. She's a big drama queen. When Rarity is human, I didn't see her wearing fake eyelashes. But the good thing about her is that she is generous to her friends. But she still looks beautiful anyway. Other ponies of the mane 6 are generous too because of self sacrifice. But they still can't beat Rarity in generosity.

A ton of people say she's hideous on the outside and the inside.
HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. Rarity is SUCH a beautiful pony! Her mane is so lovely and silky, her eyes are so gorgeous and her cutie mark is so pretty!
Her inside is definitely just as beautiful as her outside. I mean sure, she's a bit of a drama queen and everything but all of us have SOMETHING that's bad!

Rarity is not natural. She wears a lot makeup and not to mention false eyelashes. And is Rarity really generous? Remember the diamond dogs and how the mane six came back to ponyville with six overflowing carts of gems? Rarity is rich! In 'Rarity takes Manehattan' Rarity gives away many gems, but why not when you have so many? She's the one who took so many gems from the diamond dogs in the first place! Not wet generous or beautiful if you ask me. But she is pretty, just not natural pretty like Rainbow Dash.

2 Princess Luna

Almost every blue pony is attractive, their colour schemes always match really well. For Luna, I love the dark blue and translucent parts of her mane. It makes her look regal. Also, she isn't too tall like Celestia. Celestia's sharp features make her look harsh. Luna, however, has a serene shade of midnight blue.

Why Luna?
Let me explain-
I like her height because it's better than normal and not a monster height either. The purple and black make her look mysterious but attractive. The way she talks , it's like talking to god( not part of beauty but included it anyways). Her beauty within is all about darkness but she is an example of beauty in darkness.
That's why.

Luna is for sure one of the most attractive on this list, #1 in my opinion. She is taller than the average pony, but not as tall as Celestia, which sets her at a nice height. Her wings are at a good size, and have quite an elegant shape. I like the slightly taller neck, which can also be seen on Cadence. What sets her apart from Cadence, is her color and mane. Her mane is dual toned, a light, translucent purple lining blue, which resembles a starry night sky. This is another of her features that I like, as it is unique only to her. The style of her hair is quite natural, and beautiful, not to curly or over the top, like Cadence, not too choppy like Twilight, and not too long and flowy like Celestia. It's just the perfect medium. Her cutie mark is also aesthetically pleasing, and doesn't distract from the rest of her features. I love the color of her body, the dark blue reminds me of my favorite time of night (not to mention my favorite color). Her eyes are a light ...more

She is truly the most beautiful and wonderful character out there. Her dark blue fur and mane, her lovely voice, her wonderful personality, her lovely eyes, and her immersive nature. She also has a bit of a Tim Burton character trait (E.G. being truly good and reformed and a good moral standing, but having a mind that works in a different way and being misunderstood by others). She is quite a relatable character to someone like me who isn't as popular and who is different, as well as being looked at as someone with no emotion and who is aloof and quite eccentric. She will always be the mare of my dreams and heart.

3 Princess Cadence

Her colour scheme is so pretty - her mane has that light crystal pony look (?) and her normal wings is the only pair that has 2 colours (pink wings and lilac tips) before her daughter, Flurry Heart (white wings and pink tips) was born. by the way why isn't Flurry on the list? She should be on first place.

Princess cadence is also DAZZLING. Shes got pretty colors and I like the way her wings are aumbre. Her look kind of gives her a pretty girl vibe. She may look girly but her personality is lovable and she is serious when she has to be. This just makes her the perfect princess to rule over the crystal empire. Not to mention her Pretty voice. ( its like really nice.

Princess Cadence is by far the prettiest pony! Her long curly main fades from light to dark. And the tips of her wings are a light pretty shade of purple. All of the colors on her blend perfectly! The sleek alicorn shape of her body is beautiful too. Her special talent is to spread love and light. What's more beautiful than that?!

All Pink,Purple and Yellow! Even though Yellow isn't my type of a color and she's like an Ace of Heart! What a wonderful princess of the Crystal Empire!

4 Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010-2019 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals. She represents the element of kindness

Fluttershy deserves to be in the 1#! Unlike Rarity, she wears natural beauty. Look at her! Her curl in her mane is natural, her eyelashes are natural too! Like WOW. No offense on Rarity but I don't have such mood in makeover. Natural beauty should come first! But when Rarity is a filly, she has the same hair as she was when she is a full-grown pony. I don't know if Rarity's hair is natural or not. But I seen her curl her mane unlike Fluttershy. Fluttershy should have been the first! So I think that Rarity curls her hair instead of natural. Rarity uses fake eyelashes, she wears makeup and whatever. Rarity overdoes it with the makeup in "Sonic Rainboom" and I was so grossed out because putting on too much makeup can make you look old and ugly instead of pretty and young. I know, Rarity is the element of generosity and that's very good. And other ponies of the mane 6 makes self sacrifice. Generosity means more than just self sacrifice and that's the only good thing I found in Rarity. I ...more

Gorgeous NATURAL( unlike Rarity's ) eyes. Long perfectly waved hair that comes out NATURALLY also, unlike Rarity. No offense, I'm just trying to make a point. Rarity is 2nd prettiest in my opinion, but beauty is much more than a curling iron, false eyelashes, and a ton of makeup. Beauty means good natural qualities on the inside and out.. At least that's how it is in my book. But, if Rariy wants to be yourself, instead of putting on a mask and hiding your true self. Maybe Rarity would be my favorite if she trusted the world to see her without her mask...

I've commented about her beauty 3 times already, but she's just so beautiful. Let's compare her to the others. Inside and out.

AJ is cute but her fashion sense puts me out. Plus she can be "a might" stubborn at times.

Pinkie's just as kind as Fluttershy, but her colour scheme is based on one colour. The only thing not pink are her blue eyes.

Twilight's colour scheme is pleasant, but her fringe is not the look for her. If you gave her that hairstyle in "Castle Sweet Castle", and a pair of glasses, she'd look adorable!

Rainbow Dash has a messy hairstyle and I know she's an athlete, but now look inside her. She cheated just to beat AJ in a race, she became ego- static in one episode, and define people before she gets to actually know them.

And Rarity... Is a fake! She's ugly as hell even with trashy makeup, artificial curls, and phony eyelashes. She lied to be popular, made her sister bush a cart and couch and saw her sweating! She's ...more

FLUTTERSHY IS so MUCH PRETTIER THAN RARITY! Everyone who's up there talking about Rarity are so WRONG! Rarity believes that she needs make-up to look pretty. Rarity curls her hair, uses fake-eyelashes, wears heaps of makeup, and thinks that she cannot be gorgeous without them. I HATE RARITY. That's why she's my least favorite. In that one episode when she had fake wings and flew up to the sun to get lots of attention from Equestria, she had HEAPS of makeup on and calls herself beautiful. Rarity is so egotistical. While FLUTTERSHY on the other hand is naturally beautiful. Rarity needs to move out of the way and share the spotlight with the real beautifuls and take her, the ugly moose, out of the way.

5 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer is a female unicorn pony-turned-human and former antagonist introduced in My Little Pony Equestria Girls. She is a student at Canterlot High School, a former student of Princess Celestia, and a rhythm guitarist for the student band The Rainbooms.

The streaks in her mane make her 10 times prettier. Also, I am pretty sure her mane is curled naturally, unlike Rarity. She seems very calm and chill, and confident too.

Alright, I'll admit, she's definitely prettier in pony form.

Her hair is gorgeous, her color scheme is great AND matches her cutie mark perfectly, her eyes and her eyelashes are beautiful, and her cutie mark is probably the best one out there. I personally think she deserves prettiest! She's beautiful inside and out.

When I saw the frist equstria girls movie I hated her but after seeing rainbow rocks now I love her. I liked sunset shimmer better when she's good. She sucked as a villen anyway. In rainbow rocks I now saw her as a beautiful brave, proactive and strong-minded girl.
She was: mean snotty curl dishonest slay evil jealouse hateful and a bully
Now she is:loyle kind caring loving strong-minded brave strong sassy and proactive.
She is like meg from hercules.
Sunset shimmer is beautfiul

Sunset has a beautiful streak with red and yellow colored hair and she tends to smile the most and her mint eye color is dazzling! She has curly hair a bit what shows the real beauty in the inside and out.And plus Twilight should be in the lower part because she has bangs for what? Nerdyness? She has very ugly face with some dorky glasses who happen to not outshine herself.

6 Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is the most gorgeous pony in all if equestria! Her beautiful flowing hair drapes down her tall majestic shoulders like a silken curtain flowing in a midsummer day's wind. Her face is like a work of art chiseled by the delicate hands of a sculptor. Every detail of her face carved out beautifully and intricitally. Her regal hooves and beautiful posture go along with her amazing essence. She wears the finest Jewelry fit only for the most hierarchy of royalty. No pony in equestria has even the right to compare her to anyone else. If someone held up next to her a picture of someone else you could not see the picture for the brightness of her face would block view of anything. And not only this but beautiful she is on the inside as well. We're she to eat you I would assume that not only would you enter a body made if Jewels but her inner beauty and kindness would be contained in the most precious diamond of existence. After reading such a praising, beautiful, and accurate ...more

Princess Celestia deserves to be the #1. I mean, look at her beautiful flowing hair, her long horn, beautiful hooves, necklace, and crown, and her wings are nice too. She´s just great, and obviously the best.

Why can't she be in every episode as a main character? I mean she's a princess, shouldn't she be in every episode along with Princess Candence and Princess Luna? Twilight is in every episode and she's a princess, so it's not fair! I really think that all of the princesses are under-rated except for Twilight Sparkle. Princess Celestia is very beautiful and her voice is kind and sweet. I think that she should be number one on this list!

She is the cutest and loveliest princess she's so kind and loving. She understands so much and her strength is awesome. Some people say lulu is strong but it's celestia she used the element because she didn't want to fight her sis. Celestia is kind and adoring.

7 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty and is one of the 6 main characters on the show. more.

I think that Rainbow Dash is naturally beautiful and pretty, especially when she doesn't try or aim to. Her look at the Gala, we have to admit, was simply stunning! Rarity is pretty, I'm not saying she isn't, but she tries to hard. I bet the way Rarity's hair looks, its been curled, pretty obvious, her eye-shadow is what makes her eyes attractive. I would love to see what Rarity looks without these elements, but so far, naturally, Rainbow Dash is the prettiest. I think it's the way her mane just cascades, but some scenes just can't capture that, while others accomplish it very well! Overall, her slender shape, fit body, fabulous color scheme, Rainbow Dash is 'hooves' down the prettiest of the Mane 6!

I believe Rainbow Dash is the prettiest pony. Though she is a tomboy, she looks like a model. Rarity wears a lot of makeup, styles her mane, and purposely acts like a lady. Rarity is beautiful, but Rainbow Dash is natural. Her expressions are simply awesome, her mane is super swag, her body is sleek, and to top it off her amazing raspy voice that almost no one can master. And who wouldn't want to date the greatest athlete in Equestria?!

I find tomboys to be the prettiest kind of girl. Their beauty comes from subverting gender roles whilst still coming off as uniquely feminine at the same time.

Rainbow Dash is beautiful! She looks like Iris, the goddess of rainbows! And that mane is so unique and rare! Who else, other than her dad, has mane that gorgeous? Not to mention how she doesn't even try to look good. She just looks that way naturally! And she defies stereotypes. Let's admit it, MLP would be pretty much a girly-girl only, stereotypical girl squad without her in it!

8 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

Twilight Sparkle is the understanding one who learns something new here and then. She is so smart and is into books which I appreciate. Gives her more knowledge. She is kind and forgiving that's why she forgives Sunset and Starlight. She is awesome in every way. She is super adorable and so cute not to mention VERY PRETTY. Stop hating her because she main mane. I love you Twily

She's so pretty with her beautiful bangs and the way her hair are styled with pink n purple streaks which suit her. She has such cute big eyes and a lively smile. She learns now and then about friendship and mistakes make her better than before. That's why celestia made her alicorn. She is so kind that she forgave sunset shimmer even after what she did that's what makes twilight so special (and this is my opinion)

I think twilight should be up at at Least 6
Twilight is pretty. Probably not the prettiest but pretty.
Personally I think twilight should be higher above rainbow dash for "prettiest pony". But I love rainbow! She is awesome. I think rainbow Is best pony, but probably not prettiest. But hey that's just my opinion.

Twilight is so beautiful and her cute hair and big eyes. She us the smart one and also she cares for her friends. When she becomes Alicorn, SHE'S WOW AND AWESOME She is so pretty and beautiful love TWILIGHT !

9 Applejack Applejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty. more.

Applejack is naturally beautiful, she even often or never use any make over, but look at her! She is beautiful along with her maturity. I love her! She is amazing, good at everything (except fashion) but by the way ... her design always looks great especially in 'The Crystal Empire' and when she becomes "Colonel Purple Dart". However she is my role model. She almost doesn't look prettier than others because her country style that make her least favorite and least popular. But I love her, I prefer country girl style than ladylike big city girl that always make me bored. "Go Applejack! I always love you!"

Alright, this picture of Applejack makes her look like a fool. She's actually really pretty! I love the way she's tied her ponytail on her mane and tail. And especially in the episode "Simple Ways,'' she looked even prettier! Rarity fusses over the smallest details and drives me NUTS. Applejack, however, is hard-working, loyal, supportive, sweet, and not afraid to keep everyone around her safe, no matter what it takes. And she STILL remains gorgeous!

Applejack is by far the prettiest pony, in my mind. She totally rocked that Applejewel thing in Simple Ways, and a few of those scenes from the comics are just awesome. I feel like she has a more defined face than the others for some reason, like... You can actually see her jawline and chin and stuff. :P It gives her a thinner look, and I think it does her good. Her color scheme also goes very well together, and the hat is just awesome.

Well, in my opinion, I don't describe Applejack as beautiful, mostly because she's not the most feminine.

However, Applejack has her moments, ESPECIALLY in Simple Ways.
I like the idea of Applejack (or Applejewel) is actually being fabulous and being center of the spotlight.

Applejack needs more appreciation as well as the other underrated ponies.

10 Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is a female school-age Earth pony and minor antagonist who first appears in Call of the Cutie. She and Silver Spoon are classmates of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

She ain't a villain. In season 5 an episode called Crusaders of the lost mark # Spoiler alert the cutie mark crusaders get their mark when they help diamond tiara figure out the meaning of her cutie mark and become PFF's (pony friends forever). But u'r right she is super cute in that tiara and is just the most adorable filly in mlp.


She's in a Top Ten. Oh how I wan- she deserves it! :D

Okay, let me explain something. Diamond may not be the most well liked for her lack of depth, but she has aesthetic attribute that really compliments her design. The only problem is that the writers, animators and corporation tease us with tidbits of information about her back story and never expanded her beyond a stereotype! Oh well. I can at least play color psychology. :D

Diamond Tiara is a very pretty little filly. I really don't think rarity is all that great. Rarity is in top 5 prettiest for me. Diamond Tiara and princess Cadence are prettier in my opinion.

Diamond Tiara might not be the best character, but she has beauty! I love her colors and her tiara. She is even cuter because she is a filly. Don't hate just because she is a villain.

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11 Spitfire

I'm a straight dude and have always had a thing for more tomboyish and rugged women. Spitfire is stern and gruff when in military drill sergeant mode but behind the scenes is laid-back, friendly, and quite a decent person er- pony. Also, women wearing suits equals gold fyi.

Women in suits is one of the hottest things ever in my opinion. I would gladly dress up a as dainty bride to this madam, if she were a human, and I'm a guy!

She's a jerk but there is no denying that her color scheme, fire hair, and name are all very attractive. I just wish she wasn't given such an unlikable authoritarian personality. She could have been much cooler.

Um seriously?! Her hairstyle is super of! Not to mention her suit she wears! Plus it wouldn't hurt to SMILE! Look up to Pinkie Pie and do me a favor! Just because she has sunglass cleaners and massageres doesn't mean she's pretty!

12 Lyra Heartstrings

She has the most spellbindingly colred pony. She is absolutely beautiful, especially ger stunning mint green/turquoise coat! She should be number #1.

I bet she would appreciate the humans who are saying how pretty she is!

She is very pretty, she has an excellent mane and color scheme.

Mainly because I love the color aqua green!

13 Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer is a recurring character, initially an antagonist, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She first appears in the season 5 premiere, The Cutie Map. From The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2 to Celestial Advice, she is Twilight Sparkle's student in the ways of friendship.

Starlight is beautiful, inside and out! Her colour scheme is beautiful, and her cutie mark is my second favourite out of all the characters. She may be an antagonist in season 5, but that's because there's no one to guide her back to the right path so she made some wrong decisions. Her magical abilities is super powerful, considering she's just a unicorn and all the ponies more powerful than her are Alicorns. When she reformed, she is definitely the best character of all times. She's much more logical and much wiser than anypony else - she bet Twilight and Starswirl in terms of wisdom when she thought of using friendship to reform Stygian, and she guided many ponies (as a counsellor and also as a friend) on their path. Honestly, Twilight should really listen to her friend and pupil more, and I was SUPER mad when Starswirl told Celestia to look in Twilight if she wants wisdom. PLEASE! Twilight is the stupid one then, and Starlight's wisdom was NOT acknowledged at all! I mean like - ...more

She's DEFINITELY not pretty. Her heart is full of evil. I know she will remain evil forever. Good villain but not pretty. Please, she's so ugly.

These people really haven't watched after season 9 have they? She's changed for the better and is a rlly good person. Great friend and actually saved the mane 6 is season 9

Starlight and Sunset are my two favorite characters. Both of their cutie marks are wonderful and they're both beautiful inside and out (when they're reformed). I love Starlight's color scheme, too :D

14 Sweetie Belle

Applejack should at least be in the top ten! And by the way that was rude!

Sweetie Belle is the prettiest, get over your selves. And applejack is the ugliest definitely

Sweetie Belle is the most ugly character in the show. Enough said.

She cute and a beautiful royal gown!
And my favorite pony too!

15 Trixie Trixie Lulamoon, is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician. She tends to speak in the third person and refer to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie".

How is she not higher up on the list? I'll be honest, her colour scheme matches really well. Her hair colour is really great, not too cheesy, but a light blue blended with white. She looks really calm too. Also, come on. She's the sass queen.

Wow! I'm surprised that The Great and Powerful Trixie is so low on this list! Oh well, I might as well throw my opinion in, and try to put her higher up on this list. First off, I like her skin tone. Blue. I can't help myself, Nearly any pony that is a shade of blue I see as beautiful on the exterior. Next, her eyes are a nice pink-purple shade. It is quite beautiful. I also like unicorns. The statement that unicorns represent beauty is all too true. I like her mane, as it has a nice teal and teal/white color scheme, and a flair for style. She isn't quite as tall as I would like, but she is still pretty. Her cape is nice looking, with two colors of stars on it. She also has a diamond connecting the two sides of the cloak. And though it doesn't matter in this, what they're like on the inside, it doesn't mean I can't complement her on her intelligence. I like a clever girl, and Trixie is for sure, a smart cookie. I understand that a big reason for Trixie being so low on this list is ...more

Trixie is actually very nice looking. She's much more attractive to me than any of the Mane 6, including Rarity. I say this because of her cool, serene color scheme, voice (we heard her in Rainbow Rocks, and she sure did have tricks up her sleeves), eyes with only one reflection, and though her wizard wardrobe might not be very well appreciated, hey, I don't think this is a fashion contest. Her arrogant, flamboyant, mischievous, and adorable overall. Go Trixie!

I absolutely love this pony, she's mischievous and such a mood. She's so relatable, and a great friend to have. I think many people can relate with her.

16 Octavia

Okay, seriously, how is she pretty? Her coat is a pukey grey, her mane is too spiky (at the top), and if you are a musician, you would know that her treble clef cutie mark is backwards and the bottom curve should be straight, and her eye colour is too de-saturated, and her eyelashes are weird, her cello is too small, and its also not a bass, because its not low enough, and even her cutie mark doesn't match. Cello or bass, Her cutie mark should be a bass clef! Also, her voice, seriously, she sounds like she's being choked. And her personality is rubbish, she's so dramatic, and dumb, and she's a huge prick. So yeah, that's why she's SUPER ugly.

Octavia is gorgeous I love her color scheme and her purple eyes. She has great Rarity like eye style, but the way she looks with that, she beautiful... But where are Aloe and Lotus?

Are you joking? Octavia is so bland, dark and grey. The only good thing about her is her purple eyes and cutie mark.

She is very beautitful for a background character. They should give her pony version lines cause they all ready gave her humen version lines.

17 DJ Pon-3

She is awesome. In my top three for best manes. Number 2 is Night Gilder and number 1 is Fleetfoot.

Oh, she is not as attractive as Dash, but definitely better than Rarity.

Cool but not pretty

Wicked for a DJ pony!

18 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

She's not beautiful nor sexy or cute at all. She looks/is a crackhead and her hair is disgusting. Her personality isn't even better, she's obnoxious, creepy, selfish, immature, perverted and my least favorite character. Sorry pinkie pie fans

Back the buck up everypony. I SAID BACK UP THE BUCK UP! This is bucking Pinkie Pie we're talking about. Who the buck is Pinkie Pie? WHO THE BUCK ARE YOU?! You see this pony? THIS PONY GETS CRAP DONE! What kind of crap? PARTYING CRAP, THAT'S WHAT! You see that bucking cutie mark? Bucking balloons. Do you know any other pony with balloons on their butt? NO! Remember that party you went to last night? Where's the drinks? Where's the- FILLY WE GOT FRIENDSHIP. Where's this radio? BUCK THAT. THIS GIRL CAN SING.

Did you make up a song on the fly?
Did you save the world with a tuba?

Pinkie has a very explosive personality and I lover her humor is such even sometimes in a "intelligent" way. A lot of the characters in mlp think she may get annoying from time to time, I guess if you were ACTUALLY there then I guess that'd make sense but I'm front of the screen, I don't mind. She's definitely me of my favorite and character on the show

Pinkie Pie is a very beautiful character. You cannot honestly say she's ugly in any way. Every part of her design is perfect! Her eye shape, mane and tail style, and colour scheme mesh together so well. (Personally, I think she looks even better with her mane down. But she's still beautiful with it poofed up! ) She can also be adorable at the same time. (Her Gala dress was so stinking cute! )

Appearances aside, Pinkie Pie also has a wonderful personality! She loves to make others smile, keeps her promises, and helps her friends no matter what. So she's beautiful inside and out! Plus she's the Element of Laughter! Without Laughter, there would be no joy in the world! It's her life's calling to spread happiness and smiles to all, represented by both her Element and her Cutie Mark. What's not to love about that?

Needless to say, Pinkie Pie deserves a spot in the Top 10 because she is a beautiful character, both inside and out.

P.S.: She is not annoying, to all those ...more

19 Fleur De Lis

I think Fleur is super pretty. Her design is nice (her pink and white go wonderful together) and I wouldn't mind if she was a princess (she'd make a very beautiful princess, that for sure)

Why isn't she in the top 2?! In my opinion, she is the most beautiful pony in the show, along with Rarity. She is tall and skinny, which makes her look very elegant. Her natural curl is exquisite. Her eyes bring out her color scheme. I'm surprised that only 1% of the people that voted picked her!

Fleur de Lis is beautiful with her perfect pink mane and white, tall, slender body, and horn. If only she had wings like an alicorn and she would make a very good looking princess

Fleur dis lee has really nice structure and looks just like a princess. She just needs a few finishing touches

20 Scootaloo

Love her short mane, colors, and spunky look. She's so cute with rainbow dash too

She is truly a pony with beauty to me.

She's totally cool but not the top top girl on the gorgeous list

21 Angel

Angel is definitely cute but she isn't a pony so why is she on this list?

Angel is a adorable bunny (personally I didn't think he would be on the list) but he is really cute. Definitely not prettiest :b but hey he is adorable

No she doesn't. Hey is angel supposed to be a boy?

I guess Angel is pretty but mostly cute.

22 Cheerilee

Her mane is PERFECT, unlike Octavia's, she as no spikes in her hair! And she's also super kind.

Don't say that you will have to be
In trouble our were talking about the
Pony snail.

Why is she last! She isn't #1 that's for sure but really last!?

She is pretty

23 Cloudchaser

Cloudchaser is probably the best character/pony. Her sister Flitter is very pretty too, but that doesn't mean she's ugly. Cloudchaser and Flitter are my favourite ponies

Cloudchaser is so sexy

24 Apple Bloom

This is Applebloom. Why did that other pony call me ugly? And also I have a pink bow, not red. I'm broken hearted that I'm the least prettiest. Sure, I'm proud of Sweetie belle, but COME ON! I'm wearing a PINK BOW. I'm ADORABLE

Shes just so cute with that bow and big eyes! I love her accent and colors. Her eyes are the color of cider which is cool!

Hey hey I could throw her on the grill and make some money of off her

No way is this pony ugly

25 Vapor Trail

Very underrated. Her manes a little wack tho.

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