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The Joker is a fictional super villain created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson who first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman (April 25, 1940) published by DC Comics . Credit for the Joker's creation is disputed; Kane and Robinson claimed responsibility for the Joker's design, more.


God bless you Heath Ledger! You Are truly the best joker of all time! No one will ever act the way you acted as the joker!

The Joker is incredibly perfect for Batman because he is in essence just like Batman. They are cut from the same cloth, born from tragedy. They are similar but in opposite extremes. The Joker is the only villain who Batman knows he will have to try to beat. Heath Ledgers incarnation is terrifying and yet funny, a perfect embodiment. Mark Hamil's voice is perhaps the perfect Joker voice, maniacal and full of Malice and menace, but playful at the same time. The perfect embodiment of the relationship between Batman and the Joker is in the graphic novel the Killing Joke.

The Joker is the reason I got into comics. Many people think that he does not do well in hand to hand combat. Not true, he has PHYSICALLY wounded Batman and friends several times. If the Joker has anything in his hands, he will use it as a lethal weapon. Even a blade of grass. He has such diverse weaponry, but his personality is what makes him the best comic book villain ever.

Joker is amazing. The others have their ways but he is the lasting one, the unpredictable one the most ruthless-batman and Joker are opposites and everything a hero and villain should be. Joker has no powers and he can kill anyone with a couple of bullets, a knife, some Joker venom and his laugh-who doesn't love Joker? Who can beat him?

I believe joker should be in the number one list because he is so involved in killing that bat along with demeanor. Plus he's the only on the ruin the bat in number of cases in killing one of the robins and paralyzing batgirl and a number of other things so its only right that the joker has the number one spot.

This character is amazing. A threat to your life and sanity with the added bonus of complete insanity. An expert criminal, the yin to batman's yang and the most incredibly violent and amusing characters to date who is responsible for a lot of tragedy in the dark knights life. It also doesn't hurt to be portrayed by Jack Nicolson, Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger-they owned the role and increased our love for the clown prince of crime even more!

You can't talk about Batman without thinking to the Joker, his arch nemesis! He's the perfect incarnation of the insanity and the violence. He doesn't have any fear, have a genius level intellect and can fight with a lot of violence and anger anyone who's against him!

Heath Ledger's performance is by far the best that I've ever seen in any villain. His act is bone-chilling to say the least. He makes the movie so believable, even at its most absurd or unlikely moments. He is sure to give nightmares to whoever watches him perform.

There is no doubt that the Joker is the best Batman villain. He's everything the Dark Knight isn't, which is why we love him. But, if there's anything we are to like the most about him, it's either his twisted sense of humour, appearances in the comics or portrayals in the various Bat-media.

The Joker should be #1. He killed, Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, Jason Todd and paralysed Barbara Gordon. He also poisoned every product in Gotham. My favourite movie version is the one from Under The Red hood. Everyone already knows that he's one though.

The joker is many things, a wildcard, Satan himself and possibly the most feared villain in the dc universe however behind his misleading exterior, is it possible that he is simply an average guy crying out at the world., tormenting the dark knight and his comrades simply because he's the only one he can relate to. Behind his never ending smile, the clown prince of crime hides something whether it be a failed dream or a wife who died in a one in a million chance accident, that changes the way he sees the world forever

The Joker is psycho and pure evil. He is my favorite Batman villain because he plays an excellent part in every Batman movie he is in.

I've seen batman the movie but not the dark knight the guy that played the joker in the movie was jack Nicholas and he played the joker pretty well not sure for Heath Ledger though but the best villain in the batman series

There is no villain such the Joker who could cause such mass destruction and deaths. He is one of the few batman villains who can defeat him in a fistfight and he would have sure killed batgirI if nightwing had not interfered, he would have killed batman if catwoman had not interfered and the opposite and he would have killed superman if batman had not interfered.

All the other villains have a reason beyond their madness. Control of the city, control of the world, money, and so on. Then you have the Joker, he doesn't have a reason. He's just insane. That's deadlier. - MEparandriod

Everything other the than joker is far away from the number 1 spot as Nicki Minaj is far away from being a good singer. - FieryKnightFloyd

Joker is like no other he is truly insane, Nicholson is the true joker because he uses the comedic weaponry and he gives a performance that just exerts the name joker

Although he may be hilarious with his humorous punchlines and his laughter, The Joker is so sadistic and wicked at the same time. This clown's acts of violence are nothing but despicable and terrifying. Perhaps the 2008 version from TDK was probably inspired the mass shooters and terrorists seen on the news. What was going on his twisted mind and what are his intensions? He just enjoys chaos. Nobody can stop Joker except the Batman.

Joker is the main villain in even the games in x-box every version including batman arkham origins even though the boss is bane

THE JOKER seriously people hi is the most overrated villain of all time ill give u some reasons y 1he is a sick character that shots people tortures people to death and laughs bout it 2once captured commissioner Gordon tortured and broke him killed his wife and shot his daughter, also beat robin(Jason Todd) nearly do death with a crowbar and killed him and his mother 3people love him although he is sick and kills people cops, women, children, batman friends GOTHAM CITY he hangs people electrocuted them and chokes them I hate him now r u really gonna make this awful villain number 1

He's absolutely the greatest batman and dc comics bad guy first seen in batman 1 and should be there until the end

Joker has outsmarted Batman, took down Superman, defeated Wonder Woman and killed the 2nd Robin Jason Todd

Only superhero movie character to ever win an oscar. Heath Ledger is the bomb!

best batman villain ever! no one can ever surpass him as the greatest batman villain of all time

I remember his best dialogues:-" I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you... Stranger"