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21 Court of Owls

Secretly running the City of Gotham for centuries from the shadows, the Court are a fantastic addition to the Rogue's Gallery in the New 52. Plus, the crazy assassins that are Talons make them even greater.
An urban legend that even Batman couldn't uncover until they came for him - now that's a villain.

Nearly killed batman on their first encounter. Best new villains in the new 52 so far

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22 Baby Doll

Lol I don't even know who this guy is

Baby Doll is a villain from Batman: The Animated Series! - Weasltown

The best villain from any film or show! - Weasltown

How the hell is baby doll above me zsasz?!

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23 Man-Bat

Man-bat is like the opposite of batman and a great villain. He should be higher on the list. I can't wait for a movie.

He should be higher. I'm surprised why we haven't seen him yet.

They could have made him better in arkham knight

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24 Ventriloquist Ventriloquist The Ventriloquist is the name of several fictional characters who are enemies of Batman in the DC Comics Universe.

What it's scarface not the best that goes to my man joker but definitely in the top

25 Owlman

The opposet of Batman? Hell yea. Even though Wrath doesn't get as much recognition as he should, I think Owlman is better

26 Victor Zsasz

He is really crazy somebody you can be actually scared of in real life and give you nightmares. He's like Batman if he went nuts after his parent's death cause they both lost their parents

Zsasz is legit one of my favorite supervillains. In fact, I would say now he is. I am kinda mystified he is so low. - MyRockets345


Zsasz is the most realistic batman villain and will cut you. - masonclark44

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27 Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy, born on a monday!

Hulk is a Grundy rip-off. Grundy was the origional big mean guy talking in the third person who has anger issues.

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28 Firefly

He takes number seven because if he has good equipment and enough henchmen he can blow up Gotham, a simple reason.

He's awesome neither the fire stick fire gun and awesome costume

Very underrated and can be a great character when handled right.

Really? Red Hood beats Firefly?!

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29 Phantasm

For those of you who have seen Batman:Mask of the Phantasm, you know why I think this villain should be mentioned. Phantasm is just so cool.

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31 Penny Plunderer

Why the heck is penny the plunder doing here number one worst batman villain ever

I really hope putting him here was sarcasm... - MyRockets345

Who the heck is the penny plunderer - natesthegate

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32 The Talons The Talons
33 D.A.V.E.

He only appeared in the animated series "The Batman", but as cool and great he was there, he deserves a honorable mention.
Just imagine the batmanized version of a combination between Terminator, Hal9000 and GlaDOS. There it is. The greatest criminal mastermind.
-"Good evening, is The Batman home? "- talking to Alfred in Wayne's mansion.

34 Kite Man

The BEST VILLAIN EVER! It's not like he's the lamest. - DCfnaf

Kite man is clearly the best

Kite Man! Hell yeah!

35 Carmine Falcone

I don't understand how he can not be on the list at all. People like him are the reason Batman was created, before all the spotlight-grabbing villains. He was the most powerful man in Gotham, and was pure, human evil.

36 Thomas Wayne

Immortal descendant of Bruce Wayne and leader of the black glove.

37 Professor Pyg

He's a well insane repeatable villain I think he should be more up there

This guy's cool. Weird, but cool.

Why is he so low on the list

He’s the most complex batman villain! He’s not like joker who knows what he’s doing, Pyg thinks he’s doing the right thing! Can’t help but feel bad for the guy

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38 Talia Al Ghul Talia Al Ghul Talia al Ghul is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman.

She is a villain in dark knight rises

She isn't even a Villain, she is a good guy!

She is a villain she is the son of Ras Al Ghul

39 Anarky

One of the best villains ever

Best villan maybe in future video game batman arkam knight?

40 Great White Shark
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