Top Ten Most Beautiful Planets, Moons, and Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System

This list compiles the most beautiful planets, moons, and dwarf planets in our solar system.

The Top Ten

1 Earth

Our beautiful blue planet deserves top spot. Simple as that. - BKAllmighty

Yeah, our planet has to be at the top. Good thing it is! - EpicJake

Most beautiful planet in the solar system without a doubt. Our home world

It so very nice on earth

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2 Saturn

If you don't know what Saturn looks like, you might want to pick up a book. - BKAllmighty

Earth comes at a close second, but Saturn has such gorgeous rings surrounding it.


True... sarurn is awesome it is sorounded by rings made up of gas, ice... I thinkz

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3 Neptune

I would go as far as to compare this planet to Earth in terms of beauty. I so want to live there. - IronSabbathPriest

If you like the colour blue, you probably have a fondness for this planet. - BKAllmighty

It is a blue planet and it is beautiful because it is blue in colour and it looks like a huge ocean.

Blue is my favorite color, so like this planet. - EpicJake

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4 Pluto

The pictures aren't just for you guys, they show you that we can never stop exploring places, including places we haven't seen before, it shows you that we can keep achieving goals to do what is important for all of our lives, it's another small step for man and another giant leap for mankind, If Pluto was a planet, it would be the third best planet, just behind Mars and Earth.

A fascinating discovery was made by New Horizons. Pluto's geologically active. Geophysicists are speculating over how a frozen body in low gravity can be like this. - PositronWildhawk

It's so great that this month we can finally see good pictures of pluto 85 years after its discovery. It looks really cool! - SammySpore

Pluto is just Mickey mouse's dog

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5 Jupiter

The largest planet in our solar system is also one of our most beautiful. - BKAllmighty

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6 Titan

The largest moon of Saturn, and kind of fuzzy-looking. - BKAllmighty

Lakes and rain of methane. Cool stuff

7 Moon

You know why is our sun called sun, and our moon is called moon, but other ones aren't. Well I guess some people call them Sol and Luna though. - SammySpore

It doesn't have the most unique name out there, but it's still a sight to behold. - BKAllmighty

Moon is closer to us than any other cosmic make so much influence on our nature, our lives and our art that it is hard to find another object (after the Sun) which is as popular in any cultures. is REALLY beautiful.

8 Io Io

Io is a moon of jupiter that is the most geologically active world in our Solar System, it's geology and colors are due to tidal forces between Jupiter and it's other large moons.

It's the pizza planet! Obviously in top 10! - SammySpore

A moon of Jupiter, and a big yellow ball. - BKAllmighty

This looks like pizza! This is most geologicaly active moon of solar system and object itself.

9 Uranus

I think that earth should be on number 1 and 2 uranus

Come on people it should be in the top 5

It is the best planet I have ever seen

Uranus is the most eye catching planet in the solar system.
It's beautiful light blue colour makes it look like a comet,
Or a second star!

10 Venus

Venus is beautiful, accurately named.

The Contenders

11 Europa

A moon of Jupiter, Europa has a strange, scratchy-looking surface. - BKAllmighty

12 Miranda

A moon of Uranus, and a very peculiar-looking object. It kind of reminds me of a giant, fossil sphere. - BKAllmighty

13 Mars

Thanks to David Bowie, I have an obsession with this planet. - PetSounds

14 Eris

I just love the name of it

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16 Ceres
17 Enceladus
18 Biden
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20 Mercury Mercury

Stunning sparkling sliver. The surface is gorgeous. Despite being the closest to the sun, sciencetists have discovered that it's possible that we one day can inhabit Mercury.

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