Top Ten Most Beautiful Planets, Moons, and Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System

This list compiles the most beautiful planets, moons, and dwarf planets in our solar system.

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Planets, Moons, and Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System

1 Earth

Our beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, blue Home Planet... wow! It is surreal.

Any planets are nothing like earth. Earth is too much beautiful than any other planets.. Earth is our home planet...
Especially inside of the Earth is very beautiful and awesome...

This is are home and it's supposed to be beautiful.Most people call it home sweet home, and is the only planet in the solar system which supports life.

Earth is the beautiful one in the univerese even more beautiful than saturn that we need more to care for earth more than ourselve

2 Saturn

One of the episodes of the docu-series "The Universe" was titled "Saturn: Lord of the Rings," and I just thought that summed it up; as in, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have rings but they suck compared to Saturn's rings XD

Saturn needs to be first. It is the best planet in the UNIVERSE.

Even though I'm scared of saturn's hexagon, I still love it so much

If you don't know what Saturn looks like, you might want to pick up a book. - BKAllmighty

3 Neptune

A beautiful planet that looks like a sapphire and is dark and mysterious.

Besides Earth (which I didn't vote for because it is the obvious winner), Neptune is the most beautiful planet. Just look at that shade of blue!

I love blue you know I love ice but my super is neptune the one and only beautiful craeture in universe

If you like the colour blue, you probably have a fondness for this planet. - BKAllmighty

4 Titan

Whether you look at its cloud tops or its Earth-like lakes and geological landmarks, Titan is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Solar System after Venus.

The largest moon of Saturn, and kind of fuzzy-looking. - BKAllmighty

Lakes and rain of methane. Cool stuff

5 Pluto

The pictures aren't just for you guys, they show you that we can never stop exploring places, including places we haven't seen before, it shows you that we can keep achieving goals to do what is important for all of our lives, it's another small step for man and another giant leap for mankind, If Pluto was a planet, it would be the third best planet, just behind Mars and Earth.

A fascinating discovery was made by New Horizons. Pluto's geologically active. Geophysicists are speculating over how a frozen body in low gravity can be like this. - PositronWildhawk

It's so great that this month we can finally see good pictures of pluto 85 years after its discovery. It looks really cool! - SammySpore

If you haven't seen the images taken from the New Horizons spacecraft on July 13, 2015, you might want to take a look. - BKAllmighty

6 Jupiter

The largest planet in our solar system is also one of our most beautiful. - BKAllmighty

The biggest and the most beautiful planet in our solar system

I love the red spot on Jupiter
I also like storms so it's a win win

7 Moon

The Moon... the dazzling natural satellite of our planet, the only celestial body other than Our Own that humans have set foot upon.

You know why is our sun called sun, and our moon is called moon, but other ones aren't. Well I guess some people call them Sol and Luna though. - SammySpore

It doesn't have the most unique name out there, but it's still a sight to behold. - BKAllmighty

Moon is closer to us than any other cosmic make so much influence on our nature, our lives and our art that it is hard to find another object (after the Sun) which is as popular in any cultures. is REALLY beautiful.

8 Io

Io is a moon of jupiter that is the most geologically active world in our Solar System, it's geology and colors are due to tidal forces between Jupiter and it's other large moons.

It's the pizza planet! Obviously in top 10! - SammySpore

Fun fact - those little black dots are active volcanoes. - Rocko

A moon of Jupiter, and a big yellow ball. - BKAllmighty

9 Uranus

It should be number one with that gorgeous aqua Colour

I think that earth should be on number 1 and 2 uranus

It seems a cute and gorgeous planet of our system

Come on people it should be in the top 5

10 Venus

Whether you look at it cloud-covered or just the surface, Venus is definitely the most beautiful planet in our Solar System... maybe even in the Multiverse!

Venus is beautiful, accurately named.

The Newcomers

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The Contenders

11 Europa

A moon of Jupiter, Europa has a strange, scratchy-looking surface. - BKAllmighty

12 Miranda

A moon of Uranus, and a very peculiar-looking object. It kind of reminds me of a giant, fossil sphere. - BKAllmighty

13 Callisto

Beautiful colors, I don't know why Callisto is so underrated.

Very very pretty planet trust me

14 Mars

Mars has much the same geology as Earth, but is a barren red desert. But it is truly breath-taking in its wonders.

Thanks to David Bowie, I have an obsession with this planet. - PetSounds

15 Ceres

A wonderful, little known world; just waiting to be explored :)

16 Mercury

Stunning sparkling sliver. The surface is gorgeous. Despite being the closest to the sun, sciencetists have discovered that it's possible that we one day can inhabit Mercury.

17 Triton

This is a nice planet ill vote for it

Here is a love story between Neptune and Triton. The object that hit earth aka the moon is Theia.

Triton: "I love you, dear."

Theia: " I love you too."

*Meanwhile at solar system*

Jupiter: "Guys, guys, I have 4 major moons! "

Uranus: "PFFT! I have 5 major moons! "

Saturn: *giggles* "I have 7 major moons *tehehe* what about you, Neptune? "

Neptune:" I don't have any BUT I will come back."

*Neptune runs to the Kuiper belt and sees Triton and Theia kissing*

Neptune: "0_0"

*Kissing stops*

Triton: "What do you want, Neptune? "

Neptune: "I think I need a major moon."

Theia: "Wait, what? "

*Neptune snatches Triton and sends Theia away*

Triton: "NOO! "

Theia:Remember, Triton I will always be with you *sniffs*

Neptune:"Triton you're mine now."

* At the ...more

18 Eris

Eris, one of the iciest and most little-known objects in the Solar System, is a place we do not yet understand but strive to.

I just love the name of it

19 Enceladus
20 WASP-12b
21 Makemake

It does look cool...

Intriguing name... - Rocko

Named twice my 1st favorite dwarf planet.

22 Biden
23 Kepler 452b

One of the most Earth-like planets, but bigger in mass and diameter, along with 2x gravity.

A replica of Earth, just minature in size!

24 Haumea

The Solar System's oddball. Shaped like an egg, Haumea is a sight to behold...

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