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1 Caught In The Middle

This song is not complete without the voice of ben and paul besides I like all of the members of a1..

This song is also good. Esp. Ben and paul


Just love it love it!

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2 Like a Rose

This is just a real love song blended by sweet melody and very calm voice by Ben Adams. This is their best!

This really makes us fall in love more with a1!.. Great JOB! May you continue to inspire more of us a1!.. WE love you so much! I wish you all the best!

I was born on year 2000. When I heard this song last 2008, it became my favorite song

I really love this song. This song is so sad, and it made me want to cry. I always wanted to sing this song. I really love it!

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3 Heaven by Your Side

When I hear the a1 songs I feel I was heaven by your side...

I feel I'm heaven by your side when I'm listening to a1...

It's a song I have loved since I was young and when I hear it. It brings a lot of happy memories about them

WHAT a heart-inspiring and delighting song! A1 IS really Awesome..

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4 Everytime

Best song! Best known! It should be the 1st

Whenever I hear this song, it releases diff. Emotions inside of me, the feeling of being happy/inspire mixes w/ sadness from the past experiences...

It makes me feel that I'm the only one who can do that... And finally I realize now... After listening... Every time...!

I love A1 songs. It reminisces me the past years when I'm Assigned as chief of Batanes General Hospital 😘

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5 Take On Me

That is a good song for me

Best song of the best boyband ever

6 Same Old Brand New You


7 One Last Song

This is just awesome. Good for broken hearted people. So very sad lyrics. Should be next to like a rose.

This song was my favorite.. Because it really does tell what a broken hearted really felt.. I love all the songs of a1 because thryre my favorite.. But this one really caught me.

For the best baby that I have... Bye and I will always remember you in this song

This is just an awesome song. This should be on the number 1 spot.

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8 Walking In the Rain

I love very much this song!

The best song ever :) cute voices. I love A1

I really feels like I'm walking in the rain when I listen to this song.

I really like this 'cause it always reminds me of something painful to me

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9 Summertime of Our Lives
10 It Happens Every Day

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11 Riot

The most catchy song from their latest album'Rediscovered'

12 Starlights


13 No More

Just love this a1 song with those action scenes from their music video.They may be the first boyband ever who did that kind of music video back then! just not sure about it,though


14 In Love and I Hate It
15 Make It Good

This is a great song that should've been a bigger hit... It was on homes under the hammer today ha!

Nice melody of this song and voice.. Love you ban adams

It is super beautiful

16 Another Year Gone UListen to Sample
17 Just 3 Words UListen to Sample
18 I'll Take the Tears
19 Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer and citizen of the Republic of Genoa.

The best piece of music to date! This shows why A1 can still survive!

Guys please listen to this song. Best song by a1

Can't stop listening to this song! Keep up the good work guys

20 One In Love

A1 is have beautiful voices..
I wish that they will reunite together with marrazi

The one I love

21 If You Were My Girl

It makes me feel love is in the air!

It releases my bad mood

22 Waiting for Daylight UListen to Sample
23 Ready or Not

I really really like this one.

Their best for me

24 You're Not In Love

This is the song that makes me interesting. The best love song of A1 for me. I love A1 so much. Forever and ever more. :)

Bhe Rush Nheyeunn Dhezz

25 I Still Believe
26 Here Comes the Rain

The best Rain ever

Relaxing to my ears, brings back memories... LOVELY ♥

27 One More Try

I like it so much...

I Love This Songg!
This Song is From my LOve one! :D

Ilike one more try becouse iwant the lyrics

28 If Only
29 Learn to Fly
30 When I'm Missing You

This is a Great Music!

31 If I Can't Have You
32 Bad Enough
33 Living the Dream

So much good to me because I have a dream...

Really such a good song, very much inspiring, especially to me

I think its a good song

34 High and Dry
35 Don't Wanna Lose You Again

Perfect song should be in top 5

36 Take You Home

Their comeback listen must listen put it higher on the list

37 Nothing In Common
38 Six Feet Under
39 Lovesick

A dance pop song

40 That Somebody Is Me

Another club banger from their album 'Rediscovered'

41 Forever in Love (Acapella)

They are so talented they can play instrument, they can dance and more amazingly they have a good quality of voice, they can play accapella. they are perfect

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