Best Anberlin Songs

Anberlin is one of the best Alternative Band from America. Which song of them do you like most?

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41 Stranger Ways

New classic from the final album

42 (The Symphony Of) Blasé

HOW IS THIS SO LOW? Ok this song is so beautiful and touching it needs to be higher up like at least in the top 15

43 The Haunting

Such a great song! I can't believe that this is only a b-side... I guess it shows how good Anberlin really are!

Their best song till date. You haven't heard it you are really missing out their greatest creation till date. Period

Its truly an awesome and very beautiful song.. Maybe their best ever. whoevr hasnt listened to this song, PLEASE DO.

44 The Promise

The last song from 'Cities'. I think this song is one of the catchiest song from that album. Ijust like the harmonies in the song

45 Dead American

This is AMAZING! Of the deluxe edition of Vital (Devotion) it's even better than City Electric

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46 Modern Age

THIS IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE MOST EPIC SONGS THEY HAVE EVER MADE. Honesty it should be right next to The Feel Good Drag, if not in front. WHY IS THIS SO LOW IN THE RANKS. Everyone should listen to this song.

47 Disappear

Kinda goes hard, gotta give it a little more credit than not being on the list at all.

48 Naive Orleans
49 Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights)
50 Time & Confusion
51 Little Tyrants

I know it is a newer song but Little Tyrants is one their better rock heavy songs and I can't believe it isn't on this list yet. There are no boring parts in this song.

52 Take Me (As You Found Me)

Right up there with Breathe for their slower songs.

53 Intentions
54 Said Too Much

Great bonus from Devotion

55 Atonement

I absolutely love this song. It is kinda ethereal and really amazing to listen to. Almost sounds like you're flying at times. It's really an experience I would suggest listening to it.

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