Micheal Keaton (Batman/Batman Returns)


I give Christian Bale full marks for effort, however if any of you were old enough to watch Tim Burton's Batman in theaters back then it was the best movie of the year and it's all thanks to Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton is Batman. For you young ones out there who have voted above because they haven't seen Michael Keaton as Batman go back in time and watch it.

Michael Keaton hands down, best Batman ever! Keaton's eyes are intense in Batman/Batman Returns; I didn't get that from Christian Bale. When you're an actor and your face is covered by a mask with only your eyes and mouth showing it's difficult to show the character's emotions but Keaton blows all other Batman actors out of the water with his impressive acting skills! And he has the best Batman voice, very believable. So yeah for me it's Michael Keaton all the way with C. Bale 2nd and Clooney as Bruce Wayne (Wayne only, not as Batman).

I am 15 years old and I have watched both bale and keaton as batman, but keaton is my #1 man. He is so subtle as both Wayne and batman that you can't help but admire him in both roles. And his voice is just off the walls spectacular:) bale just didn't have the spark and subtly batman needs to have like I felt keaton did. Michael keaton is batman

A lot of people are saying that Keaton is the BEST Batman. Yep, Keaton is my FAVORITE Batman but that doesn't mean to others he's the best. I thought he pulled off the most most mysterious batman to date, not a talker (not even as Bruce Wayne) and gets straight to work, those qualities make him my favorite batman. Others will think differently and that's alright

Haven't seen the new Batman movie wit Ben Affleck but in my opinion Keaton was the best Batman and a really good Bruce. The combo between Batman and Wayne haven't been matched since. There are a lot of great things about the others who played the role but none have yet to play Batman/Bruce Wayne as well as Keaton has!

I remember standing in line to get into the movie theater to this the first Michael Keaton Batman. His deliverance of BM was superb and after a couple of the movies, he's replaced? I don't like remakes anyway. It's like making "Dirty Dancing". NEVER will there be anyone to replace Patrick Swayze! Hollywood should remember what brought them the money and actors who made the roles they played stand out. Keaton was great! Jim Carey was good as the Joker, but in that role, Heath Ledger was fantastic. Jim Carey could never be that good!

Keaton was a perfect Batman and was really good as Bruce Wayne. He also didn't sound like he had a cough through the movie. He is the best Batman by far. Christian Bale also exaggerated how different Batman and Bruce Wayne are.

He isn't a jerk like Christian Bale. As a woman, I naturally gravitate toward Keaton because he just seems like a nicer gentleman. Whereas Christian Bale appears to be a douche and his batman sounds to have a serious case of throat cancer. Keaton is the best and will always have the heart of Catwoman, as well as my own. KEATON FOREVER!

Michael Keaton was the best Batman of course. The only actor able to show emotions, and hints of comedy in his play. The smartest, cleverest looking, the most expressive and the most subtile. Far above all others! I can't even tell which comes second.

There is no need to explain if you watched all Batman movies. Some people may confuse the whole movie and action scenes with the role of the actor. Michael Keaton is by far the best, craziest and scariest Batman ever made.

He was not a good Bruce Wayne, but come on he is BATMAN. The way he walks the voice he was made to be batman, Guess if he had todays technology he would have been way better, same for him to be able to have a better body shape

Out of all them Keaton was able to show that Batman has a dark side and as Bruce Wayne he was able to show his confusion cause lets face it the man had to be confuse keeping the bat from the man

Christian Bale sucked as Batman. I don't care what people say, I will never like him. Kevin Conroy might be the best, but he's from the animated batman series and I don't really count that. It doesn't really matter, because Keaton is the best

Rebooted the Batman film franchise after it suffered from the corniness of Adam West -- no mean feat. Keaton's Batman movies are the sole reason why serious Batman films like the Dark Knight can be made today.

I hadn't watched Michael Keaton's performance as Batman/ Bruce Wayne since Bale's Batman Trilogy. I was in awe at how very good and very believable he was in both roles. Hands down! Keaton is the best!

Best BATMAN period... Now he played a good Bruce Wayne... Older Bruce Wayne. Christian bale... Very bad batman he sounds like is choking on a hair ball.. Now I will say he plays a good Bruce Wayne

I feel that he really shows batman in the perfect way. Bale was a great batman but seriously, in batman begins he couldn't even lift a bloody log that fell on him. Keaton is a legend.

As a Bruce Wayne, he wasn't as much as good as Bale, but as Batman...There is no words to describe how Keaton changed Batman franchise. The whole movie changed Batman's history.

Keathen is the best for the role simply because he was second best bat man and second best bruce Wayne.

Val kilmer was the best bat man, if you look at is purely as batmen, (terrible bruce Wayne)

George Clooney and bale are tied, just different styles for the best bruce Wayne, neither could properly pull off bat man 100%

Michael was the best batman... He understood everything that is needed for batman, and then some! He was a comedy actor who became batman!

Because you could never recognize Bruce Wayne when Michael Keaton puts on the Bat mask. All the other actors could easily be recognized in the bat costume.

Although I love Christian Bale, Michael Keaton played Batman the best. He had more of a menacing way about him more than the other Batman characters.

Keaton Is Batman!,. Bale's Wayne looks like a dumb, bad mannered good looking spoiled brat. Bruce Wayne isn't like that, and he shouldn't be.

The elder statesmen is hard to top. Cool, barely spoke, and got Kim Basinger. Michael Keaton also had the direction of Tim Burton and Jack to battle. Heath's joker probably woul have butchered that Batman, but comparing just the two actors in their movie, it goes to Michael Keaton.

His the greatest batman ever and played role the best, and his a great actor anyway. I think he looked the best in Batman costume.