Best Cary Grant Movies


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1 North by Northwest
2 The Philadelphia Story
3 His Girl Friday
4 Notorious
5 Charade

There are several crime comedies in the world, but they usually go for comic effect while only having the storyline of a crime thriller. Charade on the other hand is a well crafted and intense thriller of its own, a puzzle that throws pieces and clues at you often enough to make you think but you won't get the whole picture until you don't get the last piece - yet at the same time it has laught out loud humorous scenes of the quality of good old screwball comedies. And it works out perfectly well. - Martin_Canine

6 Bringing Up Baby
7 To Catch a Thief

Cary Grant is my favourite actor, and I love almost all of these films, but this is my favourite. The dialogue with Grace Kelly is incredible. - PetSounds

8 Suspicion
9 The Awful Truth
10 Arsenic & Old Lace

Grant proves he can be just as hilariously manic as the rest of them.

The Contenders

11 An Affair to Remember
12 My Favorite Wife
13 Blonde Venus
14 Holiday
15 Father Goose
16 Walk Don't Run
17 Penny Serenade
18 She Done Him Wrong
19 Houseboat
20 Gunga Din
21 Operation Petticoat
22 Mr. Lucky
23 Topper
24 Only Angels Have Wings
25 None But the Lonely Heart
26 Dream Wife
27 Destination Tokyo
28 The Grass Is Greener
29 Indiscreet
30 Monkey Business
31 The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
32 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
33 The Talk of the Town
34 Night and Day
35 I Was a Male War Bride
36 Hot Saturday
37 Devil and the Deep
38 Every Girl Should Be Married
39 People Will Talk
40 In Name Only
41 Once Upon a Honeymoon
42 I'm No Angel
43 This Is the Night
44 The Amazing Adventure
45 Singapore Sue
46 Madame Butterfly
47 Suzy
48 The Howards of Virginia
49 The Bishop's Wife
50 Crisis
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