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1 Ripstik

The ripstik is by far the best, repairs are easy, because Walmart, Target, Dicks etc. Sell the parts for the ripstik. There are different ones from the original, the air, and ripster. The other brands are good, but for the best value, quality, durability, and fun, go with the Ripstik

This is what made caster boards famous - squire

Best board you can buy for caster boarding. The ripstick goes fast and turns very easily. You can do tricks and jumps and grinds on it. If your looking for a caster board defiantly go with the ripstick

Rip stick got one yesterday and I love it

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2 Timberwolf

This board is fast and light. It is bidirectional, making it easier to ride and do tricks with.

The best is the ConVert: 140francs. All the pieces can be bought on the site so that if you break a piece you don't have to buy a new one.

High quality. If you're looking for a real board look no further. Bi-directional casters allow more freedom. Wooden decks. - samherman97

Simply the best and more advanced then the others and I can't stop riding ir

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3 Street Surfing LLC (The Wave)

Original and the reason Castorbording is called Street Surfing...

ORIGINAL casterboard (read: waveboard) manufacturer! Came up with idea first, but didn't get so much sale thus being new company. Meanwhile Ripstik gets most of the attention, though coming months late.

4 Axis Casterboarding
5 Blade Board
6 Exboard
7 Essboard

These people invented caster boards - squire

8 VigorBoard
9 SwaveBoard
10 Razor

Its okay.

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11 StreetStik
12 Madd
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