Top 10 Best Programming Languages

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1 Java

Java is by far the best language. Despite people saying it's difficult to learn, most people who actually use the language say it's very simple. I learned it myself fairly quickly. I'm not an expert at Java, but I can certainly get what I want out of it, and I'm only a 15-year-old amateur developer. Or you could use the term "hobbyist;" either applies.

It runs on all operating systems, is best to use for open-source, and has a wide range of functionalities, from PC games to literally any app on an Android phone. Plugins in Unity, one of the most widely used engines for indie game development, are easily coded in Java, despite the rest being scripted in C#, which is a very similar language. Java is mainly built on English and logic. There is so much you can do with it, and it is easy to start with. Huge power lies in the hands of the developer coding in Java. That is why it's the best language.

2 C++

It used to be Java, but then came pointers, dynamic memory allocation, multiple inheritance, references, operator overloading, and more. What's not to like? C++ also supports OpenCV much better than Java, and computer vision is where I'm specializing.

Java could have been better, but it takes too much functionality out. A language without pointers shouldn't be number one because there is too much you can't do without them.

Java and C++ are the best. Java is platform-independent, but C++ has pointers. I prefer to have pointers, so C++ it is. (Seriously, why don't you have pointers?)

3 Python

All these languages are Turing complete, so you can do anything computable with any one of them. But I couldn't find the beauty of Python in any other language. Besides, it can be quite efficient in numerical computing.

It has a simple and elegant syntax that's easy to read. It's the best language out there for beginners and is very high in demand in the job market. You can do virtually anything with it.

I just love it. It's too easy, powerful, and has good resources.

4 Haxe

Mature, fast, and feature-rich language with optimized and clean output, including a static analyzer and dead code elimination. Optional null safety, pattern matching, GADT, abstract types, compile-time macros, static extensions, inline calls, and other cool stuff.

It's great for fast prototyping, and the wide range of targets gives me such freedom. One language for server, client, UI, mobile, and desktop - all native. You'd think I was hired as an evangelist the way I push it when working with companies.

5 Javascript

If not the best, then at least it's one of the most common languages a lot of people start with, especially as front-end developers.

Javascript is literally the best language. Get out of here, you Python scum.

I like it. In fact, it powers TheTopTens!

6 C

Currently learning this language. I'm getting a better hang of programming altogether, for I've studied other languages such as C++ and PHP. To know such a lower-level language, the higher-level languages will be a piece of cake.

Portable, fast, and offers low-level functionality. Easy to code once you understand it, and when compiled by GCC, it's undeniably the best. There's nothing you can't do with C.

All the other languages are based on this one. C++ and Java are bloated. C is simple.

7 C#

Easy to understand the code and easy to connect to the backend.

8 Rust
9 Ruby

Perhaps some of the best in the subject. Ruby is decent and nice.

I love programming in Ruby. Ruby is my babe.

Best language ever. Free your mind.

10 PHP

It is the most widely used programming language on the web.

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11 Scratch

You can't beat the best. Scratch is the best language as it is very in-depth and advanced. Most of you coders may not understand how to use Scratch, but that is fine as you could learn in a couple of years. Hands down, Scratch is the best, and you cannot compare it to your inferior C++.

The visual programming language. Quite unique.

12 Assembly
13 Haskell
14 Scala
15 Scheme
16 Perl

Powerful for programming on an abstraction level just above bash. It has a plethora of libraries via CPAN!

Best language ever. You can do anything with it.


A very "basic" language. Easy to learn and easy to use.

18 Lua

The best - fast, portable, functional, feature-rich, simple, and versatile.

Easy language to learn and gives you spectacular results.

Lua is a simple, intuitive language.

19 Go
20 Logo
21 SQL

SQL, with the procedural features of PL/SQL, is the backend of all programming languages. Without knowledge of it, you are nowhere in the world, and your front-end programming language sucks. It's a very important language. You must learn it. It's not that difficult to learn.

22 Matlab

It is an applicable programming language that is very simple to use.

23 Objective-C

Language used by the world's best technology-driven company, Apple. Nothing more to say.

This is the language that makes so much of our everyday lives better - Siri, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and many others.

A good choice if you want to be able to write "class" in C!

24 Swift

Apple will fight Google for control of the world, but with Swift, Apple will win.

25 Batch
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