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1 Java

.Java is by far the best language. Despite people saying it's difficult to learn, most people who actually use the language say it's very simple. I learned it myself fairly quickly, I'm not an expert at Java but I can certainly get what I want out of it and I'm only a 15 year old amateur developer, or you could use the term "hobbyist", either applies. It runs on all operating systems, best to use for open source, has a wide range of functionalities all the way from PC games to literally any app on an android phone. Plugins in Unity, one of the largest used engines for Indie Game Development, are easily coded in Java despite the rest being scripted in C# which is a very similar language. Java is mainly built on English and logic, there is so much you can do with it and it is easy to start with it. Huge power lies in the hands of the developer coding in Java. That is why it's the best language. - LordKeravrium

It's new power between developers hands... open source white box, and run on all operating systems

The _huge_ standard library makes development a lot quicker since you doesn't have to do much work yourself.

Better than anything I've ever used. The best language to learn as a beginner.

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2 C++

Jave could have been better, but it takes too much functionality out. A language without pointers shouldn't be number 1, because there is too much you can't do without them.

It's really good and very nice language

Java and C++ are the best. Java is platform independent, but C++ has pointers. I prefer to have pointers so C++ it is. (Seriously, why you no have pointers D:).

C++ can give a better graphical interface, though so long as the code might be taken for granted. It feels random and neat or very clean but if bore with the details then guess it is Java would go to instead. Prefer C++ can actually build and manipulate programs samples and there is even a good compiler to take care of the mess for personal. Invest in the writings about it and purchase the program possible on discs also would say. Have been happy with C++ mostly anyhow! - iliescu

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3 Python

It has a simple and elegant syntax that's easy to read. It is the best language out there for beginners, and it is very high in demand in the job space. You can do virtually anything with it.

All these languages are turing complete, so you can do anything computable with any one of them. But I could not find the beauty of python in any other language. Besides, it can be quite efficient in numerical computing.

Must be a top, multipurpose lang

You can do machine learning

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4 Javascript

If not the best, then at least one of the most common language a lot of people, starting out as front-end developers, are beginning with.

Facebook, google, reddit, twitter, youtube, all using it

I like it, in fact, it powers thetoptens!


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5 C

Small efficient powerful language simply awesome!

"C" it is all time best

Currently learning in this language, I'm getting a better hang of programming all together for I've studied other languages such as C++ and PHP. To know such a lower level language, the higher level languages will be a piece of cake.

Works anywhere
Harbour is made of C!

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6 C#

Very Good Language Easy to learn

Easy to understand the code and easy to connect to the back end..

You can make More designing

Very bad programming language.

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Easiest language ever lol.. when it comes to developing web pages.. php comes in play and it's very vital language in sense to make a web page or design :P - Dirty_Johnny

Php7 is improving!

I like it I weak in mathematics

I love php

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8 Ruby

Because its magical.

Best language ever. Free your mind.

9 Rust
10 Scratch

You Can't beat the best, Scratch is the best language as it is very in depth and advanced. Most of you coders may not understand how to use Scratch but that is fine as you could learn to in a couple of years. Hands down, Scratch is the best and you can not compare it to your crappy C plus plus.

So easy, it should be 1st!

Easiest language since breathing was invented

the Best

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11 Assembly

Assembly is by far the most powerful language on this list

12 Perl

Swiss army chainsaw of programming languages

Best language ever, you can do anything with it.


A very "Basic" language, easy to learn, easy to use.

14 Logo

Good for grade 1 kids

15 Scala
16 Assembler

A lightning fast language once you get it working!

Perfect if you want perfect programs, but it can be a pain to debug. I'd say the nasm syntax is the best of all assemblers.

17 Delphi

Delphi is multidevice programming language its can create Win7 32 & 64 bit, apps Win 8 32&64 bit apps, Mac OS X, IOS, Android anounced and work with multi Database systems and whats priority all platform apps is native.

18 Go
19 Lua

The best fast, portable, functional, features, simple, and versatile.

Lua is a simple, intuitive language.

20 Visual Basic

Why is this piece of trash doing here? - 50

21 Matlab

It is a applicable programing language that is very very simple with use.

22 Pascal
23 Objective-C

A good choice if you want to be able to write "class" in C!

Language used by world's best technology driven company Apple... Nothing to say about...

This is the language that makes so much of our everyday lives better-siri, iPhone, ipad, iPod and many others.

24 Haskell
25 Scilab
26 SQL

SQL with procedural features of pl/sql.. it's the back end of all the programming language.. without having knowledge of it, you are no where in the world and your front end programming language sucks.. Very Important language.. must learn it, if you like.. it's not that difficult to learn.. - Dirty_Johnny

27 Batch
28 ColdFusion
29 Prolog
30 Blender

Blender isn't even a programming language. Why is it on here. Blender is a design and animation software, not a programming language.

31 Erlang
32 Brainf***

Piece of trash

I think that brainf*** is the greatest programming language in the world, duh!

33 Swift

Apple will fight Google for control of the world but with Swift Apple will win

In 2014 announced programming language by apple at wwdc

34 Fortran

If anything, I'm surprised it wasn't previously here. - PositronWildhawk

35 Shakespeare Programming Language

This DOES exist, search it up. It's an esoteric language. - 50

37 Dart
38 Lisp

The Lisp-machine never stops going!

The Lisp machine never stops going!

40 Machine Code

It is the brick that started it all. Without Machine code there would be no programming languages.

41 Lolcode
42 TCL
43 Node.js
44 GML
45 Haxe
46 Whitespace
47 Malbolge
48 AsciiDots
49 Piet
50 React
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