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1 Valvoline

Best motor oil made for performance if you own a sports car you should notice the differance

Low friction runs cooler. No sulfur so condensation inside the engine will not create sulfuric acid which causes pitting in friction surfaces. Not a paraffin base. Paraffin is bad for your engine. Valvoline is the best motor oil ever.

Before this I use castrol magnatec fully and totachi japan engine oil fully, all are 5w/30.One day I decide to use valvoline synpower 5w/30.what I get is very smooth engine sound and better engine respond. Better fuel economy. Love this oil.

My opinion is Valvoline world best oil...I am using valvoline since 2011...My bike engine still power full...I always recommend Valvoline...

2 Wurth Triathlon

The best way to determine which oil, and which viscosity works best for your driving habits, climate and engine, is through used oil analysis, that way you can see how much engine wear is taking place. And that's why I prefer Wurth Synthetic Oil

Again I would Like to say that this is one of the best motor oils I have ever used..

It's German, it's a bit pricy, but definitely worth the extra bucks paid for.

Very good performance, never had issues with my engine using this oil..

3 Castrol

Owned 98 Tacoma 4 cylinder from 98-2011 only ran Castrol 5W-30 put 364,000 miles on it prior to selling it and never had any issues or loss of power from the motor swapped to Castrol synthetic blend when I purchased my Silverado 1500 in 2011 now have 112,000 on the engine and never once have had a single issue with performance. Castrol will continue to be my oil of choice for many years to come

Whatever works best for you, your car, use it. Cars are a lot like people-all different! And so are motor oils. I have used mostly Castrol and sometimes Valvoline motor oils with NO problems. What's good for me, my cars, may not be the best for your cars/s. And don't forget to change it every 3000 miles! With a new filter too.

I have 240000 miles on a 97 ford expedition, I only used Castrol syntec (now edge) in it and changed it every 5000, I took the expedition to ford for a power loss, turns out it was a severe vacuum leak, they ran tests on the motor and told me that they thought I had a new motor pit in until late they ran the numbers. Motor tests nearly new and oil still comes out clean. (And my expedition has done far more towing and work then it was ever intended to do

Castrol is the featured oil at our Express Lube. We have used many motor oils throughout the years and none compare to the performance and feedback we have had with the the Castrol Motor Oil. Great Oil and highly recommended to anyone searching for the reliable oil we all look for! You will find it with Castrol!

4 Mobil 1

I have a 1999 Toyota Tacoma I bought with 90,000 mile's on it from a dealership. I got it home and changed the oil and filter first thing. I put in Mobil 1 high mileage they said was good for 15,000 mile's, I took it to 20,000 and changed it, the oil looked good, black and no metal; so I have run the same 20,000 every change since, now it has over 360,000 mile's on her, I'm sold and wouldn't switch for anything. Rick F.

I'm using JDM model Toyota Premio 2008 1.5 (1nzfe engine) I always put Mobil 1 5W30 Extended Performance engine oil in my car and its serving me real good for last 12 years from my point of view Mobil 1 is a top notch automotive lubricant brand

I have a 1999 Silverado truck that I bought brand new I have used mobile 1 in this truck from day one it has 441000 miles on it! It does not burn oil or make any noises... I have never had a vehicle run this good or last like this one. I believe it's because of the moibile 1 oil changes every 4,000 miles.

Mobil 1 is truly a great motor oil for any vehicle. I have been using in my 2002 Cadillac DeVille and my wifes 2008 Cadillac DTS since new and have never had any problems with oil usage. I would recommend to anyone that likes to keep your engine running smooth and problem free.

5 Total Lubricants

Very good quality no works to show how it is good . It is the most valuable brand in the world. Think about quality not quantity.

Works well to both old and new engines of cars, light and heavy equipment without any problem. I sometimes overlooked to monitor the oil-change schedule of my car and reaches 1 year (18K km.) without oil change but I could not notice any decline in performance. Been using Total for over a decade. 2-thumbs up for Total Lubes.

Best noise reduction and smoothness for my Audi A6 3.0TDI with almost 500.000km. Way better than Castrol and others. I use Total oils in all my cars. And because Total has one factory in Romania, it's the cheapest premium oil.

Total oil is one of the best motor oil in the world, it adds more life to your engine

6 Shell

Shell has been number 1 Oil Suppler for the last 12 years in a row. They spend millions on research and development in order to created the most advanced engines oils on the market. They set the trends and the rest follows.

Love Shell oil! My car been using for more than 10 years and it's engine still maintain clean like new and powerful! Highly recommended to all my friends~

They have the best lubricants in the market. Especially their Rimula R6 and Helix Ultra

It is the best Asian oil company they havenot only the best petrol they have good shops too

7 Agip Synthetic PC

It is the best lubricants for Cambodia

Very good & fine lubricant products

Best lubricants than ever

Best oil good technology

8 ProCare Lubricants

Well, since I put this oil in my car, the engine vibration is almost gone. Dude in service center told it has some special additives inside, I didn't get it properly.. but seems my car likes it!

9 Amsoil

The formulation strategy be the best! This is why the Saber pre-mix is good to 300:1 and still passes JASO spec! I did run it to 25,000 miles once. Blackstone said that my results weren't bad for 25k, but the OIl Analyzers (Amsoil's in house oil analysis) said the oil was in critical need of replacement. I don't drive with a light foot, so that could have a huge bearing on how long oil lasts for me! I've dialed back my changes to 15k since, the analysis comes out much better then! Since becoming an Amsoil user I'm just forever impressed how clean my engine is inside when I open the oil filler! Even at 25k, the oil just didn't have that gritty appearance and feeling of dino oil, it's great stuff!

I use Amsoil in all my vehicles and equipment!

When it comes to quality synthetic motor oil, no other brand comes close! A soil has performed extremely well in my vehicles, which I drive almost exclusively in stop and go city traffic. Wouldn't use anything else and is well worth the cost due to its extended service interval.

This is the first synthetic motor oil and it is the one all other attempt to emulate. It is hard to find and definitely pricey so it is not surprising that it doesn't rank higher among consumers. Still no other engine oil last longer or protects better.

Amsoil is not only the first synthetic motor oil, it is the highest quality motor oil. Tests ran on motor oil consistently show Amsoil overall is superior to other brands. These are tests run by SAE, API, NASCAR, & independent agencies. The base stock quality is the highest; the additives’ qualities are the best, the performance beats all others. Compare the testing results and you’ll see. Amsoil is #1 in synthetic oils & lubricants.

10 Petronas

The best synthetic oil I've used. Protecting overheat, and cooling down the engine much faster especially when driving under the extreme heat conditions in malaysia.

Keeps engine temperature really good, it keeps engine run very smoothly, saves it's inner detals from damage, good for racing good for fuel economy and good for long drives with long life...

It a racing formula! Make your engine run so smooth n almost not heard your engine running...

It's a very good engine oil for car, specially it's °Cool-tech Technology keep the engine cool, give a huge mileage, also the engine keep smooth...

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11 Pennzoil

Pennzoil cleans engine better than other brands, it's made from natural gas and owned by Shell. Made in U.S.A, which has stricter laws, people will sue you for false claims. That's why I trust this brand only for my car.

My Personal Experience, smoother driving, engine is quiet, little step on the pedal the cars runs fast already and after 5000 km, everything improves more, even the steering becomes smoother, engine becomes more quiet than before, and better gas mileage.

Pennzoil was better back before shell bought them out. Now it's just another foreign oil company. It's not horrible, but it's not American.

Pennzoil platinum has helped clean out my motor. I was getting poor gas milage no thanks to Castrol Gtx with syntec 11.3 mpg. Own a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Inline 6 4x4 currently has 174,210 miles and happy to say 17.2 mpg, a thanks to Pennzoil

Desile truck I use on farm pull some heavy loads small car almost 7000 last month.. Yes for over 30 years.. Pennzoil.. Never had any problems

12 Motul

The man who can be specialist mechanic but cannot be Lubricants. Today motul has Lubricants specialist and they were well knowing about how to create the excellence protection and best performance oil and to make the solution for the engine's lubricants error. Therefore to support and help for specialist mechanic and motul will appear. That's why you can trust motul into your Lubricants partner.

The person who don't have enough knowledge about lubricants and they cannot make defination about motul. Some people says about motul oil rumours. Because they are not Lubricants specialist. On the World only motul deserve with Lubricants specialist title.

The first in synthetic and motul can give high output performance and can keep mantain to your engine long life, smooth, clean, performance are you can feel it better than the other oil. Because motul is leading and innovation in lubricants.

Many certifications for German cars. I own a Z3 with an m44 engine and I push it hard day in and day out to keep up with more powerful, newer cars and holds up well through the abuse.

13 Havoline

Havoline oil fully synthetic is the best performance oil I ever had. I used mobile 1 and castrol edge before truly speaking havoline is the only oil that can bring out all your engine performance when u ride. I say havoline is the best

Love Havoline brand and use it on all our customers vehicles. Reasonably priced, great quality, and stand behind there product!

It's gotta be at least similar to Chevron oil since they merged. Havoline has always been top notch, second to none!

Havoline is and always has been great oil. Full synthetic is awesome!

14 Royal Purple

Tried a few other oils over the 20 plus years driving in multiple types of vehicles and Royal Purple has always performed. I have the dealer change to Royal Purple when purchasing a vehicle. There's none better.

After buying a used high end supercharged Jaguar and realizing from service records that the ignorant previous owner had a Valvoline put in 5 quarts of conventional oil/ crap filter at an oil change instead of the required 7.19 quarts of full synthetic oil. So I changed it myself to Royal Purple HPS oil and RP filter. the change was ridiculous I could not believe the amount of performance restored to the car LOVED IT!

Have used other oils and have never been as satified as when I use royale purple. Although for some it might be to pricey I think the extra money in the begining pays off in the long run. Of Course I always use Royal Purple oil filters with it to get the claimed long oil intervals. (used on Jaguar XJR, Lexus RX400h, Honda Civic- all perfect)

Have used Royal Purple in my muscle cars and swear by it. I have switched from the standard Royal Purple to the Royal Purple HPS and it only tends to reinforce my believe in the product.


Have tryed a lot of different brands and Eneos is giving me great results. Better MPG, smooth drive and great heat resistance haven't had to refill after 3k miles.

Superb oil. My Subaru Turbo loves it and does not use a drop Best you can use.

This is the best premium oil in the world not only in Japan

ENEOS defines performance and it is second to none!

16 Fuchs

Best oil in the world by far check out all there approvals

Amazing brand and exactly high quality products...

Cheap and high quality

Fuchs titan is 4 out of 5

17 Shell Rotella

Rotella isn't a bad oil but shell is a dutch company, not American. Americans should care about that. Also Rotella is blended in the Amalie Oil factory. Amalie happens to be a much better choice than Rotella.

Rotella is the only million mile oil it will never sludge even if you run over 5000 miles or my rig evey 50000 miles I been using this oil ever since I started driving my dad and great grand dad used it. We never lost a engine or had any sluge go rotella 15/40

Awesome oil for my truck I have over 300k on chevy 350

Very great oil from very great company

18 Lucas Oil

Excellent quality!
We used in motor trail!
The best oil,unlike the other engine oil we used.we, very satisfied the performance of lucas oil,I love it!

Lucas works miracles! Power steering stop leak, auto trans fix, and oil stabilizer, fuels system cleaner all awesome products because they work! And they work effectively immediately.

The trans fix and the power steering stop leak are like MAGIC! Great stuff.

Decent oil additives, but as far as oil is concerned there are much better choices available, such as Valvoline, Amalie, Havoline, and Mobil.

19 Ravenol

Full range of product top quality products

Premium quality best for cars and trucks.

Since 1946 a superior Synthetic

The best Oil at the moment

20 Gulf Western

Seems to work fine for a lower cost synthetic

Is it a detergent oil

It is the best oil brand

21 Schaeffer

Moly lasts longer than zinc as an additive. We have been running in a fleet of trucks, equipment and pumps for years with excellent results. No need for advertising gimmicks because it works. Call my friends at Heavy Ventures for a free consultation. 573.846.8345

Has the best friction modifiers is in the business! (Moly). Cheeper the any of the big name brands. Your not paying for the advertising gimmick's. Family owned company, oldest oil manufacture in USA 1839, Can run 10,000 miles on gas or diesel motors!

Great people great products

Very good oil

22 Quaker State

I bought a 2008 tacoma new and used Quaker state since first oil change. The truck now has 289k miles on it without any problems and not even using oil between changes. My son drives a Chevy 2500hd 6.0 bought it with 20k miles and the odometer just turned 314k miles and not one single issue. He pulls his gooseneck trailer from Colorado to Wyoming and down to north west Georgia. He carries at least ten to twelve head of cows each time and no oil consumption between changes and he goes 8k to 10k between changes. 5w30 qsud I really trust this oil.

Use in both an 05 caravan, 06 corolla, both city driven and still kicking. The caravan uses the synthetic, corolla advanced durability.

I have used Quaker State products since the early 1970 without any lubrication issues. Always, performed oil changes between 3,000 - 3,500 miles on my cars. The life blood of your engine and the cheapest maintenance you can do. I continue to use Quaker State products and would recommend the Quaker State full synthetic oil, awesome product.

Used Quaker State in my 1976 Camaro 350 (driven hard! ). Traded it in for 1984 Camaro and after the mechanic checked the engine, he came back to me with scratching his head and asked me if I had ever rebuilt the engine. I told him I didn't and asked him why. He said the compression on all cylinders of this 8 year old engine were all within spec. for a brand new engine.

23 Sinopec

Sinopec manufactures motor oil from the best stuff on earth, and this is why... For the production of Sinopec Tulux T500 and the Sinopec Tulux T600 over the last 4 years working at the Sinopec plant, weekly like clockwork tankers from Exxon Mobil in Houston deliver the base oil used to produce the Sinopec Tulux diesel engine oils. Funny thing even within the plant this topic is a hush hush subject, but who knows with social media, ex-employees, etc.. I'm sure word will get out being the second global company, and because people will ask!

Sinopec ($455.06 billion) �" Sinopec oil company claims the mantle as the largest in the world. It has consolidated the oil industry, scooping up upstream and downstream players over the years. Sinopec specializes in downstream refined products. Sinopec produces 1.6 million barrels per day (mb/d).

1. Sinopec ($455.06 billion)

2. China National Petroleum Corp. ($432 billion)

3. Shell ($422 billion)

4. Exxon Mobil ($394 billion)

5. Saudi Aramco ($378 billion)

6. BP ($358.7 billion)

7. Total S.A. ($260 billion)

8. Kuwait Petroleum Corp. ($252 billion)

9. Chevron Corp. ($192 billion)

10. Lukoil ($144 billion)

Great oil, I had no idea Sinopec was a global company that trades billions on the New York Stock Exchange. An easy way to find out more about the oil and history. Search online for... Shell and Sinopec.. and you will get the whole history story about how they started

Sinopec wins contract to supply United Airlines with jet fuel for the next 3 years.. Check the fuel trucks next time your flying out of Houston or Newark airport!

24 Repsol

Very competitive rates & good quality

Repsol is a good motor oil performance

Very good premium quality..

Best in my view

25 Kendall

Best synthetic oil getting around with titanium additive! awesome performance advantage!

Now owned by Conoco/Phillips, Kendall is a fantastic oil. Can't ever go wrong with Kendall.

Finest lubricants I ever used

Just try best performance...

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