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1 Valvoline

Best motor oil made for performance if you own a sports car you should notice the differance

Some people say the test is to dismantle the engine after 150000 miles, the real test is after 300000 miles. Spotless. Thanks Valvoline

Valvoline is what all the old timers swear by for good reason.

Best quality lubricants

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2 Wurth Triathlon

Good products

The best way to determine which oil, and which viscosity works best for your driving habits, climate and engine, is through used oil analysis, that way you can see how much engine wear is taking place. And that's why I prefer Wurth Synthetic Oil

Best engien oil in the world

Best lube

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3 Castrol

Whatever works best for you, your car, use it. Cars are a lot like people-all different! And so are motor oils. I have used mostly Castrol and sometimes Valvoline motor oils with NO problems. What's good for me, my cars, may not be the best for your cars/s. And don't forget to change it every 3000 miles! With a new filter too.

Best oil period...I use full synthetic in my cars and trucks and motorcycle...other oils burned up with less than 3000.miles. Castrol oil stays great in all conditions...and I run my stuff HARD...I HAVE BEEN A TECH FOR 25 PLUS YEARS...SO I KNOW GOOD OIL..

Love me some castrol.

One of the best lubricant in world foe engine portection for engine

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4 Mobil 1

Experienced really good engine condition with Mobil

Excellent engine smooth & enhance milage excellent oil

Been using Mobil 1 since the 1980s... it's been very satisfactory for several cars, new and used, even those with high mileage.

I have been using Mobil 1 fully synthetix for my 2001 honda and my Pontiac both cars the Honda have 210000 run like new and the Pontiac have 130000 run like new I love mobil 1 it is the best Oil in the world

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5 Total Lubricants

Works well to both old and new engines of cars, light and heavy equipment without any problem. I sometimes overlooked to monitor the oil-change schedule of my car and reaches 1 year (18K km.) without oil change but I could not notice any decline in performance. Been using Total for over a decade. 2-thumbs up for Total Lubes.

Very good engine oil

Superb lubricating oil with fuel economy system and with long drain interval.

Best motor oil

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6 Shell

Shell has been number 1 Oil Suppler for the last 12 years in a row. They spend millions on research and development in order to created the most advanced engines oils on the market. They set the trends and the rest follows.


Still the best

Top brand

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7 Agip Synthetic PC

Still the best

Eni brand is best for every engine

Top oil at a good price

Best lubricant

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8 ProCare Lubricants

Well, since I put this oil in my car, the engine vibration is almost gone. Dude in service center told it has some special additives inside, I didn't get it properly.. but seems my car likes it! - Mechanic

9 Amsoil

Best oil ever, we make tests with other brands and no other beat Amsoil quality

Best oil but high price

Best oil hands down

Best oil withvery high engine protection

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10 Petronas

The best of lubricants

The best and best

The best

good oil

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11 Pennzoil

I guess it is ok, 45 years I always bought a name brand at walmart, just oil and I always got 200,000 miles or more and never engine problems

Pennzoil is the best!

Pennzoil was better back before shell bought them out. Now it's just another foreign oil company. It's not horrible, but it's not American.

Haven't had any problems with Pennzoil in my 95 Chevy S-10 Blazer with over 200,000 miles.

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12 Motul

Excellent oil

Best brand ever. Works well for my car

One number brand in oil, I am used lot's of brand but that's number 1

The man who can be specialist mechanic but cannot be Lubricants. Today motul has Lubricants specialist and they were well knowing about how to create the excellence protection and best performance oil and to make the solution for the engine's lubricants error. Therefore to support and help for specialist mechanic and motul will appear. That's why you can trust motul into your Lubricants partner.

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13 Havoline

It's gotta be at least similar to Chevron oil since they merged. Havoline has always been top notch, second to none!

Best Engine Oil

Keep the engine clean and save money

My favorite, have used it for a long time

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14 Royal Purple

This oil not change the metal color inside the engine and reduce the friction and lifters noise in different engines

Best oil

This stuff is like Gold... er... Purple, the actual oil is tinted purple! Best hi tech substance going

Live this still, engine runs cooler, inside looks fantastic after 75000 miles. Been using it truck since new.

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This is the best premium oil in the world not only in Japan

Best oil Japan

Best oil Japan...

Best motor oil japan

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16 Fuchs

best oil

Best oil in the world by far check out all there approvals

Amazing brand and exactly high quality products...

Cheap and high quality

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17 Shell Rotella

Awesome oil for my truck I have over 300k on chevy 350

Very great oil from very great company

Rotella isn't a bad oil but shell is a dutch company, not American. Americans should care about that. Also Rotella is blended in the Amalie Oil factory. Amalie happens to be a much better choice than Rotella.

Love it run it in my 96 f150 4.9l 245,000 and counting

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18 Ravenol


Ravenol rocks our Mazda Spec Miata engines! #haagperformance

Full range of product top quality products

Best oil ever

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19 Schaeffer

Great people great products

Moly lasts longer than zinc as an additive. We have been running in a fleet of trucks, equipment and pumps for years with excellent results. No need for advertising gimmicks because it works. Call my friends at Heavy Ventures for a free consultation. 573.846.8345

Very good oil

Has the best friction modifiers is in the business! (Moly). Cheeper the any of the big name brands. Your not paying for the advertising gimmick's. Family owned company, oldest oil manufacture in USA 1839, Can run 10,000 miles on gas or diesel motors!

20 Lucas Oil

Totally best of all brands!

Totally incredible!

Lucas works miracles! Power steering stop leak, auto trans fix, and oil stabilizer, fuels system cleaner all awesome products because they work! And they work effectively immediately.

That's a great motor oil I am using...

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21 Gulf Western

Seems to work fine for a lower cost synthetic

Is it a detergent oil

It is the best oil brand

22 Sinopec

2nd largest oil company in the world based in houston and new york

Sinopec Motor oil is a great quality oil, also nice that its made at a Shell refinery plant.

Sinopec wins contract to supply United Airlines with jet fuel for the next 3 years.. Check the fuel trucks next time your flying out of Houston or Newark airport!

Great oil, I had no idea Sinopec was a global company that trades billions on the New York Stock Exchange. An easy way to find out more about the oil and history. Search online for... Shell and Sinopec.. and you will get the whole history story about how they started

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23 Quaker State

I have used Quaker State products since the early 1970 without any lubrication issues. Always, performed oil changes between 3,000 - 3,500 miles on my cars. The life blood of your engine and the cheapest maintenance you can do. I continue to use Quaker State products and would recommend the Quaker State full synthetic oil, awesome product.

I have always used Quaker state. It's dependable, my engines run strong with the same performance as when I bought them. Compression is strong and no knocks or pings. This included to be one of the most expensive oils back in the day, that says something.

Used Quaker State in my 1976 Camaro 350 (driven hard! ). Traded it in for 1984 Camaro and after the mechanic checked the engine, he came back to me with scratching his head and asked me if I had ever rebuilt the engine. I told him I didn't and asked him why. He said the compression on all cylinders of this 8 year old engine were all within spec. for a brand new engine.

Have used this basic brand since 1966 in all the cars I've owned and have never had a oil related issue. I buy a vehicle and use it till the end of it's life cycle. Changing oil every 5000 miles keeps the my cars ticking.

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24 Repsol

Can be compare with motul

Very competitive rates & good quality

Best in my view

Very good premium quality..

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25 Addinol

So good

Addinol is the best

The best result in ships engines ever,cleaner engine and longer oildraininterval

Exellent oil

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26 Kendall


Finest lubricants I ever used

Just try best performance...

Best synthetic oil getting around with titanium additive! awesome performance advantage!

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27 Fosser

Value for money!

Bang for the buck!

The best oil for everyday and trackday use for tuned cars, better from other brands like castrol and motul

Used it for 80000km From the beginning and the engine is like new!

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Great oil use it always.

29 Bizol

The best, for me it's the finest after all I tried top of the list brand.

Their new G+ oil is one of very few "true" full-synthetic products I have ever tested. Absolutely worth its high-end price tag.

Excellant performance

One of the best oils I have ever used.

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30 Millers Oils

I also use millers in my xf 3 ld 185000km no problems run like a dream

Best oil

Millers is for me also the best my Jaguar XF 3ld runs like a dream 178.000km no problems

Independent company that uses the best quality oil, always have used it in all my vehicles and exceeds my expectations.

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31 Amalie

Hell yeah

great oil

Love Amalie. Best oil out there. - Rigs

High performance

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32 Peak

I've used Peak synthetic forever and never had any problems.

33 Venol

Finest product

Very Good Oil. I have used this. My fuel efficiency increased by 20%. My Engines sound came to down and also My Car pollution level came down.
I am surprised that how this good Oil available in INDIA now. 5W30 is a reaaly Good Oil and this is synthetic Oil.
Thanks to Germany and VENOL. - AggarwalSP

Very good product

Best product in the world

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34 Veedol


The Best engne oil

Veedol oil is one of the best leading brands in india

All veedol's member
Your feathfullly
Shivanand kumar

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35 Behrman

Behran is best

It's Behran.
Behrman is wrong guy😊

Best oil

36 Servo IndianOil

The best in lubricant class and value for money now recommended by all major car companies in India.

SERVO is highest selling brand in India recommended by all Major OEM. With extensive R&D set up and the only company in India with engine test bench, SERVO has to be the number one Lubricant brand of India.

37 Petro Canada

Super oil.

It have a wide specialized range of oil grades of all types, for all needs.

So far simply the best engine oil I have used. Superb in the Winter, perfect for my Subaru Turbo.

The best-ever motor oil I have used.

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38 Pennasol

The best oils in lubricant's

One of the best

39 Chevron Supreme

Fantastic additive package made by Oronite, in house chemical company for Chevron. Not third party.

They use a great base oil to start with, the Chevron 5W-30 has served me well for many years.

I have 248K on my 96 ford Taurus. We have mostly used Chevron oil.

40 Lukoil

Very great quality from Russia - BorisRule

Upcoming brand in Europe. Very good quality with all approvals

It is number one brand in Russia covering over 30% of motor oils local market. The only Russian company selling oils to German car manufacturers outside Russia. Lukoil Genesis is my chice.

Refined in AUSTRIA - simply the best

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41 G-energy oil

This oil is good


42 Enoc

ENOC is the future of oil industry in many parts of the world

I use Enoc 5w 40 in my Honda 2001 it is best oil

43 Lotos

High quality for a very acceptable price. With leading manufactures approvals.


Best motor oil from Poland, it's cheap and it does the job well, the engine runs smoothly and the oil keeps it clean. I have been using 10W40 oil for a long time and I can recommend it as a good and cheap as chips lubricant ever.

Its performance make me happy and its Price surprise me as well

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44 Petrol Ofisi

I use maxima 5w30 for my Jaguar in Croatia. Best for me

It is very useful for my Bentley's motor

This great! for petrol cars

45 Galp

It is the best oil available in Portugal.

Best oil for portugal

46 Estremo

Highly not recommended

47 Agip 5W-20 SUPER XL
48 Belgin Oil

Solid performer.

49 Cam2

very good

I have experienced the difference only when I shifted to Cam2. Very good oil.

Cam 2 Blu Blood has been my oil for the past 3 years, I used it on Hondas, Toyotas, Huyndai, Yamaha, Kawasaki and so on, it is extremely good, and oil intervals are certainly longer with them.

Cam2 blueblood
one of the best winning formula for race car. its perform extreme powerful for elite synthetic 5w30. can beat Mobile1 which I stop since I replace it for cam2 blueblood

50 Tulux T600

Synthetic heavy duty motor oil

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