Ugliest Cars of All Time

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1 Nissan Cube

What is the concept here?

2 Pontiac Aztek

Granted its ugly, but I found recent images of the CYBERTRUCK. the aztec is legit over a decade ahead of time. compare the tent of the aztec to the tent of the truck. there identical, and are even same priced. now I kinda like it, because it went ahead and predicted how bad the tesla truck will be

The Nissan Cube? Really? Have you seen this thing? The Aztek is the ugliest car I have seen in some time.

It's a disaster.

3 Yugo Skala

Previously I wrote a comment about yugo gv and how it was made now to this one who has as a lot of problems similar to yugo gv ( check out the comment in top @0 worst cars)
New Boss: So the previous boss ruined our company..
Employer: We need a new product! And twice better than yugo gv
New Boss: No, I'm talking about a sedan version of the yugo gv...
Employer: But sir, that product was a failure!
New Boss: We can update it making like a older car and it needs to seem older than the gv to people think were not noobies at this..
Employer: So how do we do it?
New Boss: Just make a replica of a fiat 126 and the yugo gv... Easy!
Employer: Sir, we need to forget the yugo gv!
New Boss: I'm your boss YOU DO IT NOW YOU LAZY!
Employer: Yes sir yes sir
And it didn't looked very well..for me this time yugo company decided to do this for me this yugo is a replica of fiat 126 plus the Yugo GV. The end

4 Toyota Prius
5 Gremlin

They're as ugly as a gremlin.

6 Fiat Multipla

We just can't cut this poor bastard a BRAKE, can we?

The mk 1 has the worst front on any car ever.

7 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Looks like a huge teapot. The rear is so ugly. I can imagine that they don't go above 14 miles per hour. They look very slow indeed.

Huge grille, oversized car, and the back end with the far apart tail lights is our cream of the crap of the PT loser.

8 Bugatti Veyron

I want to call it a poser car, but it's too ugly for me to even call it that.

9 Cadillac Seville
10 AMC Pacer
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11 Nissan Juke

New 2015 Nissan Juke is SUPER UGLY! But in 2017 Nissan Juke I don't think 2017 juke is ugly But headlights are very bad

It's the ugliest car I have ever seen in my life.

Haha! Nissan Juke is very weird!

Looks like a big nappy

12 Kia Opirus
13 Toyota Yaris 2011
14 Hyundai Veloster

The 2012 is fine, the 2016 is what's ugly.

15 Mini Cooper
16 Ford Edsel

NOT ugly, but not pretty either, just bizarre-looking. Definitely better-looking than all those HIDEOUS cars they make today such as that cybertruck UGGHH!

17 Lamborghini Veneno
18 Tesla Cybertruck
19 Kia Soul
20 Dodge Grand Caravan
21 Volkswagen Thing

Its called a thing because they were so lazy they couldn't name it, let alone make it look more like a car then a metal box with wheels.

22 Smart ForTwo
23 McLaren F1

I don't think McLaren F1 is ugly.

24 2018 Toyota Camry

Agreeable. I mean, what the hell were they thinking?

25 Nissan 350z

The back looks more like a front with headlights. Its even better when there is no spoilers.

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