Top Ten Best Toothpaste Brands

The Top Ten
1 Colgate Total Colgate Total Product Image

Well renowned toothpaste becomes internationally worldwide.

The most popular dentifrice/toothpaste in the world.

Well its not total it's the max fresh my pap said that Sensodyne is healthier colgate. (this website marker is stupid >:(.) I like this tooth paste a lot I wonder how sensodyne is poupuler theirs no ads

Still the best toothpaste in the world.

2 Sensodyne Sensodyne Product Image

The best paste I have used and still use and will continue to use.

The best

3 Aquafresh Aquafresh Product Image

Definitively my favorite toothpaste. Always wondered how it comes out in perfect stripes.

Aquafresh is the best and its not even close

Yes definitely a good product

4 Oral-B Oral-B Product Image

Have changed to oral b and love it

I used colgate before oral b and my teeth have never looked better since changing to oral b

5 Arm & Hammer Arm & Hammer Product Image

It feels so awesome in my mouth

My favorite

6 Ultra Brite Ultra Brite Product Image

I have used Ultra Brite Advanced for 5 years now and I really like this product a lot. It whitens your teeth, freshens your breath, fights cavities and taste great. Thank you Colgate-Palmolive Company..

7 Blend-A-Med Blend-A-Med Product Image

I use this one right now, prows it is a world-wide brand

8 Glister Glister Product Image

The best of the best tooth pest in the world.

Just not lose it

Excellent toothpaste

Verry good, I love glister because the best tooth pest

9 Dr. Collins Dr. Collins Product Image
10 Crest Crest Product Image

Crest is very clean and hard to find in my country its good out of this list

It feels so good in y mouth

The Contenders
11 Rembrandt Rembrandt Product Image
12 Pepsodent Pepsodent Product Image

Total toothpaste is N# 1 in the hole world

It makes my teeth yellow..

And I Love it.

It Also Helps my Teeth goes black then begone for a life time


13 Forever Toothgel Forever Toothgel Product Image

Best toothpaste ever.

Contains Bee Propolis.Formulated for the entire family suitable for vegetarians since
it contains no animal by-products.
Natural peppermint and spearmint flavorings
This product does not contain fluoride.

Best toothgel, no flouride and gives all day clean feel

World best tootgel

14 Aim Aim Product Image
15 DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste Product Image
16 Parodontax Parodontax Product Image

Smooth and pleasant

17 Dabur Red Dabur Red Product Image
18 Tom's of Maine Tom's of Maine Product Image
19 Close-Up Close-Up Product Image
20 Pasta del Capitano Pasta del Capitano Product Image
21 Darlie Darlie Product Image
22 Orajel Orajel Product Image
23 Jasön
24 Bjobj
25 Antica Erboristeria Antica Erboristeria Product Image
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