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61 Leeland

Best rock band ever! Why isn't in top 10 at least?

Check out the song "Enter this temple"... Its bound to change the rank of Leeland... Good vocal work and great songs which touches the heaven...

They have the deepest lyrics ever; Opposite way, I Wonder, While we Sing, and Chains hit the Ground are absolutely incredible.

Leeland has great worship songs and I just love it!

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62 Stellar Kart

This band was just introduced to me by my brother, and know they were under my skin.. I wish I could get to see them in person.. With their punk rock Christian genre, this band surely is a must hear band of all time! Stellar kart rocks!

Not only are these guys awesome on their albums, but they are killer live too! I agree, they're a top 5 in my book as well!

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63 Seventh Angel
64 Halo

Most of you will never have heard of HALO. Go to YouTube and look up "Lord Of All" by HALO. If you like bands like KISS, check these guys out.

65 Ascend the Hill

Very inspiring music and with good lyrics

66 Delirious

Michael smith has lead this band for Glorifying the GOD Almighty, JESUS CHRIST. Smith never took pride in him but pointed towards the Living GOD JESUS. As I saw some one quoting that jimmy is "god" this is quite ignorance and foolishness, none in this world is eligible to be called god Except JESUS who Conquered the death, risen and still alive.

If you still disagree go and find HIS Tomb Empty where as you find jimmy tomb with rotten bones, definitely jimmy might be weeping and gnashing his teeth in hell

This is my 2nd most favourite band ever. I know they have split up but they will be one of the best Christian bands that ever praised God with all they had. So sad to see them this low but they are the real inspiration.

Even though they've split up, they've left us with a great selection of rock/worship anthems.

Rain Down...Did you feel the mountains tremble?

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67 Crosses

I know these aren't super well known, but Chino Moreno's voice is simply majestic and the music is very calm and thoughtful.

Different from other Christian rock bands in that their sound has an electronic and soothing influence to it. Beautiful music, though.

I'm taking a listen now and done a bit of digging online. no indication that this is a Christian band. unless I missed something?

68 The Letter Black

My favorite "newer" Christian band. Great live act. I got to meet them a while back--really nice people with a heart for Christ. Mark and Sarah are the best! Scream Sarah, SCREAM! Big vocals for such a petite gal (she's about 5' tall).

The Letter black should be #1, the main singer has amazing vocals and amazing screams!

Great band, love them, great rock sound! Should be up way higher on the list!

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69 Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights is probably one of the best bands out there. And Their new Covers album is number 2 on itunes right now.

Anthem lights wins! Best vocals, best melodies, best covers, great songs messages, good looking and great hearts

70 The Prayer Chain

One of the early pioneers in Christian alternative rock. Very creative and sounded like nothing out there. Shawl was the best album and then Mercury was the craziest thing I had ever heard in Christian music. If you like quirky and creative with a lot of rock, Prayer Chain is the band.

The Prayer Chain's unrefined, melodic sound struck a chord in the Christian music scene during the 90s. The band has released two albums in this millenium, however, in 2003 and 2011. Members of the band are in other prominent Christian band including Starflyer 59.

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71 Holy Soldier

I hated the 90's for music, but thank God for Christian rock during that time that still sounded like the great rock bands of the 80's. Bands like Holy Soldier, Petra, Bride, Guardian and White Cross made it seem like the 80's all over again. Great times.

Holy Soldier has been a long time favorite of mine! I hope that they will make a comeback!

72 Where the Ocean Meets the Sky
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74 Whitecross

Chad aplin from Iowa wrote all the songs for this band well all the good ones and he played drums as well

Rex Carroll tore up with his awesome guitar! Still a go-to group when I want to rock.

This band is awesome to listen to.

75 Jesus Culture

Hey guys Jesus Culture is not a rock band it's more on the worship side but still I love this band and I think it deserves more votes. This group really made me love Christian songs and I think the the singers really know how to give this touch of God to everyone. Moreover the lyrics are really powerful specially "Where You Go I GO" and "You Won't Relent". I just love their music. ATTENTION TO EVERYONE YOU REALLY SHOULD LISTEN to them they've got great messages about God and his love

My very favorite band of all time. They are the reason I listen to Christian music, and gave up on secular. I've seen them in concert, and they have led me into a very amazing place of worship on more then one occasion.

If the music was created to worship our Lord, they really know how to do it.

Jesus Culture has a great message put in their song and young generations really learned a lot.

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76 Samestate

Great band with deeper lyrics and fresh sound for sure. I know they are a great blend for people who want a bit of rock with their mid-range rock music. Like Sanctus Real, 10th Avenue North, Switchfoot and a bit 3rd Day

This band is very fresh and new.
Buy and listen There first album The Alinment To see what I mean.
Here are my top 10 christian bands,
1. Red.
3. Flyleaf.
4. Third Day.
5. Fireflight.
6. Jars of Clay.
7. Switchfoot.
8. Skillet.
9. Casting Crowns.
10. NeedToBreathe.

They need to re-name their song "Hurricane" for 2 reasons
1. The name is already taken
2. The word "Hurricane" doesn't appear that often

77 Jerusalem

One of the most important of the old Christian bands, and they are still active.

I loved this band they rock. And do not back down on the mesage thy send.

78 Manic Drive

Manic drive is a great band and very well played

79 The Fray The Fray The Fray is an American rock band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2002 by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King, they achieved success with the release of their debut album, How to Save a Life in 2005, which was certified double platinum by the RIAA and platinum in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and more.

Sorry to tell you but they aren't a Christian band

Really 82 this band rocks and so many people like it

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80 Matthew West

Matthew west I really don't know what to say about him. He is just amazing!

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