Best Christian Rock Songs

The Top Ten Best Christian Rock Songs

1 Whispers in the Dark - Skillet

Yes! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that. I love skillet. Even though I agree with this list, my list would be a little different.
1. Whispers in the dark.
2. All Around Me - Flyleaf
3. Monster - Skillet
4. Strong Tower - Kutless
5. My Obsession - Skillet
6. Saturn - Skillet
7. I'm So Sick - Flyleaf

Whispers in the dark really is an amazing song. It not only brings out the Christianity in them but it is catchy with amazing lyrics and nice guitar and drum parts. There is no other song like Whispers in the Dark. It deserves to be number one. I can't think of another song to be number 1

This song should be at 1! Not even two! Here's what makes the song so great:

The tune
John's singing
Ben's solo
The meaning

And it's Skillet as well! Skillet should always #1!

I don't see how all these rock bands call themselves so called Christian band without even once singing about Jesus or singing about positivity instead they only sing about negativity and other times utter meaningless songs

With the melody, guitar solos and john's great voice, this song should be at the top of the list. My friend zama even said that it is his greatest song he had ever heard

2 Breathe Into Me - Red

I love this song. When they started playing it at their concert, I just about cried for joy and I do not normally cry over anything (unless Skillet is playing "Lucy") but I love the message behind this song. It reminds me that I need God and is the song of my life.

This song is the most awesome song ever.

This is one of the best Christian songs period. It is the epitome of our relationship with God, when we've gone off he edge, and everything is falling apart. That is when we realize we need God to "breathe his life" in to us. This deserves to be #1

A True Masterpiece, the pinnacle of Christian Rock, maybe even Alternative Rock as a whole. Absolutely amazing song...

3 Awake & Alive - Skillet

Amazing Should be second after dead inside on the same album

Awake and Alive is the awesome song ever

Not only is the message awesome, so is the solo! Go Ben! - lonewolfe12345

This song is so energizing,so motivating it should be number 1.SKILLET IS THE BEST BAND EVER!

4 Monster - Skillet

10? No ways! This song deserves a place in the top three for sure! Monster is one of the best Christian Rock Songs I have ever heard! I think this list is really unfair if this song remains at tenth place! - drishtortion

Come on! Absolutely one of the awesomest songs I have ever EVER heard! And probably my favorite Christian Rock song ever! At least it is in the top ten, though!

26! 26! Are you serious? It is not underrated but it is extremely/highly underrated! It should either be first or at least come somewhere in the top 10! Just not fair!

That beginning is awesome, by the way whispers in the dark isn't the best, the growl is cool, this song is so well thought

5 Rebirthing - Skillet

I love this song! Its amazing and every time I listen to it, it gives me the goose bumps and I feel absolutely amazing inside! I hope other people become as sensible about this song as I am! I love you God! I am a true believer and I will never leave your side, AMEN!

This one gotta be the perfect rock song, it's so powerful and so meaningful that every time I listen to it I literally have an orgasm of happiness.

I can feel the song! It's so meaningful! - lonewolfe12345

I just love

6 Jesus Freak - DC Talk

They helped propel Christian Rock into the mainstream. They really got the ball rolling for the others.

Any other band in this list... Claim to be Christian but I only enjoyed their music but could never worship God while singing these... I have heard all of these songs and bands all through my teens.. But if its called Christian then maybe It should remind me of God and my spirit should really sing..

I think Jesus Freak Should be ranked higher on the list it's what got Christian Rock started.

My ring tone. Always garners attention. What will people say...

7 Higher - P.O.D.

This is the best song ever by the best band ever, Christian or not. And by the way, whoever says P.O. D isn't Christian you have no idea what you are talking about.

8 Fully Alive - Flyleaf

This song is flat out legit, there's just so much emotion in it!

Aw man, I sorta-kinda-ish grew up with this song - especially the band - in junior high/high school service at church. awesome song! Love it!

9 Perfect Life - Red

This is off of Red's new album: Release the Panic. It has a kinda different sound, but it's one of their best efforts to date. Perfect Life is the best song of the album, and will soon be dominating this list. It is only 60 right now because is just came out last week.

Best band ever. :Oh

Just wow should be first...

It's a great song that shows the reality of persons that say that they have a perfect life and isn't like that... It's the best song I have ever heard...

10 Move - Thousand Foot Krutch

I listen to this song on loop all the time - thebounty

The Contenders

11 Death of Me - Red

This song is musical genius! This should be too 15 if say!

12 Not Gonna Die - Skillet

"This is how it feels when you take your life back! This is how it feels when YOU FIGHT BACK! "

13 Be My Escape - Relient K

This should be number 1 because Relient K is the best christian band ever and this is their best song. The Show by Hawk Nelson should be on this list and it should be number 2. Breathe Into Me should definitely NOT be number 4 on this list because Red is an okay band and that's not even their best song. Pressing On by Relient K should be on this list. Friend Like That by Hawk Nelson should be on this list. And Get Back Up by tobyMac should be on this list.

Best band ever and great song!

I want to learn how to play this on the piano. Badly. - RiverClanRocks

Definitely should be in top 20 at least. great combination of rock and God.

14 Outlaws - Disciple

This is a super-duper awesome song. This song makes you fly.. I mean its so so good and pacey that you just can't stop listening to it.. Disciple's 'After the world' is good too! And Switchfoot's songs should also be higher! - arpanvinayak

15 The Last Night - Skillet

If the last night is 44th, then the top 46 shouldn't exist...

16 Already Over - Red

It's Already Over Now!

So many good choices. there's not a song on here I don't like but this has to be my favorite; I I had to pick.


17 Rise - Skillet

Of the new album, third lead single. I would say it's in the top five for Skillet, for sure. The lyrics found here are more profound than anything found on Awake. There are also some electronic flourishes which really add life to the song, reminding me of the older albums like Invincible and Alien Youth.

Why is this down here. Its the best rock song I ever heard. Its very catchy with the melody and all. I know its not their best song but its supposed to be higher.

The album is great.rise is my favourite, should be at the top.

Rise album is awesome

18 War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch

This song is charged with raw energy and a great message

One of the best songs ever. Just listen and you will like it

This song is really amazing.

19 Buried Beneath - Red
20 Feed the Machine - Red

Its only 26 because its new it will go up. this is one of Christian rocks most amazing songs to date. Red is just all around awesome. The rest of their album until we have faces is great too.

Excellent song, my favorite RED song. - LarkwingFlight


21 Not Alone - Red

This a good song I listened to it lots in 2015 on my old ipod nano - trains45

22 High Above It All - For All Seasons
23 Comatose - Skillet

Not my favorite believe it or not but a very close second. How is Fight Inside by Red not on here because that song crushes any of these songs well except comatose, its just a little better than comatose.

This has got to be the baddest Christian rock song of all times. I'd put it among the top 5. Skillet should just be number 1.

Come on guyx! If you all listen to this beautiful song... automatically this will go no. 1

24 Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch
25 Dare You to Move - Switchfoot

DYTM is one of the best songs ever. It's the song for which switchfoot is known for. This song changed my soul, gave me energy when I gave up, and soothes me when I am tired. My all time favourite song.

This song should be way higher than this. No ther song will touch your soul like this song. This and Your Love Is A Song are 2 epic songs

This is such a good song. Unfortunately, it's the reason most people don't know that Switchfoot is a Christian band. - LarkwingFlight

I fell in love with this song from the first notes. It's simply epic! Touches your soul...

26 Sorry About Your Parents - Icon for Hire

This song is strong and beautiful, and although Icon doesn't like to consider themselves a Christian band, all of the members are Christian and they include many Christian ideals in their songs. "Sorry About Your Parents" has good morals and gives a good message to struggling teens.

This is one of the greatest Christian rock songs of all time. This is what Christian rock should be about. Icon is a thousand times better than overrated bands like Skilket, whose lyrics are less than interesting.

This is what Christian music should be about.

27 Take the Bullets Away - We As Human

The song has a perfect mix of metal and rock as well as a good underlying Christian meaning to the song which makes it very unique and a good song

This and Zombie are the best songs on this album which is probably the best album since Comatose!

Such a deep and meaningful song! Amazing!

28 Rawkfist - Thousand Foot Krutch

Reminds me of a friend of mine. Great song. - RiverClanRocks

This should be number one! There is NO better band then TFK! Incredible rap-rock song!

29 Holy - Lightswitch
30 Fire and Fury - Skillet
31 Falling Inside the Black - Skillet

Greatest song. Epic. Please vote for this. Listen and you will know why I am requesting you to do this.

This song is the best of all time

32 Come Home - Relentless Flood

This is a top 5 Christian Rock song. No doubt!

Hear this song it is amazing. - paasadani

33 *fin - Anberlin

Great track to cap off a great album by Anberlin one of their best Christian songs.

34 All Around Me - Flyleaf

Oh my gosh this is also a song that I grew up on

Love it. First time hearing.

35 Boom - P.O.D.

I think it's cool they named a movie after this song.

36 Unbreakable - Fireflight

This has been my favorite song since I was like... 6 years old.
I listen to the radio when I go to sleep and when ever this song came on I would get so excited and in the car when it came on I would ask my dad to turn it up.
This song has always inspired me to never give up.

My favourite song right now, best song I've ever heard ( I am not joking about it)

37 Dark Horses - Switchfoot

This is one of Switchfoots best rock songs! It NEEDS to be top 10!

38 By God - Disciple
39 Zombie - We As Human

Zombie and Take the bullets away were the best songs on this album which was the best album since comatose!

40 Sorrow - Flyleaf
41 Impostor - Red
42 Godspeed - Anberlin

Nice song. Really a blast of music... Try it to know it. Sure A worth of try. Even listen to anberlin, s Paper thin hymn. Simply Superb

It blends in beautifully with the debut at the beginning of their album Cities.

43 Savior - Skillet

Jesus Singing a song over you... His desire and love is surpasses all understanding, no matter what you've done or who you are - he loves you

Rocks my face off!

44 I'm So Sick - Flyleaf
45 Lay Em' Down - NeedToBreathe
46 The Last - Underoath
47 Everything - Lifehouse

Everything by Lifehouse should definitely be number one. It is the absoulute best Christian song I've heard. I'm actually trying right now to learn it on the piano its so good. Just the tune and the beautiful lyrics. And the skit is so amazing, we actually did it for my schools FCA movement.

I just listened to this song for the first time and I'm about to listen to it over and over again... Its inspirational and the skits make the song even much more stronger than ever... Lifehouse is awesome

I love this song, and after seeing the skit that goes along with it, I can't get enough. So powerful. -

Ohh my gosh this song is amazing love it so much!

48 Still I Know - Relentless Flood
49 Your Love Is a Song - Switchfoot

A beautiful mixture of rock and slow rock that will glide you and literally will make you feel God's love. This song can change your life.


50 Release the Panic - Red

Wow, I just voted once and this moved from 50 to 35... Laugh out loud - tfk864869

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