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1 Captain Rex Captain Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fictional character in the Star Wars science fiction universe created by George Lucas and a main character of the animated The Clone Wars 2008 film and the related television series of the same name.

He deserve to be more than simply republic soldier... Maybe He should be a Spartan.

Hey man I just wanted you and your friend To was a day

The best commander

He is really good

2 Arc Trooper Fives

He deserve to be more than simply republic soldier... Maybe He should be a Spartan.

I really like rex (surprise surprise) but Fives is my #1. He was such an original character with personality and also was badass. His death was the reason that rex, wolfe, and gregor didn't execute order 66 so at least I can be happy that they're still alive

If Fox didn't kill Fives, he could have prevented order 66

Cool trooper

3 Commander Cody

Cody is one of the highest ranking clones and how do you suppose he got it without having one of the highest kill counts and a lot of screen time

Everyone gettin to deep in they feelings... I like Cody because he got a nice outfit no cap

Literally the best and has awesome armor


4 Wolffe

The coolest looking and the most badass

He just looks the best

He is the toghest clone I ever saw.

so good

5 Boil

Boil starts off wanting to leave Numa and continue the mission, but he grew to appreciate her. He has really cool armor, and his Arf armor has a picture of Numa on it. I also like his mustache and combat abilities

A very unique clone with very impressive combat skills

Its waxer that has the picture of numa on it

A unique clone. I like his mustache.

6 Captain Gregor

He is vital to the liberation of Lothal in Star Wars rebels and in the clone wars he got one of the highest battle droid kill counts in one single episode

I think Gregor is awesome and he should be the first

It was sad when he died by a separatist explosion.

He doesn't die. Star Wars Rebels

7 Waxer

I cried when he passed away... So unfair.

He and Boil were Cody's top guys and I almost cried when he died, other than Cody he is the best in my opinion

Can you imagine what Boil thought when he heard Waxer was killed? - Ooooof

I love him. I liked it when he and Boil found Luma. It was sad when he died on Umbara.

8 99

He deserved more than that. His courage and dedication to his brothers are inspiring.

I'm glad he was gotten rid off but why is he rated as a better fighter than the other clones. This list is about the best combatants not who had the best deaths

Nowhere does it say that this list is about the best combatants. - HexBolt0505

I liked 99 was kind of sad he died but I was mad when he got in ARC trooper Havoc's way and the ARC trooper died

"One of the best clone troopers. Was sad to see him die, but he went out with honor.

9 Commander Gree

Cool hair cool armor works on cool planets follows orders better than bly by a lot and his troops have cool armor high ranking clone

Coolest armor design and personality.

Only the best can serve with yoda.

Vest clone better than rex

10 Commander Fox

fox rocks!

Best boi ever


I love this clone but I can never look at him the same. I can never forgive him for what he did to fives. even though he's my favorite

The Newcomers

? X1

Trained the Grand Army of the republic and was initially superior to his twin brother X2.

X1 went on to do well against Jedi Master's in single combat. - Jmanghan

? X2

Trained the entire clone army before the start of the clone wars, defeated Magnaguards in melee combat, defeated a Jedi in melee combat and helped Mace Windu against General Grievous. - Jmanghan

Incredible fighter. - Jmanghan

Badass and cool.

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11 Captain Fordo

This clone was the only one to be award the Star Wars equivalent of the medal of honor, that alone should be enough to say about him

Poopie bootie China butt butt

Fordo for the win

Fordo for life

12 Arc Trooper Echo

He was a true hero

I want to see more of him in the new season

He should be number 2

Echo died to save the Jedi and others so he should be second tragic death

13 Commander Bly

So dedicated!

Yay he shot Aayla!
Jedi and the Republic bought a slave army to serving them and this guy shot her without being cut like Gree.
He's a good man.

The best

This about the best not your favorite

14 Republic Commando Boss

Amazing, there is a reason his name is boss

Delta squad is amazing!

Delta squad is the BOMB Boss is so cool.

Delta Squad all deserve to be here, Fixer, Sev, and Scorch. But Boss is the best out of all of them. He deserves 1st place,

15 Hevy

Ever ready to pay the ultimate price for his brothers.

Hevy sacrificed himself for the lives of his brothers and I wish we had more time to get to know him

Heavy sacrificed himself to protect Kamino he was better than most clones... NOT all just most... I wish the had given his character more time to develop

Hevy thinks he is the best. He deserved to die.

16 Hardcase

Hardcase is a vey crazy clone with a very high kill count he has very good combat skills and a bread for battle crazy personalityand he sacrfices himself so fives and jesse can live

Hard case is the best I mean he should be top 10

Come on, this guy rocks. With no fear of battle, he just runs in blazing, and the droids should be scared!

Hardcase is so cool

17 Republic Commando Sev

Sev is just that cool commando that could of had the best story line ever one of first people in the rebelion wow

He was over run and killed. - Ooooof

Nobody actually knows what became of him. Wasn't his fate left ambigous? The last thing I remember is that Vau scanned Kashyyk for him and never found him...did that cement Sev's end? I dunno...

He is so awesome he's the best sniper evva

18 Commander Thorn

Went out like badass

One of the most heroic last stands to his name and an appropriate name at that. He was one tough sob

Dude this guy takes down I don't know 20 droids and then three just by whacking them! this guys a baller and should be in the top ten

Probally had the most coolest last stands ever

19 Tup

Tup is a misunderstood cone that has excellent combat skills and he is the first to question general pong krells mad leadership and he's the one that tricks krell into getting attacked by the beast and saved fives life he surely is a good solider

Good soldiers follow orders...

I love him. He should have stayed alive.

No he is creepy : (

20 Fives

Fives is the most admirable clone ever. His death made me cry and I actually stopped liking Star Wars for months. (I like it now, again.)

Sorry but he is all ready on the list.

He was a really nice guy and we knew a lot about him. His friends all died, he was the only one left. At the end, [SPOILER ALERT] nobody believed his theory of order 66 and he was executed. - straubalexander

21 Captain Keeli

The episode with him and Jedi Ima-Gun Di is one of my favorite episodes of all time! - HexBolt0505

If we would have survived Ryloth..He’d probably have been #1

Dies a heroes death, this clone was awesome


22 Chopper

I like chopper because he's the one that proved that slick was the traitor

23 Jesse
24 Kix

Kix is a badass clone. He is a clone Medic in the grand army of the rebulic. he saves millions of lives in wars. And he was alive during the force awakens. And he is the Rebulics 1 medic.

I wonder if he still has his armor... - Ooooof

This guy is the oldest clone, still alive by force awakens and now he follows some badass pirate dude

He's the last surviving clone trooper!

25 Commander Colt

He is awesome, he should still be alive : (

Awesome red and grayish/blue costume

Commander colt deserves the best clone trooper rank and the best clone

Commander colt deserves the best clone.

26 Republic Commando Scorch

Yeah! Best clone by far

Best juggernaut clone ever!


27 Commander Bacara

He is one of those ww2 Japanese commanders. Like when they are losing, he's just "BANZAI" and wins with heavy casualties - Ooooof

He was the leader of the galactic marines and had good hand to hand combat skill

28 Sev

Favorite of the 4

An excellent sniper and he is a actual caommando

29 Boba Fett Boba Fett is a fictional character in the Star Wars series. In The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, he is a bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader and also employed by Jabba the Hutt.
30 Appo

He is awesome! His armor is based off of Appa from avatar, his meme is very funny and saved Vader's life!

The replacement to Rex.

I think he is just a 505rst trooper really


31 Cutup

He shouldn't have died by a giant eel

Nice moustache Cutup has.

He was the leader of domino squad

He should have stayed longer

32 Cut Lawquane

Shut up and stop putting bad comments!

Pfft no shes not

His wife is hot.

33 Commander Ponds

He may have only been around for the first ten years of the clone wars, but has proven himself a skilled clone commander on several occasions and served under Jedi council member Mace Windu.

I agree some of these guys are chosen based on personal preference but your choice seems to be based a on facts and skill

34 Droidbait

Got like, 2 minutes screen time. - Ooooof

He was an okay troop it was his srg he died

35 Jek

he lit

Jek is the most badass clone in the rebulic. He has a breed for battle personality. He has killed a lot of droids. And his weapons of choice is a minigun and rocket launcher. and I love it when attacks the droids with his minigun and jek says SUCK LASER!

36 Doom

Awesome green armor and two pistols

The best clone


37 Commander Dexter

He is not my favorite.But he has a cool costume

He's cool

38 Clone Commando Fixer

he's funny

39 Commander Fixer

Fixer is a beast and is a sweet clone and a loyal commander

40 Cameron

He was so good till he died

41 Wooley

At least he’s nice with a rifle, because that makes up for is nickname

Stronger than Cody and smarter than Rex

42 Oz

Best duo of the day even betta den Waxy and Boiler [am I right ;) of course I am

43 Havoc
44 Monnk
45 Captain Lock

my name

46 Neyo
47 Dogma

Dogma went through an amazing character arc, and he deserves more recognition - he shot a jedi and a traitor of his own volition, and probably died for it.

48 Denal

How is this guy so low? Awesome member of the 501st who with a unique helmet who was only brought down by Cad Bane. Weapons and Hot-wiring expert. Shouldn't be dead last.

49 Blitz

A yellow ARC trooper. I wish he did more.

50 38

This guy is the clone cammando of the clone wars. play the game star wars republic cammando

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