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1 Captain Rex Captain Rex Captain Rex, designation number CT-7567, is a fictional character in the Star Wars science fiction universe created by George Lucas and a main character of the animated The Clone Wars 2008 film and the related television series of the same name.

Rex is the best of the best, he deserves to be at the top. He always get his missions done, even if disobeys his orders. Rex is AWESOME. - AGENTWASHINGTON

The those to pistols are awesome they can kick butt

Loyal to the Old Republic, awesome Soldier, fantastic leader. Didn't turn on the Jedi, wouldn't accept being controlled like Cody.

I think Rex is a narcissistic Mary Sue of a clone trooper who thinks and acts like war is a game, and he can get away with it because he has plot armor. Shot in the chest BY A SNIPER, but guess what: can’t die. Literally every other clone in Star Wars is his own character! Rex is a conjoined rip-off ARC Troopers Alpha-77 (Frodo) and Alpha-17 (Alpha), the original Jango Fett-trained ARC Troopers who taught every Clone Trooper Commander we know and love. And frankly, I hate how Rex teams up with EVERY SINGLE original Clone Commander; honestly, I think Rex panders to the original.

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2 Arc Trooper Fives

Fives always does what is right, not always following orders. He is the first to question Krell and one of the bravest and most loyal fighters. He even pays the ultimate price, being killed after trying to reveal the Order 66 plan.

He shouldn't have been killed by commander Thorn. He was just trying to find out what killed Tup.

He was actually killed by Commander Fox

It is Fives. No more reasons needed.

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3 Commander Cody

Commander Cody has better close hand combat skill than any clone people may say captain Rex has it but he got his but kicked by slick but Cody beat slick instead of Rex and he has way better fighting skills than fives so this leaves him with better hand to hand combat than any clone

He is an amazing character that unlike the others, was actually featured in episode 3. Plus if you read more about his character you can see why he's the best

He is a higher rank, and serves with a Jedi higher up in the order than that of Captain Rex (Obi Wan Kenobi). I still love Captain Rex though, they are both badass!

Personally, Boss is my all-time favorite clone trooper, but Cody is a damn near close second. I think Cody is really one of the first clones that we actually got to know personally, and we never got to see him develop as a character to the fullest extent possible because Filoni’s crew were playing favorites. Anyone who says Cody was just a strategist can kiss my ass, Cody was also a tactician and a warrior to the end, who led his men from the front, not behind a desk or holoprojector: Jango Fett trained the ARC Troopers; the ARC Troopers trained Cody. Cody is a Clone Marshall Commander/Corps (20,000 to 50,000 troopers) Commander, which in the US Military is the equivalent of a Lieutenant General (O-9), whereas Rex is just a Captain/Company Commander (100 to 200 troopers), which is still synonymous with the US’ use of it: O-3; it goes to show that Rex in simple terms is really the equivalent of everyone’s bitch, and you know why? ‘Cause he’s reckless and immature, and despite ...more

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4 Arc Trooper Echo

Echo died to save the Jedi and others so he should be second tragic death

It was sad when he died.

Favorite trooper, he died to early I want to know if he followed order 66

He didin't die in the canceld episodes he was still alive as a robot but I like fives as number one he worked his way from cadet to arc trooper and he follows orders so if we se him in rebels thank disney

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5 Captain Gregor

I think Gregor is awesome and he should be the first

He doesn't die. Star Wars Rebels

It was sad when he died by a separatist explosion.

Sick Helmet, and everything else

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6 Republic Commando Boss

Amazing, there is a reason his name is boss

Delta squad is amazing!

Delta squad is the BOMB Boss is so cool.

Dude’s been raised and trained by a Mandalorian Warrior, has way better equipment, and he with is Squad always fight battles that are just the 4 of them vs literally hundreds to thousands of enemies at a time, and Boss always leads them out of it. Boss can and will kill any and every foe he faces with just his bare hands as easily as he can with any one of his DC-17m weapon attachments. Delta squad has blown AT LEAST 3 ships that we know of, they’ve single-handedly crippled two entire armies of Trandoshan mercenaries: one in space; the other on Kashyyyk. Oh, and before I forget, Delta Squad are the ones who made the (First) Battle of Geonosis a complete success, and the only reason Battle of Kashyyyk was entirely made possible was BECAUSE OF Delta Squad. Delta Squad are technically the first Republic assets to have seen Grevious and survive, they’ve killed dozens of his bodyguards and Trandoshan elites, and it’s not that the other 3 members aren’t capable, but Boss is ...more

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7 Waxer

He and Boil were Cody's top guys and I almost cried when he died, other than Cody he is the best in my opinion

I love him. I liked it when he and Boil found Luma. It was sad when he died on Umbara.

His death was pretty sad, but at least he got avaenged, (Pong krell dead)

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8 Boil

A unique clone. I like his mustache.

9 Captain Fordo Captain Fordo

He kick butt in the animated series

They should have brought him back

He was the original Rex

He should be #1, honestly. He made grievous hesitate, saving Ki-Adi Mundi, destroyed droid cannon preventing republic forces from advancing, casually electrocuted Durge when the ARC troopers with him were to afraid to even fire after the initial attacks, if you watched origanal animated series (way better than new one). He even disarmed a Mandolorian warrior and almost took the life of
a kaminoan who was threatening to terminate him along with his fellow brothers (future Null ARCs, 35% more intelligent than most ARC troopers, great for fighting, not so much for following orders. If they had followed up on him, then he, along with Mereel, Jiang, and the other Null ARCs would have disobeyed order 66). Most boss clone trooper ever. But sure, Rex is cool too.

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10 Tup

I love him. He should have stayed alive.

No he is creepy : (

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11 Commander Bly

He might look cool but he deserves to die.

He is so cool he killed secura and has a fantastic armor

Second well dressed clone after wolf #327th

1. Sick ass armor
2. Has to deal with surviving backwater planets infested with disease and he's still alive
3. Up there in skill level with Rex and cody.
Too bad we didn't see more if him
327th star corps rules

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12 99

I liked 99 was kind of sad he died but I was mad when he got in ARC trooper Havoc's way and the ARC trooper died

"One of the best clone troopers. Was sad to see him die, but he went out with honor.

99 deserved much better

You were a true clone

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13 Hevy

Hevy sacrificed himself for the lives of his brothers and I wish we had more time to get to know him

Heavy sacrificed himself to protect Kamino he was better than most clones... NOT all just most... I wish the had given his character more time to develop

Hevy thinks he is the best. He deserved to die.

14 Wolffe

He and Rex are the top two. Strong will. Loyal. Fighters.

BOI dat scar through the eye...

He is the best he's been my favorite TROOPER sense I was 5 he rocks. He has cool costume.Blue Wight and Red

He.s the best looking one however fox Rex Cody and wolffe would make a great team

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15 Commander Gree

Only the best can serve with yoda.

Vest clone better than rex


16 Commander Fox

Still alive that's interesting because of all the clones that died he's still alive! He clearly deserves to be in the top ten.

Too bad he was the one who killed Fives, and if you think thorn did, look it up.

Awesome with two pistols, and is kinda like Rex

I think he's a madder

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17 Droidbait

He was an okay troop it was his srg he died

18 Appo

The replacement to Rex.

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19 Hardcase

Hard case is the best I mean he should be top 10

Come on, this guy rocks. With no fear of battle, he just runs in blazing, and the droids should be scared!

Hardcase is so cool


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20 Republic Commando Sev

He is so awesome he's the best sniper evva

I agree

Sev is literally THE CHRIS KYLE OF Star Wars; someone should write a story about him called “Republic Sniper,” and the main villain as Aurra Sing; it’d be so badass!


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