Best Comedy Movies of 2010


The Top Ten

1 Despicable Me
2 Toy Story 3

its so funny I saw it when it first came out

3 Tangled

The movie is amazing, the soundtracks are the best! Love Tangled so much, don't you?

Why is this movie 10th? It is a hilarious movie, all because of Eugene. Best movie ever! - taylorswift24878

awesome movie
even adults can enjoy it!

4 Jackass 3D

These guys are modern day Looney Tunes. Johnny Knoxville is Bugs Bunny, Steve-O is Daffy Duck, Preston & Wee Man are Sylvester and Tweety, Chris Pontius is Road Runner, Danger Ehren is Wile E. Coyote, Bam Margera is Speedy Gonzales while Ryan Dunn is Taz

If the boys were the modern day Looney Tunes, Johnny Knoxville is the Bugs Bunny of the pack.

These guys are more looney than the Looney Tunes.

5 How to Train Your Dragon

Not that there's anything wrong with a dragon-esque fig... OUCH!

6 Kick-Ass

This is such an awesome movie! It's amazing! And
Then Scott Pilgrim vs. The world should be second because that was just as good

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7 Hot Tub Time Machine
8 Four Lions

The shock factor of this movie is what makes it so funny and surprisingly relavent to modern issues.

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9 Burke & Hare

If Simon Pegg is in the movie, you are guaranteed for a lot of fun!

10 Shrek Forever After

The Contenders

11 The Other Guys

Funnies thing I seen from these 2

Are you kidding me how is this not at the top of the list
Will ferrell cracks me up
This movie is legit comedy unlike those kids movies

12 Megamind
13 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

should definitely be in the top 3 and seriously tangled is number four - eljordo

Wallace:is that girl a boy too? Crash:yes... I laugh out loud'd so hard... this should be #1... Why is silly ass Tangled is number 1? I'm in lesbians with this Movie!

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14 MacGruber

True to it's tagline, it's the best Saturday Night Live film since Waynes World.

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15 Diary of a Wimpy Kid
16 Get Him to the Greek
17 The Kids Are All Right
18 Machete
19 Due Date

Really quite funny, very enjoyable movie with Robert Downey Jr. And Zach Galifikanis. Very funny, I've watched it quite a lot now and enjoy it even more. - marlonacott

20 Dinner for Schmucks
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