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121 Mike Ward

Love this man's voice! Haunting, heartfelt, full of soul

Raw and pure soulful

122 Scotty McCreery Scotty McCreery

He is the best though young, I love you this big, and see you tonight are enogh for one to become a fan

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123 Easton Corbin

Not top ten worthy just yet, but in twenty years, no doubt he is a legend. Reminds me of George strait.

Musical copy cat without the looks. But he can sing and has a good voice.

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124 Kellie Pickler
125 Sara Evans Sara Evans

I like her song Suds in the Buckets

126 Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson

Yes, she can, but she doesn't usually sing country.

Where in the $&@? $&/$ is Loretta Lynn? She is not in the top 100 which invalidates this list and makes it worthy of no further consideration. Totally bogus.

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127 Clay Walker

What is wrong with you people?! Go listen to real country, this guy is a top ten for sure

Excellent singer, songwriter and performer!

128 Big Smith
129 Hunter Hayes Hunter Hayes Hunter Easton Hayes (born September 9, 1991) is an American country music singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He is proficient at more than thirty instruments and is signed to Atlantic Records Nashville.

He's a cutie with a great voice

Not even in the top 100 in his own state!

How is he on this list?

130 Jerry Lee Lewis


The best

TOP 30


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131 Eric Church

If you don't thinks he's top 25 than take a look at all of his songs you will be surprise how many are hits!

He is the best, lyrical, and has so many hits, and you can relate to every single one of his songs. A haters gonna hate, please respect him, he's a Country Music Jesus! One day you'll be kicking yourself for not likein him, one day!

One of the few left that hasn't converted to "bro-country". As he says, still have a lotta boot left to fill!


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132 Ricky Skaggs

Overall maybe a top ten choice. In the blue glass category possibly number one.

Fantastic singer and musician

Had commercial success in mainstream country. went back to what he loves-bluegrass. he is so talented that he would be great at any musical genre he would attempt.

133 Mickey Gilley

A very good country music vocal.

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134 Sammi Smith

How could Sammi Smith NOT be on this list. One of the best voices EVER and not just in country music. Her voice is distinctive and she sings from the depths of her soul. Right up there with Patsy Cline.

135 Jimmie Driftwood

Jimmy wrote offer 6,000 tracks including The Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee Stud, and many more. His music is timeless, and some of his songs will get stuck in your head for days.

136 Granger Smith
137 Aaron Watson V 1 Comment
138 ShirleyMae Smith
139 Jethro Burns
140 Dick Curless
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