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1 Eddy Merckx

5x Tour De France - 5x Giro - 1x Vuelta
7x Milan-Sanremo - 2x Tour de Flanders - 3x Paris-Roubaix - 5x Liege-Bastogne-Liege.
3x World Champion.
I am going to stop here, because it's too much.
He was the best in a time of other great riders.
Climbing, sprinting, time-trials, descending, he could do everything and win by minutes.

Merckx is simply the best because he won classics, world championships, stage races, criteriums and track events and was the most aggressive cyclist who defeated the best.

Simply the best The King, the best there ever was and the best there ever will be!

3 jerseys in one OFF

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2 Peter Sagan

This man is a pleasure to watch ride he is so talented I don't think he even realizes it. His interviews are cool check him out

Best complex cyclist player in the world!

This is a Best Ever list right? Lol. Can we please wait until this guy win a major race first, geez. A very good sprinter at best. 104 on a Best Ever list would still be too high. - Los66g

@Los66g, LOL. Sagan is the only triple world champion in history, won five green jerseys

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3 Bernard Hinault

Last Frenchman to win the Tour de France and won it 5 times. Also won 3 Giro and was one of the most aggressive cyclists ever.

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4 Fausto Coppi

Great cyclist, however suffered from two things:

1. Had a severe and deadly disease AND recovered from it. Couldn't have done much better.
2. Suffered from 5 years forced break in World War 2 and probably would have won a few trophies there.

However, I still think he wouldn't be greater than Eddy Merckx even without these problems. He's just something else.

Best Italian cyclist of all time.
5x Giro, 2x TDF and loads of classic victories.

Had to stop 5 years for the second world war and had to fight with Bartali. Coppi and Bartali are second and third after Merckx

Coppi won 7 great tours, a world championship, the hour record and many monument classics (5 times Milano Sanremo! ). He was the dominant international cyclist of the years each side of the Second World War but he suffered from 5 years forced break in World War 2. His successes have been exceeded only by Eddy Merckx and Bernard Hinault but how many races he could have won without the World War 2 break?
The time gaps he was able to inflict to the man in second place were amazing, 15-20 minutes or more.
Coppi won his second Tour by 28minutes and 27seconds and the organiser had to double the prizes for lower placings to keep other riders interested. He have ridden only three Tour de France and won two.
If Coppi isn't the greatest rider of all time, then he is second only to Eddy Merckx.

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5 Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong

Serial cheat who has finaly been rightly denounced by sporting professionals. A disgraceful example of what it means to be a sportsman. Any list of greats that contains Armstrong is so flawed as to be meaningless

If they accused Lance because he had accomplished much in the about those who made it to the top ten during Lance's time? Why were they able to follow and keep pace with Lance? Where have they got all the endurance to be as close to the man who is they extraordinarily powerful because of what they believe?

He took a drug that has been proven to not even increase physical endurance. It is said that it literally has no effect on you physically. Study just recently came out. Stripped of his medals for a drug that doesn't even do anything. Sad, still should be considered one of the greatest ever!

Ask me if Americans are watching the tour? ask if tour is giving money back they got because of Lance? Is UCI taking down all if not all cyclist who won because of doping? More importantly is UCI testing everyone every day? So yeah higher than 5 I'm disappointed that Lance sued people that were telling truth! Because of this he will always be two or three!

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6 Miguel Indurain

Indurain won by sheer relentlessness and was all-round amazing, he was head and shoulders above the competition in his time.

Indurain was unstoppable in his time, his bodily statistics (VO2 max, lung size, blood pace, etc. ) showed that he was not only an amazing cyclist but an incredible all-round sportsman who could have dominated any cardio-sport he wanted.

Indurain was the gentleman, he won 5 Tour and 2 Giro and other races, but the difference with the others was his kindness with his rivals and his humility. He could have won more but he neednt it.

Miguel reflects the true spirit of cycling.

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7 Jacques Anquetil

A great cyclist together with Raymond Poulidor duels are legendary

8 Fabian Cancellara

If you need to explain to someone why Spartacus is one of the greatest cyclists of ever, they just aren't worth your time.

Not only good at time trials, Cancellara is a dominant one-day rider and a threat in any one-day event he enters. The greatest one-day rider of his generation. Also, unlike most sprinters and time-triallists, is not useless in the mountains and can hold his own.

Time trails and cobbles he is just about unbeatable. He can kick up a little sprint to so he must be the best

Winning a tour event is as much about the team. Winning a TT or spring classic is all about the rider.

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9 Chirs Froome

When I hear his name The picture comes into my mind of him attacking his team leader on the tour.

He has accomplished great thing and will accomplish many more

Even whether he is 13th his still the best cyclist

Je as skill duh

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10 Andy Schleck

Too short career, otherwise he would be ranked higher

Don't think dopers should be in this list

A very good cyclist!

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11 Greg LeMond

Since Armstrong's titles have been stripped he is the only American to win the Tour De France. He won it 3 times winning two of them after coming back from getting shot by his brother in law in a hunting accident. You do that you should be on the list.

Without the hunting accident that kept him out for those years, LeMond would have enough Tours and World Championships wins to easily be considered among the absolute best of all time...

LeMond had a much more successful career in cycling than Andy Schleck. He is also largely responsible for bringing pro cycling to the USA. He was an unbelievable talent in his time, equal to the Badger. If he hadn't gotten shot, he may have had 2 additional successful seasons with possible Tour and Classics wins. Doping in the peloton forced him out early.

May have had 5 TDF if not for helping win Hinault his fifth and his time off from the accident

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12 Sean Kelly

Strong, honest & super tactical in a race finish. Had to fend for himself most of the time, better team would have brought even more race wins

Top of the rankings over a long period of time. Needed stronger team support, could have been even better.

Best all round. Tour De France green Jerseys. Etc.

Kelly was the hardest man ever to punt a bike.

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13 Alberto Contador

I think the best cyclist, his attacks are amazing

The most exciting rider in modern days. - jp27fcp

I'm young (23 years old) but in this year i�'ve never seen anyone like him. Always fighting. Amazing!

A real fighter. he would shake the race to make this sport better. You would not have time for a little nap after lunch if alberto is riding on T.V.. remember this, when he retires cycling won't be the same. Thank you so much Alberto winner of 3 TDF, 3 Giros and 3
vueltas, for all you have done for us in the last 12 years

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14 Joop Zoetemelk

Rode the Tour de France an amazing 16 times! One win, and 6 2nd place finishes

15 Rik van Looy

Won all 6 great classics, no-one ever accomplished it.
Named "Emperor of cycling".

16 Mark Cavendish

He has tried so hard to be where he is today. Coaches have called him fat and said that he would never be able to be a pro. Well look where he is today. 25 Tour de France stages. World Champion. British Champion. Green Jersey winner. Over 100 wins in his pro career. The figures speak for themselves. Cav I respect you.

Fastest sprinter in the world he is unbeatable and he's the raining world champion

Mark Cavendish, 25 stage victories in the Tour de France, clearly the best sprinter in the world

A rider to be proud of. CLEAN, and an absolute great sprinter.

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17 Roger De Vlaeminck

A great classic rider. Only Merckx won more classics.
De Vlaeminck ended 42 times out of 69 classics in the top 10.
Legend of Paris-Roubaix

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18 Jens Voigt

Funniest on most popular rider in the field. Has worked as a domestic all his career and is just amazing.

It seems he will go on riding 'til he gets 70 or so

At his peak he was better than the captains he served.

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19 Gino Bartali

He was stopped 7 years from races because of second war and because fascist regime don't want him to race outside Italy. He won Tour first time at less than 22 and second time at 32 with more than 30 minutes advantage on the second.

He didn't race during 7 years because of war

A great man very strong cyclist whose duel with Coppi are legendary.

20 Philippe Gilbert

How he has winning the world championships, just legendary amazing unbelievable, I have no words for it he is just the best cyclist I've ever know vote for him he's the man

Best one-day rider of the last 4 years.
Has won all classics in April except Tour de Flanders and Paris-Roubaix.
Superb at steep hills.

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