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1 Eddy Merckx

His victories and how he achieved them will in all likelihood never be equalled.

Nice cyclist


Is good cyclist

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2 Peter Sagan

Best complete cyclist, but not always smartest. (MSR...)

Brilliant. Exciting. Personality. Larger than life. Funny. Looks good in green. Amazing descender.

Just love Peter Sagan

Brought numbers of fans to cycling

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3 Bernard Hinault

Better than all the rest, racing clean

Best ever. Most exiting to watch.

Last Frenchman to win the Tour de France and won it 5 times. Also won 3 Giro and was one of the most aggressive cyclists ever.

My choise of best cyclist - jmepa123

4 Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong Lance Edward Armstrong is a former American professional road racing cyclist. At age 16, Armstrong began competing as a triathlete and was a national sprint-course triathlon champion in 1989 and 1990.

Seriously people, can anyone say for certain no one other than Lance Armstrong took enhancements in pro cycling? His critics, like Greg LeMond could have been juicing as well. No drug tests back in those days.
The France has stolen billions from American businesses over the years. The 7 titles they stole from Lance Armstrong should be returned to the man.

He was as juiced up as everyone else. He just had more heart, and more mental strength. Unstoppable.

This man, hands down, is the greatest cyclist of all time. The only fault you can hit lance with would be his only focus was the The Tour De France. He really did not put much effort into the other races. And if anyone believes that Hinault raced clean you are not very smart. He also was a huge coke head.

Who else has seven Tour de France wins? He played by the unwritten rules and beat his opponents mentally as well as physically.

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5 Chirs Froome

Simply the Best

Great rider and a lovely gentleman

Best rider of his generation, no other comes close

Great rider, bloke and team

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6 Alberto Contador

He is the best. Always fighting himself.

I think the best cyclist, his attacks are amazing

The most exciting rider in modern days. - jp27fcp

I'm young (23 years old) but in this year i�'ve never seen anyone like him. Always fighting. Amazing!

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7 Greg LeMond

Potentially the greatest of all time. Definitely the unluckiest. To have that much genetic advantage and talent and get shot. He picked the wrong team in 85. He entered his prime years during the giant technical leap in doping.

Probably the most amazing thing is he may actually be the only rider in the history of cycling not to dope. His behavior and performance and record (only 3 tour wins and 2 world championships) basically support that.

Populaized cycling and interest in cycle racing in the USA.

Hands down the best cyclist of all time rivaling the great Eddy Merckx. Even Eddy himself said that LeMond has more class than the entire peloton combined. A true legend that could have had 6 TDF wins if he hadn't been shot.

Since Armstrong's titles have been stripped he is the only American to win the Tour De France. He won it 3 times winning two of them after coming back from getting shot by his brother in law in a hunting accident. You do that you should be on the list.

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8 Fausto Coppi

No doubt he was the greatest ever... How can you put all the othesr before him. tI's just a case of ignorance.
Who voted Sagan, Lemond, Contador, Armstrong (! ) simply doesn't know the history of cyclism.
What a sadness

Great cyclist, however suffered from two things:

1. Had a severe and deadly disease AND recovered from it. Couldn't have done much better.
2. Suffered from 5 years forced break in World War 2 and probably would have won a few trophies there.

However, I still think he wouldn't be greater than Eddy Merckx even without these problems. He's just something else.

Best Italian cyclist of all time.
5x Giro, 2x TDF and loads of classic victories.

I'm agree with this sentence: "Merckx was the strongest but Fausto was the greatest"... but certainly Coppi was clean... hero

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9 Miguel Indurain

The unstoppable beast

First, without doubt

Indurain won by sheer relentlessness and was all-round amazing, he was head and shoulders above the competition in his time.

Indurain was unstoppable in his time, his bodily statistics (VO2 max, lung size, blood pace, etc. ) showed that he was not only an amazing cyclist but an incredible all-round sportsman who could have dominated any cardio-sport he wanted.

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10 Jacques Anquetil

His record of 9 Grand Prix Des Nations in 9 attempts over 11 years unmatchable. Dauphiné -Bordeaux Paris incredible

A great cyclist together with Raymond Poulidor duels are legendary

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11 Fabian Cancellara

If you need to explain to someone why Spartacus is one of the greatest cyclists of ever, they just aren't worth your time.

Not only good at time trials, Cancellara is a dominant one-day rider and a threat in any one-day event he enters. The greatest one-day rider of his generation. Also, unlike most sprinters and time-triallists, is not useless in the mountains and can hold his own.

Most dominant spring classics specialist in modern cycling

Time trails and cobbles he is just about unbeatable. He can kick up a little sprint to so he must be the best

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12 Andy Schleck

Exciting to watch.
Nice person too

One of the best climbers ever

Don't think dopers should be in this list

Too short career, otherwise he would be ranked higher

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13 Sean Kelly

Incredibly tough, a sprinter who could also climb, a master tactician who reigned supreme in the classics but also podiums in the grand tour's and winner in the Vuelta. Name a more complete cyclist since Kelly dominated the 80s.

Fighter to the finish

Top sprinter, time trial winner, Grand Tour Winner, Classics champion and world number one for half a decade in the Eightys. Incredibly tough cyclist.

Strong, honest & super tactical in a race finish. Had to fend for himself most of the time, better team would have brought even more race wins

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14 Cadel Evans

His only fault was being clean. Should have more GT wins, if his competition wasn't doped up.

Won the most exciting Tour (2011) in absolutely courageous fashion, close second twice also and probably should have won those too, podium in all three grand tours.

Guy's a complete ass to journalists. Doesn't deserve it

World Champion of mountain biking (1998) and road biking (2009), and then he won the Tour de France in 2011.

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15 Mark Cavendish

The best sprinter of a time. Period.

He has tried so hard to be where he is today. Coaches have called him fat and said that he would never be able to be a pro. Well look where he is today. 25 Tour de France stages. World Champion. British Champion. Green Jersey winner. Over 100 wins in his pro career. The figures speak for themselves. Cav I respect you.

Fastest sprinter in the world he is unbeatable and he's the raining world champion

Mark Cavendish, 25 stage victories in the Tour de France, clearly the best sprinter in the world

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16 Joop Zoetemelk

One of the greats of his time, a pure cyclist with a great personality to match. Could have been the most decorated Tour cyclist had things gone just a bit differently (6 second place finishes and 1 win! ).

Rode the Tour de France an amazing 16 times! One win, and 6 2nd place finishes

17 Rik van Looy

Won all 6 great classics, no-one ever accomplished it.
Named "Emperor of cycling".

18 Roger De Vlaeminck

A great classic rider. Only Merckx won more classics.
De Vlaeminck ended 42 times out of 69 classics in the top 10.
Legend of Paris-Roubaix

Greatest classic rider

Very important rider of world s cycling

19 Alejandro Valverde

How can you not include Valverde in the top 5 riders of all time? He has 123 professional wins and in all of cyclings rankings he is always listed in the top 10. And he is the only rider presently racing who is listed in the top 10. There are only two riders in today's peloton who have more wins. Mark Cavendish and Andre Greipel. And both of them are sprinters. He can do it all. He can sprint, climb, time-trial, descend and he is the best puncher in the world. Jens Voight better. That is a joke and I do like Jens, but really? I do not know who is doing the voting, but even pros think he is the best rider of this generation.

7 medals in world championships, finally got over the top with his win in ‘18 (at age 38! ). Was overshadowed by Contador and his Grand Tour success, but his longevity and all-around excellence are unmatched in the modern era.

D best

Finally podium in Tour he deserve it, now the world championship

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20 Gino Bartali

Not only the best of his era, in a career cut short by the war but he was a war hero too. A fascinating life story and exceptional cyclist.

He was stopped 7 years from races because of second war and because fascist regime don't want him to race outside Italy. He won Tour first time at less than 22 and second time at 32 with more than 30 minutes advantage on the second.

He didn't race during 7 years because of war

A great man very strong cyclist whose duel with Coppi are legendary.

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21 Jens Voigt

Funniest on most popular rider in the field. Has worked as a domestic all his career and is just amazing.

It seems he will go on riding 'til he gets 70 or so

At his peak he was better than the captains he served.

Love this guy...

22 Marco Pantani

A tortured soul, a courageous rider. One of my favourites.

Crazy amazing rider very special

He was a hero not a cyclist, arguably the greatest clymer of all time

The best!

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23 Vincenzo Nibali

The guy not only won tour but always up their. He has 12 podiums in the three biggest tours. Extereme hard worker not the gifted one but source of inspiration for hard workers.

Italian Shark! One of the big four

A rider who gives his all

Triple Crown (2 Giro; 1 Tour; 1 Vuelta); 3 Monuments; 2 National Championship. A spectacular rider with class and heart

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24 Tom Boonen

Boonen is for me the best cyclist ever. Great sprinter very strong

Best Flemish rider of the late '2000's
Last Belgian World champion

One of the best one-day riders of the past 30 years.
3 times tour of flanders, 4 times Paris Roubaix, 5 Times E3 prijs Vlaanderen, 3 Times Gent Wevelgem, World Champion 2005, Green Jersey in the Tour,...
More then 100 victories so far...

No body ever won in 1 year ( but tom boonen did):
Paris roubix
Tour of flanders

25 Philippe Gilbert

How he has winning the world championships, just legendary amazing unbelievable, I have no words for it he is just the best cyclist I've ever know vote for him he's the man

He is just the best of the whole world, nobody can beat him!

He's just awesome
the most explosive cyclist ever


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26 Joaquim Rodríguez

Best attacking climber nowadays

Most explosive climber I have seen

He won stage 3 of the 2015 Tour de France.

Not fair that he never won a grand tour #GoPurito

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27 Nairo Quintana

Greatest climber. Makes it look so effortless.

The best

AWESOME at Climbing

Great cycling

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28 Geraint Thomas

Very clever and astute rider when either helping the team or leading the team

29 Francesco Moser

Great allrounder... A lot of big victories, like Giro d'Italia - general and many stage wins, stage wins in tour de france, 3 times Paris Roubaix in 78, 79 and 80 and much more...

30 Alfredo Binda

Binda and Guerra, those were the days.

He is the greatest

31 Tony Rominger

Alias 2nd in the Tdf, but always a challenge for Miguel

32 Mario Cipollini

Very fast, good showman. Made the sport more popular.

33 Lucien Van Impe

1 Tour de France title and six polka dot Jerseys

34 Jan Ullrich


One of the greatest cycling talents. Unfortunately grew up in the Iron Curtain period, which made him susceptible to all kinds of temptations. Physically great, mentally weak, physically and technically unbelievable.

Best cycling young talent of the 20th century, and still managed to come 2nd without doping on the same level as Armstrong. Probably was the greatest rider in his generation of cyclists if drugs did not exist.


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35 Bradley Wiggins

A legend

I don't think he is the best overall but but his diverse ability on the road and track has to put him up there even if he wont be remembered as one of the greats

Bradley has just got the hour record which means he has beat everyone who attempted it so he is the best rider ever!

First brit to win the tour de France olympic time trail champion he's brilliant

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36 Thor Hushovd

He won the cycling world championship in 2010. Hit the green shirt in tour de’france in 2005 and 2009 and was among the 5 best cyclists in the world from 2003-2012

HE suck

Simply one of the best riders in the 2000’s. Good sprinter and with the victory on a climbingstage I TDF... just an amazing rider

37 Michał Kwiatkowski

Complete young rider, who can win in ITT's, hilly classics, sprints and fight on a climbs.

38 Stephen Roche

One of only two cyclists in the history of the sport to complete the 'Triple Crown' - TdF, Giro, World Championship Road Race in a season. The other one was Merckx. Would probabky have won more after that if not for knee injuries

39 Laurent Fignon

Best in the world

An amazing cyclist who's career was dogged by injury but when he was on form he was the best by far. He was the personafication of the word Panache.

A great cyclist and ferce competitor. Two time Tour winner Lost a third Tour to Greg Lemond by 8 seconds on the last day time trial. Closest finish in Tour the France history. Terrible sportsman with a vile temper. - Los66g

Double tour winner and beat Hinault easily in 1984

40 Felice Gimondi

How many races he would have won had Eddy not being participating.

Very regular during twelve years

41 Rui Costa
42 Thomas Voeckler

We miss Thomas in the Tour.

Tommy comes to play hard, its fun to watch him race, he gives it his all day in and day out-tribute to the cycling world, but not recognized like he should be.

Thomas Voeckler is one of he best cyclest on a bike. He has always given his best ride after ride, sadley though, he has been over shadowed by the dopers. Please look again at this rider and see what a true sportman looks like on a bike. He is fun to watch.

43 Erik Zabel

Won a record six green Jerseys in the tour

44 Louison Bobet

First person to win 3 consecutive tour titles

45 Tejay Van Garderen

He is a savage. - kevinpedro

46 Pedro Delgado

Pure heart and courage. He won a tour of France. The next year he lost one because he got lost going to the start. He deserved to have won more

47 Alexandre Vinokourov

Insanely competitive

The guy who really battled all the time. Never gave up

He wasen't even good when he was doping.

48 Ryszard Szurkowski
49 Peter Velits
50 Federico Bahamontes

First Spaniard to win the tour and won the king of the mountains Jersey six times

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