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1 Aggron Aggron

Aggro is the wall defender on my team. In real life he would be even STRONGER in Double, Triple battles. Protect ally from hit. Ally defeated opponents Pokemon. Me and my Pokemon wins. The end

Aggron is my teams tank it has a great move pool and it can take a hit and deal one out with great power in attack and defense it's my go to, I named it accurately named it, Dooms-Day.

Aggron does have good defense but his special defense base is only 60 :/ so not all that good

Aggron is originally a good tank with 180 defense but mega aggron filter ability and 230 defense just WOW

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2 Shuckle

Though you won't see many on competitive teams, shuckle practically absorbs both special and physical attacks, with a 230 base defense and a 230 based special defense. If it had more than a base 20 HP, shuckle would be a necessity for every team.

Shuckle is the ultimate defensive wall, with power swap it can become a destructive force. If you want a stall Pokemon, Shuckle can do great with sticky web access and contrary shell smash.

Yup best defensive pokemon, it will make the opponent cry if you use power split and keep using rest

With that defense and special defense Shuckle could survive a atomic bomb.

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3 Magikarp Magikarp Magikarp, known in Japan as Koiking is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It resembles an orange fish with whiskers. It was created by Ken Sugimori, Magikarp first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. It is a water type that evolves more.

Incredibly well balanced, this Pokemon serves as both a team fortress and destroyer. When leveled up to 100 this Pokemon becomes the pride of the trainer and the symbol of greatness. Absolutely a majestic sight to behold.

Having one of the most useful moves, Magikarp destroys anything that stands in his way even before evolving into mighty Gyarados and can also play a defensive role pretty well. It also has good speed so nothing can escape its wrath.

No Pokemon can stand up to the great Magikarp. With its incomparable stats, not to mention Magikarp's great move pool including one of the best competitive moves ever, splash, this Pokemon can take down any other Pokemon.

Magikarp is a pathetically weak Pokémon and splash does absolutely nothing. It’s evolved form Gyarados is a great Pokémon and can be powerful depending on how you raise it

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4 Deoxys Deoxys Deoxys is a fictional species of Pokémon from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. Deoxys has four forms, Speed form, Defence form, Attack form, and finally Normal form. Deoxys normally have fights with Rayquaza since they both live in space right outside Earth.

180 defense AND special defense? DEFENSE form ATTACK form and SPEED form! Dude! This pokemon is everything in one! How could you not love it!

Snap dis awesome


Dude This thing Has Speed,Attack,Defense all in one! how could you not love it!

5 Steelix Steelix

Very powerful in defense, it's a shame that his other stats aren't up to standard with his devastatingly strong defense. If you want a Defensive Pokemon in your team this is the guy.

A major Power house. If a human punched the bleed.

Stops physical attacks with ease and is a great pokemon to have in your party

Mine has 466 defense and is only level 45

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6 Cloyster Cloyster

One of the most defensive non Ubers in the game, Skill Link gives multi-strike moves always hitting quintuple. Its only problem however is its Special Defense which is really low. But throw something Special Defensive on the team, such as Probopass or Umbreon and that problem is sorted.

Got great defenses and skill link with icicle spear and rock blast with shell smash and item focus sash makes it almost unstoppable

7 Onix Onix

Very high defense, and in my opinion rock is better then steel

Not as good as steelix

It is the best defensive pkmn

With 160 base Defense, and eviolite, this is probs for the best physical tank ever

8 Registeel Registeel

I use registeel in a lot of battles, it's a really good defensive and special defensive Pokemon in battle with friends or wifi

I took a long time to catch this thing. timer ball is a necessity. very defensive, and awesome robotic-looking Pokemon.

9 Regirock Regirock

In my emerald my regirock has 431 base defense.

OK Reggie rock by stat wise has that tied 200 definitely with other Pokemon but he also has good attack and before fairy type came out it was only this guy to take down dragon types of the elite four

10 Bastiodon Bastiodon

I think bastiodon because it's pretty cool and it's defense and special defense are both good

He would be by far my favorite Pokemon, don't care what other people say, I THINK HE IS A LEGEND!

Well Bastiodon is great in Defense and Special Defense 168 Defense and 138 Special Defense. How is that not good, Bastiodon can learn Stealth Rock too. So that makes it able to deal with focus sashes too. that's why I have it on my team.

This guy takes hits like a baws!

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11 Umbreon Umbreon

Dude, Umbreon has awesome Base Defense, Sp. Defense and Health! She can take a Focus Blast or Punch and still survive. She can learn crippling moves like Toxic and if someone tries to bring down Umbreon, Heal Bell and Moonlight are the way to go!

Lovely mixed bulk. The way to go if you love stall. An excellent cleric, with access to both heal bell and wish, you can help your other Pokemon survive longer too!

My Umbreon didn't even faint from a fire blast or focus blast. I was surprised it had such awesome defense. Go Umbreon!

Really Good Stallmon with good Recovery

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12 Heatran Heatran
13 Toxapex Toxapex

Baneful bunker is OP.

You forgot its special move that acts like protect and will poison the enemy on contact. plus the fact that it's water/poison.

Toxapex is a tank. With maxed IV training, this Pokémon is impossible to stop. Pair it with toxic, venoshock, and withbthe merciless ability this Pokémon cannot be stopped. Weaknesses? It doesn't matter because this Pokémon will live through any hit.

14 Weedle Weedle Weedle is a worm-like Pokémon in the Pokémon series. It evolves to Kakuna, which evolves to Beedrill.

With never-before-seen typing and outstanding movepool, this savage pokemon will stop at nothing to tear away its enemy. Its magnificent special defense is only outstripped by its own defense, which makes it extremely durable and able to take hits exceptionally well. - Rayquasar

Weedle is a necessity to any team his base stats are amazing and strong shot is best move 2k16

It is a worm A WORM it will tear through a mega rayquaza with ease a few poison stings and tackle is all it takes now repeat after me "all hail the mighty weedle" or he will kill all of your pokemon in the PC

A favorite of champions, Weedle is the best pokemon to use. Its signature move poison sting OHKOs even the bulkiest pokemon!

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15 Tyranitar Tyranitar

Tyranitar is the best tanker

Tyranitar looks cool. And strong but has low speed. Its awesome looking!
By Hacker. Pk

16 Blissey Blissey

Blissey is a tank literally a wall nothing can actually take her down

Funny thing is... it has one of the lowest defenses in the game - Rayquasar

When I caught her, I named her wall

Lol, I named her WhereisWally

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17 Lugia Lugia

Lugia has highest speed n defense n hp

Lugia has a high special defense along with great attacks, this Pokemon is hearted to be in a favourites team

Lugia is strong and has high defense with high hp. Of course the attack is suck. But speed is super

18 Torterra Torterra

Super strong and has such a cute evolution line, plus his defense is outstanding. He has a tree growing out of his back for crying out loud!

It's the continent pokemon, it can survive forest fires

With earthquake & higher defenses he can beat even fire types;perhaps grass-ground combo is great.

My torterra is the tank of my team even dusknor couldn't stand a chance

19 Ferrothorn

With a base defense of 131 and base special defense of 116, along with a grass/steel type advantage, this Pokemon can hold off entire teams.

Yes it's the best always pick it. Just always.

Pluse can learn both stealth rocks and spikes, can't be leech seeded, or spored!

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20 Probopass Probopass

How could you not love that moustache.

It can take any hit like its nothing except maybe a Close Combat or Earthquake

It is strong.

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