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21 Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is a great store. It's the kind of store where you go in, spend a few hundred, and don't regret any of it. Their clothes are beautiful, unique, excellent quality, and long lasting. I DEFINITELY recommend.

They have really cute clothes. I have seen lots of people who wear there clothes.

expensive... but they have nice clothes - mmpritchard

I love this store except a lot of the clothes are VERY preppy.

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22 Sears

I've shopped at Sears for over fifty years. In that span of time I have never been disappointed. The bad rap given to Sears is uncalled for; it has been hit the hardest by internet on-line shopping. I want to see what I am buying. Every product I buy at Sears has always been there for me. Don't give up; there are some of us out here that still believe in you!

Sears items are always on Sale. They're cheap and the clothing actually is quite fashionable. I don't know why sears always has a bad rap.

Love the it's heritage...should be seen as a national treasure...why the father of the catalogue did not get on board with the internet early on... is a shock!

Sears is awesome. Does not deserce to be number 39. It should at least be number 8 or 9

23 Aeropostale

Aeropostale is an amazing store for guys and girls. Their prices are a little high, but they always have a great sale going on. The clothes are really cute, especially the sweaters and hoodies.

Best clothes always great sales going on and there clothes r so soft - kahardy32

24 H+M

Even though the store maybe a little expensive I still shop there

25 Home Goods

Nice name. Its lovely

Great products at a good value

26 Forever 21

Always keeping up with the latest styles, Forever 21 stays trendy, fresh, and up to date. They keep young ladies everywhere looking beautiful, at a most reasonable price.

Forever 21 has good prices, and great clothes, but it is always very messy and full

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27 Martins
28 Gimbels

Gimbels is no longer it was bought out by brown and Williamson tobacco now out of bis senses tobbaco people used the failing chain for write offs

29 Harvey Nichols
30 Woolworth

I thought it was out of business, I give it a great

They're gone but not forgotten a real pioneer in the industry

31 Belk

Probably my favorite. For one, I consider it an actual department store. Two, the prices are set at a reasonable price and the discount is actually a discount. If you ever go into kohls and notice their original pricing? It's an outrageous markup. They only do that so it looks like you are getting a sale.

I really like this store, it is my favorite department store! Usually lower priced then other stores and ALWAYS having sales! I wish they had more locations though.

The "Southern style" stuff they sell here is annoying. - Target

I dunno HOW this isn't top 20

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32 Filene's

They should have never been closed

33 Mervyns
34 Marks & Spencer

I like the food court in marks and spencers plus the staff are happy to help

UK and proud of it. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

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35 Stern's
36 Cooks

That's a cool name

37 E.J. Korvette

This was the greatest retail store of all time, unfortunately it had bad management and went out of business in the late 70's...harris freedman former store mgr

38 Benetton

Great clothing! Great sales! Great quality! The sizes usually run small since it's from Italy. The stlyle is very cool!

39 Von Maur

Von Maur is one of the nicest places I have shopped, ever.
Customer service is great and their creature comfort is beyond anyone else.
To be candid, I can't really afford them as a front line store, but if I got a significant raise / promotion I'd shop there regularly!
I believe they'd be top ten if there were more of them and we had leadership in office that encouraged personal wealth

Great Customer service. Free shipping, gift wrap. Free alterations on basic alterations: unlined skirts, ladies slacks.

40 Bergdorf Goodman

I love this store. I order a Gucci handbag without any hasel. The servis was just excellent. Will be shopping again.

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