Top 10 Skateboard Truck Brands

Here's a list of the best skateboard truck brands. Trucks can be expensive, and picking out the right set of skate trucks can seem tough. But, if you get a pair of trucks off of this list, you should be good. There are other brands that are good quality too, but each of these brands has something that helps it to really stand out.

The Top Ten

1 Independent Trucks

Why Independent is in the second place?
Why Tensor is in the first place?
Tensor comes with bad bushings, Independent trucks comes with nice bushings so you don't have to buy another bushings.
Independent trucks are more famous, people use them more than Tensor.
More pros are in the Independent team, and Tensor? Just Rodney Mullen.
Tensor is a nice skateboard truck, but we can't lie: Independent is better.

I've rode every truck because I personally believe they affect your tricks more then the board. Now 10 years ago it was Venture. 5 years ago it was Thunder and I mean everyone rode thunder. I think that made Indy step it up because now they are the best again. Just look in the mags and videos everyone regardless of sponsor is riding Indy stage 11. Light, responsive, great stability which I feel is the most important. When your flipping a stair set or grinding a rail you want that stability to stomp your tricks and indy has that. Only true skaters ride Indy. Like their motto says " F the rest ride the best".

Independent- You need them to be a real skater. They react and respond quickly. They make your grinds smooth so you can do them perfectly every time. They have extremely nice bushings so you never have to replace them. I've been skating for over 20 years, and I can do hundreds of tricks. The thing is, I can only do them with these trucks. When I skate with other trucks, I can't do all the things I can do with my regular board that has these trucks. By far the best trucks EVER.

Independent for life.. Simple as that.. No one grind like a perfect set of indys on your deck... A couple of years I had a 149 silver indys on my powell deck... Well I broke first the powell fisrt and the indys still strong.. Change in to a santa cruz deck with the same trucks and after one year after the deck just give it up... And the indys still grinding... Amazing trucks!

2 Thunder Trucks

They are the best truck I've ever skated they are just THE BEST. Also they are super light and the best pros out there, (except for ryan and chaz) all ride them. That should say enough right there GO THUNDER.

Best trucks because Chris Cole, Billy Mark, Tom Asta, Mikey Taylor, and Mark Appleyard has them

I love thunder trucks I've skated Orion, independent, and venture but thunders are definitely the best. I skate thunder lows and they are beast! The thunder bushings are awesome too and the trucks are so light. They feel great to grind with (better than indies and Orion's). They also last forever like they never wear out and overall I honestly think that thunders are the best trucks.

Sick team of course! But I've skated Ventures and Thunders and they're both really nice. The only drawback with venture is compared to others, they're pretty heavy. Thunders are unmatched in strength to weight ratio, being super light and strong. Almost everyone at the couple skate parks I hit ride these and beat the hell out of them for years with little to no complaints. They're taking over!

3 Venture

Good graphics, great team, works good for grinding and smooth rides. I love ventures! There the best! Venture all the way!

Had my ventures for four years. Love them, I wish I had got mids but love the light weight and nothing to complain about.

Smooth grinds, lightweight, and have great design and color. Enough said. VENTURE for the win!

Venture trucks are probably the best trucks I've ever skated. I mean all trucks turn because that's what they are made for but ventures are really good for grinding and are lightweight compared to other trucks. They are also moderately priced and affordable. So next time you are looking for a pair of trucks buy ventures.

4 Tensor Trucks

My Tensor magnesiums have been great for many years now. I did once break a pair after riding it for about 3 or 4 years and Tensor replaced them with a new pair for free. They do come with a lifetime warranty against breakage and they honour that. That alone is a good reason to ride them. Plus they are nice and light and grind well. Only problem I have is now after riding the new pair for about 4 years the front truck keeps slipping slightly in its bushing. I have to twist it to the right often after doing tricks and you can feel it click slightly. If I dot my board curves to the left. however the baseplate doesn't move so it is the truck in its bushing. other than that they have been awesome and I have had no problem with lack of strength. As I said the pair that did eventually break were replaced for free. Might consider trying some Thunders next but it's a tough choice as my tensor mags have served me well.

As a guy in his late 30's who's skated hard since the late 80's, I've seen trucks brands and models come and go. Back then, I was an Indy devotee - and simply put, everything that Indy's do well, Tensors one-up, particularly in Magnesium. Well worth the extra few bucks.
The combination of stability and turnability is a delightful paradox that seems to defy physics, and the grinding capability on even raw cement is equally impressive. And now they come in many different axle widths right to 8.5" - awesome.
Their extreme light weight is a bonus.

These are great, and made by the master Mullen! A lot of people say they break easy, and I can't test that very well, (I'm a bag of bones, pretty much) but, my friend weighs like 200 pounds, and there magnesium, and work well for him. So, don't be shy of these heavenly trucks! But beware, if you don't like at least moderately loose, these probably will be annoying, but otherwise, these have and do everything just nice!

I have had my tensor magnesiums longer than any other trucks they are rusted rite now and I can still skate them like brand new. Also they have different trucks for whatever you like to do.

5 Royal

Best trucks I've ever rode! Ultra light and easy to ride I love them and they are tight.

Soft when popping hard tricks and large sets so I would recommend them to any skater.

I've been riding Royal trucks for years now. I have to say, they're great trucks. They're strong, light, turn well and are very durable. I personally think they deserve more recognition. For me, they're well worth buying for the price they are sold at.

I've had my royals for 2 years feel good when grinding and they haven't broken yet. They are the best trucks every made to this day I will never bye another pare of trucks I tried venture and they sucked waste of my money

Mike mo has them. Best trucks of all time. Its just amazing and they're amazing for grinding

6 Silver Trucks

silver trucks are the best trucks for skating. there so light and strong and also very low and are perfect for grinding good graphics too

Silver should be in first they're nice and light independents aren't good for me they're heavy and again silver should be first they have a great team independent only has one good person geoff rowley and I don't know why Ryan sheckler stopped skating silvers again. SILVERS ARE THE BEST SKATEBOARDING TRUCKS INDEPENDENTS SHOULD BE SIXTH AND SILVERS SHOULD BE FIRST Ryan sheckler should skate silver trucks again

they look so awesome and they are nice and light. they don't break like destructo and they have an awesome team of biebel, nyjah huston, paul rodriguez and danny cerezini

Silver trucks is so far the best trucks I ever skated. I just love how they turn and they lasted me for a long time. Silver trucks are very light and durable. If you are thinking about getting Silver trucks, I would recommend the Silver M-Class Hollows because they turn well, they are durable and they are super light! Go for Silver Trucks!

7 Theeve Trucks

The reason these idiots have placed them so low is because all they ride are indys and thunders and they don't want to try anything new. Get the Theeve TiH Titanium Mid Trucks and you will be amazed because they will literally last a hardcore skater 10 years. It's been tested. These people need to stop just going by what they ride by themselves. I've skated all these brands and Theeves are by far the best.

HOW ARE THEEVE #9? Theeve are by far the best trucks I have ever had, they ride perfect, they curve nice, and they are so durable. I'v had the same set of Theeve Ti-King trucks since they came out and they still ride like they're brand new. I had a set of Tensor Magnesium Response Mids and after a month or so of skating I bent the kingpin and you can't even replace that.

Theeve are the best! Last for ages loads of grind space between the kingpin and hanger, I used to skate ledge loads and my Ti Kings are lasting me just fine. Theeve is all I need

I skated indy's for a while then went to theeve and their just amazing. They turn great, their light, strong and they last for a while. Great truck.

8 Krux Trucks

Skated Independent, Destructo, Silver, Venture, Bullet and Royals and honestly Krux are the best all arounder. Light, strong, turn well, feel stable. Also available in loads of designs and collaborations too to suit everyone's tastes. Awesome trucks for the money and although they're made by Independent these honestly skate so much better and deserve #1.

I've been skating for 20 years and tried many brands before Krux. After my first pair of Krux, I never wanted another brand again. They're light, strong and hands down the best bushings you'll find. Brand new Krux skate like they're already broken in. Turns great. I literally have no complaints. I've been riding Krux now for a solid 12 years. I branched out and tried Silvers once after falling in love with Krux but after a few months I went back to Krux because of how horrible Silver's bushings were. Independents are heavy and the king pin is too close to the hanger. Same king pin issue with many brands but not Krux!

Stop and read this. Krux trucks are literally the greatest trucks in skateboarding. I skated thunders for 2 years and finally got a pair of krux. Comparing them both grinding... krux blew the thunders away. The krux would grind like a perfect waxed ledge and the thunders would stick. They have broken in bushings which takes the hassle out of breaking in trucks. And they are the lightest trucks out there. And the whole can be used as a bottle opener

I haven't been skating krux for long dude but they are some of the best trucks out there for sure. When I grind it is so smooth and I hardly even need wax. The bushings on the trucks are so good and I skate loose and haven't had a problem with that yet. They are so light and come in such a great range of colours. STAY HIGH

9 Destructo Trucks

I ride independent for a long time, but when I switched to Destructo was surprised in a good way, never stuck on king-pin when grinding, never, they are lite and durable. I don't know why people doesn't like them. Smooth grinds, lite trucks, life-time warranty. May be because, they switched the production in china, I don't know, My trucks are original and made in USA. The base plate of new trucks made in china is different, no more made in USA, my trucks has the signature made in USA. May be is this the reason, china production. But I don't get-it a loot of skateboard decks switch to china production, ZERO are made in China and Designed in California, this is written on the ZERO board now. This is bad, why for me it's only owners greedy.

Right now I ride the same destructos I have had for 12 years. I have had other trucks come and go like thunders, indys, and grind kings. But my destructos have always held strong, been light, and are great for grinding.

Destructo trucks get outshined by trucks like independent or thunder, really they are super good. Turning is great, grinding is smooth, durability is amazing even if they break they send you a free pair. However the Trucks have extremely hard bushings so u should replace them with bones bushings or I replaced them with independent bushings and they worked just fine

Destructo make really good trucks that last forever. Solid on big landings, light for flips and smooth for grinding - what else do you need?

10 Grindking Trucks

Grind kings are the best and lightest trucks, I've skated indys, thunder and even ventures but none compare to my Grind kings, so light with an unbreakable kingpin. I also recommend theeves and thunders.

They work for me so I got to say they are the best and I've tried the top 9 others but these are the ones

I've had my grind King trucks Since 1994 and they still work great.

Best trucks cause I have one

The Contenders

11 Iron

Iron is one of the best trucks

At least better than thunders.

Best ever truck

Ye boi

12 Phantom Trucks

Awesome trucks turn well grind well and very light and durable the also have awesome graphics

I have some and they have lasted a long time really good

Phantom trucks should be at the top because they are light and are so low and high at once!

Awesome trucks

13 Orion

These are the best trucks in the world I had mine forever also if your a fan of revive skate boards you need to check out the new decks that we are coming out with soon.

I love my Orions, I ride the low 140's usually with 52mm wheels and I love they way my board feels. They are a little hard to find I have to buy them online but I can get them through skate gonzo dna which saves me shipping. I like the bushing and if you get the superiors the base plate is hollowed out.

Best bushings and great grinds

Awesome trucks light weight and dependable

14 Anchor

I've been skating for 30 years. Bought an Anchor complete as a cheap hack on holidays. They ain't no Thunders, but they're actually pretty light weight, grind nicely and have withstood 5 step tricks.

Really nice trucks. I think anchor should be on the top. I love this trucks!

These trucks are horrible my friend landed on a brick and they split straight threw the middle. Don't ever get them!

These are the best trucks I've ever had and I have been skating for a few years

15 Minilogo

Supposedly durable trucks, at a great price.

Only trucks I use. Love them. Everyone in my family owns 2 sets.

Great price, great grind, great feel. Just great.

Mini logos are the shi´┐Ż -! Best bang for the buck. Lighter than many of the competitors. Sexy shape that really helps lock in the grinds.

16 Crail

Really nice trucks. They turn well, are well built and last a lifetime. They also come in a lot of sizes and colors.

The best I love them so many to chose from

Quality and value!

Melhores trucks de skate do Brasil

17 Slant

Great for people who are just starting out. Cheap, well made, very pleasant experience. Go get em.

I have had them for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is they are amazing, they perform at professional level and are the best I have ever had!

Slant trucks last for such a long time and are made so well you should try them and you'll love them

These trucks are okay but the not the best and not the worst.

18 Tracker Trucks

I have the classic trackers b2 's 153, their slightly lower and lighter than my indies and I think, their awesome. They have nice bushings and turn really well, they grind perfectly in bowls and vert and you feel in total control of them " most of the time".

No experience with new Trackers, but "old school" Tracker Trucks and Indys were the bomb!

Tracker Darts are built well and turn really good!

19 Ruckus

Top notch. I have had these for about 4-5 years, still going strong. Had two pairs of indy's before them and they are similar, not too light not too heavy. Grind well and are a bit cheaper than the rest. Good stuff

I've had mine for about four years before I had to switch them out! There some rad trucks!

they may not be very well know but I can assure you they are great trucks!

Sick colors and smooth ride!

20 Element

I haven't skated in like 10 years but I remember back in the day element was Really good I guess I've been out the game too long.

They actually suck

21 Hornet

Hornets the best although not many people know about them

Hornet is the best trucks

Not too damn bad

I've had these for years, minor scratches

22 Positiv

Positiv Skateboard trucks are gloss pained, cast aluminum with carbon steel axle and kingpin and high rebound polyurethane cushions make turning easy.

Best quality for the price it came with the positive complete and it is amazing.

23 Kryptonics

Best Trucks I ever ridden! They are plastic and the bushings are plastic as well! They are the lightest trucks in the world, without any fancy hollow axels and hollow kingpin! They don't even turn but they are still the best trucks. Its not stable at all and you slip off once you land a trick. BEST TRUCKS!

I love skating kryptonics they brake every other day but it's ok I skate mongo and I'm in the hospital because I fell over pebble and broke my pelvis so buy them or die

Kryptonics are the best! The best ones are made of cheap plastic and don't turn but they are amazing! They last a long time too I had mine for half a week without breaking! I love kryptonic wheels too they are made of premium plastic and they are nice and slow and flat spot within 1 hour

These are the best trucks! I literally ride walmart boards all day, I mall grab and mongo push, and I wear all nike sb but I'm not sponsored by them. And because I am sponsored by kryptonics I was paid to break my legs on a ollie over a rock. BYE! have a bad day. ):

24 Navigator Trucks

The best trucks love them

25 Bear

There cool

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