Top 10 Most Needed Survival Supplies

Whether you believe the future includes an apocalyptic end to life as we know it complete with intense solar flares, reversed polarity, and super volcanos or a glorious rebirth for the virtuous or that nothing on that scale will ever happen, it's still a good idea to have survival supplies. You never know when a natural disaster or some other unforeseen event is going to limit your ability to live as you do now and force you into a preservation mode. Over the past few years we have seen numerous earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and man-made catastrophes that have caused people to be without power, fresh water, food, and energy. Preparing for these events will help ensure your survival when civilization as we know it suffers a break-down.

Here are listed the survival supplies you should have in order of importance.

The Top Ten

1 Water Storage

I think water first, medicine second, gun third. Besides that, a backpack is good to carry everything around in, a knife is pretty good, fire wood's a nice idea, along with food. A Workng Vehicle and a Generator are also really good ideas. But stuff like socks, tea, coffee and newspaper makes no sense. Considering the newspaper will be old and coffee and tea won't be able to be made.

The human body can survive for up to a month without food and for many months on very meager rations. But the odds are stacked against you of surviving much more than a week without water.

So true. We have plenty of rains and snow.. But still in summer there is water crisis.. So water storage needs to be increased.

Clothes are shelter as long as you are smart and without water you won't last long enough to need much food. So get something to storage and clean your water.

2 Water Purification Kit

I agree that water is the most important thing for human being to survive, bit I don't think that just water storage, no matter how much, can be enough. You can't be sure how long will you have to survive in difficult conditions, so how can you bring together enough water for all this time. Plus, no matter how much will you get, there's always possibility that everything will disappear in few seconds because of a disaster of some kind. Isn't it better to be able to gain the water you need in the moment you need it, or make sure the only water you can get won't be a poison to you?

You can find water anywhere; from the sky, from the earth, from the sea. But it's useless if you can't drink it. Even water goes bad. What do you do then? You can't drink stagnant or salt water, which surrounds us every day. If you can clean the water that you find - desalinize or purify - you'll be much better off than if you only have a mass storage of water.

This is the best choice because water can be found everywhere. If world falls into a world of disaster, then there should still be some living creatures or plants which you can get liquid from (urine is one idea), but it is not suitable for human drinking, therefore purification kits can help a lot!

Water purification is simple and all one needs is a cup, a piece of plastic about 6' X 6' and some tubing. Learn how to create a solar still. This can be used to purify urine, radiator fluid etc... You can also throw vegetation of any kind in the "still" and gather all of the water in these plants also. The More you know, The Less you need...

3 First Aid Kit

Prior to the modern age of medicine, relatively minor wounds led to death far more often than you would imagine. In wartime just 150 years ago, far more soldiers died from sickness and infection than from actual combat trauma. Having a well stocked first aid kit complete with antibiotics and other infection fighting supplies may be the difference between successfully treating a minor injury and dying a miserable sepsis induced death.

When a tiny scratch one-tenth of an inch long that goes septic can kill a full-grown man strong enough to lift a truck with his bare hands EXCEPT for the fact that this little bug one-millionth of an inch in diameter KILLED HIM inside two days, yeah, I'd say a first-rate medical kit with first rate antibiotics is numero uno.

I have been in the 3 world nations and know what is needed. First water, food, and first aid. Top 3. But with out first aid to treat wounds and cut and infections you could die really fast. The first and sec are importionbut the most is medication. Think obama care and then you will understand what I am saying.

Always helpful, and why would you have a gun? It's such a negative idea, I mean you need to heal people more than kill. Right?

4 Survival Knife

The knife was created before we were capable (as a species) of harnessing the power of fire.
The knife is the most universal tool ever devised. With a knife you are capable of creating other tools... Such as hammers, axes, water stills (from plastic bottles. ) The knife will always be the one tool man can turn back to in any situation and create a new way to adapt to your surroundings.

The sharpened edge is what allowed humans to become what we are today. With a sharp edge all other human achievements that enable survival are possible. As others have mentioned the uses for a sharp edge are too many to count and enable a person to create or obtain all the other items. This is what allowed human evolution to truly happen.

The knife is the most versatile of all tools. Its uses are nearly endless, but to highlight the most pertinent in a survival situation:
Shelter, Tools (water storage/purification, fire bow, animal traps, etc), Defense, and as cutting/digging instrument. The knife allows someone to make everything else that is necessary to survive.

If you have ever been in a survival situation then this would be at the top of your list. Here is a short list of what a survival knife could be used for. Cleaning game, preparing shelter, opening food rations, creating shelter, and starting fires (with flint not just a random rock like in the movies)

5 Handgun

This is my handgun. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My handgun is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

My handgun, without me, is useless. Without my handgun, I am useless. I must fire my handgun true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will...

My handgun and myself know that what counts in this war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, or the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit...

My handgun is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my handgun clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will...

This would obviously be handy in a survival situation, but you will be limited in the amount of ammo you can carry, and it would eventually run out. Of course, if you are a very good shot and conserve your ammo, each round may represent food for days or weeks. Also obviously a good form of self defense against animals or hostile humans, but the most likely and common use in survival would be for food (except for true apocalypse situations, in which case a handgun could be your most important tool).

Handguns are great I shoot regularly, but remember to practice all the time. Shoot in a league this way you create a sense of urgency for yourself. Shooting under stressful circumstances creates confidence in ones abilities. simulation training, paint balling, clay shooting, shooting a bow, shooting a 22 long rifle and pistol, as well revolvers are all things a prep-per/survivalist should be doing all the time. knowledge, and experience are the keys to living through SHTF situation.

Guns aren't just used for killing people, I mean they are effective at it, but they can also be used for hunting; or even a deterrent to plunderers/muggers. How many people are going to mug someone with a gun? And when natural disasters strike, some people go nuts and start plundering, stealing, et cetera...

6 Ammunition

Lots of uses other than threatening others, including self-defense, hunting, signalling... And lots of it is needed to train others in marksmanship for hunting/defense. Even without a gun ammo is valuable. Especially if you have popular calibers, you now have something to trade with others.

Waving a gun around may be enough to scare away some, but being armed won't do you nearly as much good if you don't have any bullets.

Its is useless without a gun but when paired with a firearm the kit to maintain it and munitions you would have self protection

An unloaded gun is useless! You need to have plenty of ammo! You have to protect what is yours!

7 Freeze Dried Meals

Freeze dried meals take up a minimal amount of space, provide adequate nutrition and have a shelf life of many years. Plus, they are free from contaminants, something that may not be true of traditional food sources.

Water is 1st, meds, seeds for growing, meats in canneds or livestock, wheat for bread and honey for sweetness.

8 Duct Tape

You can fix most anything with duct tape. You can make most anything with duct tape. It has about 300 gazillion uses (and counting). You can build a bridge, you can use it to catch water, you can make duct tape clothes, (rambles on into oblivion).

It can be used to repair everything on this list, you can tie people up, it's waterproof, you can use it as a bandage, fix your clothes, your tents, you can't live without it!

Duct tape is THE BOSS! You can make shoes, fires, and much more! Who wouldn't want about 99 rolls of DUCT TAPE? Everyone needs DUCT TAPE! Its AWESOME! You can even make hammocks!

Haven't you all seen the Mythbuster's Duct Tape Island, how they could make water canteens, hammocks, terraniums, shoes, hats and even found a way to get out of the island -----by just using duct tape!

9 Backpack

Yes It would be better with a backpack to carry all of your stuff instead of using your arms all the time so it could carry more stuff and your hands are free. Seriously, whoever thinks it would be harder with a backpack is wrong If you go to school and carry a backpack all day you'll get used to it

You could put everything that you see on the list and pack them all in to the backpack instead of 1 thing on your belt few little things in your pockets.

Just think, either carry your supplies in your arms, or take it in a backpack so you don't have to use all your arm strength on other chizz

Not needed for survival, but it does come in handy for carrying the things you DO need to survive. So, it's not all that bad.

10 Hunting Rifle

Come on, if you're just stuck in a place with no food, get on with ya hunting rifles and kill some wild pigs or maybe hunt down a lion for the first time in your life!

That wood definitely be handy with a hand gun you have to use a couple of rounds a hunting rifle boom their outa there.

You need a rifle to take the food and supplies from the other "I don't care about you" survivalists.

Not to mention being able to snipe unwanted visitors and protect your home from long range.

The Contenders

11 Matches

Very good indeed matches cook food make fire signal people keep warm but possibly I think you can just make a fire out of fire wood

Use it to boil your water, cook your food, keep yourself from dying from hypothermia, keeps wild animals off, you can signal using smoke etc

Matches are also good to have with your supplies because you might need to start a fire to keep warm.

Matches create fire and fire is everything in survival. Also Matches are small and portable.

12 Generator

Please don't use bad words because my little sister always watches me and I don't want to get in trouble for her finding out about new words. thanks.

Electricity is needed by.. Hey! What will you run with it.. Man..
Hey, Without generators. Everything is useless. I know I am exactly wrong. But yeah that's what I feel

Without generators. Everything is useless. I dunno if I am exactly correct. But yeah that's what I feel.

Generator because we all need electricity because it's so hard to do something without electricity..

13 Food

How is this not in the top ten? You guys are morons, just saying...
Food is an incredibly important resource, you can live without a handgun, or a first aid kit, or even a water purification kit (although, that is nice to have, and can help a lot, so cheers to whoever brought that one up)
You NEED food, and without it you die. There's some basic survival for you lol

Food and water are actually not as vital as signaling equipment; most people in a survival situation are rescued within 24 hours

I think food is important for survival because it gives us energy ad it's good

Self explanatory...
U never know, maybe a 6 year old child doesn't know how to hunt for food...

14 Anti-Radiation Tablets

There's such a thing as an Anti-Radiation Tablet? If there are the chances of finding some are very unlikely.

I don't think needs any explaining. Of course you'd need this if radiation is the cause of the apocalypse!

This would b good because the nuclear reactors would blow in one week of no work done at the plant.

This is a very generalized list, so Anti Radiation Tablets have no place on it in my eyes

15 Coffee

1.Apples help people stay awake more than coffee is not necessary to hunt at night, set snares and hunt during the day when you have the advantage
3. All coffee does is give you a caffeine addiction

Coffee really. The alcohol makes more sense than coffee. It has no purpose bedside drinking and it uses up your valuable water supply.

Coffee would be like gold for trade. Tastes much better too.

Coffee is a must need to be awake to hunt zombies

16 Nylon String

I would put this at number one. Use to make fire (bow drill), purify water (even hot rocks dropped in half coconut if no pot), you can catch food (snares, fishing), tie shelter or raft poles, use to make a vice grip, tongs, the list goes on and on.

This is one of the most valuable things and should be in the top 5 at least. Good for making bows. Tie yourself to a tree and sleep on top of a tree branch. Also good for making fire starters like the bow drill.

MOVE TO THE TOP. Better than food, guns. YOU use it for Traps, building, flying airplains/ kites for signals. boat repairs. dentist, farming. fire. etc. NEw creations. think of Steve jobs.

Got a buddy in the army who swears by the stuff. Dental floss is also a crucial form of waterproof string.

17 Paracord

Paracord has mult uses including individual strings used in place of nylon string. Very strong for it's weight and diameter. Should be in top 5.

Strong rope that can be broken down to 6 strings what's not awesome about the almost as good as duct tape

Very important. If you need to use a finer set of cord/string, gut it and you have three extra strings.

If you know anything about ropes, and knots. You know you need this. 100 Feet of it in each BoB

18 Fishing Pole

Make a makeshift spear out of this. Doubles as a fishing spear and a fishing pole. One can use the string to sew stuff like cuts too or tie things with. And where's tin foil? That is so useful, to cook with, cover food and fire with and can catch water too. Plus it's portable, fold it up n carry.

How can it b used as a weapon? Abow? But yes a fishpole is a great overlooked item

Can be used as a weapon or getting fish

This is one of the maind things that you will need

19 Gas Mask

Incase of "fallout", this mask can protect you from from gamma ray particles!

Haha this is hilarious

You maen a nuke riget

Ife bom expoded they be gath evwy were

20 Fire Striker / Fire Steel

Matches can run out quickly, and when they are wet they no longer work. Flint and steel make sparks quickly as long as you have some dry twigs.

Since matches and BIC lighters are unreliable.

21 Shotgun

A shotgun a is a great weapon for hunting and defending your base from close range aggressors but if you're traveling the ammunition is heavy and bulky. Choose your weapons wisely.

Make sure it a single barrel break down type with one or two barrels.

22 Multi-tool

I never am without my leatherman multi-tool. It is clearly an essential tool for many different reasons.

Leatherman is the best to carry

23 Machete

The best weapon for the zombie apocalypse. No ammo needed. It can lop off heads with a single swing. Because we all know that's the best way to kill a zombie.

Good tool for cutting food, rope, fishing line, cleaning and skinning game, and clearing your way through overgrown vegetation

A Machete is critical for a few reasons, very reliable, easier to slice things, and more useful then an ordinary knife.

Not top 3. Anyhow for building more sophisticated shelter in forest "must have" and in some cases usage for self defense.

24 Lighter / Lighter Fluid

You would want a lighter pref a zippo so you can refill it and keep it on the go maybe cigarettes to trade with but why use flint if you have a lighter to start your fires

You need on for light and cooking your food

You all are idiots

To make fire bro

25 Camouflage

Camouflage is a good thing to have when people are going to be looking for
Other people to steel from.
Plus camouflage will hide your camp and even your base camp so people can not fiend you.

Obviously, when you need to hide, and its winter, are you going to wear a giant puffy coat? And huge windbreakers? No, right? So you wear camo!

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