Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

If you had to blow $100, what would be the best thing to buy with it?
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1 Clothes Clothes Product Image

No I don't need a whole closet of clothes all I need are pairs that are comfortable. Who cares about looks? If it's comfortable, I'll buy it, even if it's just .25 XD

My mom ALWAYS has to take me clothes shopping and it sucks! She makes shopping so difficult! I always say, we won't be here longer than we have to be, but girls just stop and take a look at everything they see, consider buying it, make their choice, and before they can leave, see another thing! Just, why?!

What better way to treat yourself is to use it on clothes. I do this quite often but I'm really keen on finding deals and sales on items online. It's best when finishing deals online or in store with some deals.

If I had $100, I'd buy something that actually mattered. Just a few outfits is good enough for me, thank you. I'm never going to be shallow enough to spend $100 pampering myself instead of helping others in need.

2 Games

Games have such engaging stories, perfect gameplay, and are some of the most memorable ways to spend your time in the 21st century (aside from being with real people, obviously). Why spend it on clothes that you will grow out of in a couple of years, compared to games that provide memorable experiences for decades, if you get a good one.

If you find or earn $100, why would you spend it on clothes?!? Games are entertaining and clothes are just vanity items that you wear. Besides, brand new Call of Duty games cost $60, so you can buy the newest Call of Duty game and one that is a year older for $30 or $40. That's how to really spend $100. Thank me later.

Love my ps3 games. Drugs are f*, you don't need them. Use your own energy, you don't need help, especially not from drugs. Ps3 games are awesome. My favorites are the shooting/action games, like uncharted 2 or Call of Duty.

All I ever spend my money on is games. I'm a kid, so that's normal. Now that I have the master chief collection, I will be on that 24/7. Then I go back and buy a new game. Absolutely NOT Call of Duty. Rinse and repeat.

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3 Food Food Product Image

FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! Especially popcorn, ice cream, fast food fries, and Airheads. Food can be a cheap as a dollar and as expensive as a million. Food comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, texture, and taste. There's also different types of food, like Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Hispanic, you name it. Food is a beauty that is worth all your dollars.

Let's be honest here, who doesn't like food?
With $100 you could get yourself a very fine steak dinner, or buy a lot of nice, yummy chocolates. You really just can't go wrong with food

Food is amazing and there are so many choices such as Chinese, Italian, indian etc. The list goes on forever how can you not choose it!

Because you will always want more tattoos, music, trips, movies, drugs, clothes and games.
Nah. Go get yourself 20 or 30 big macs. Can't go wrong

4 Music Music Product Image

Music is nice to listen too, especially if your into rock and heavy metal because they will ROCK YOUR WORLD! My boyfriend says rock is okay, well its not just okay it is AWESOME and yes, I'm a 12 year old girl!

Heck yes, being a music nerd I would definitely blow it all on a bunch of epic rock, classical, and Christian songs/albums. But it doesn't matter what I'd get, it matters that it's MUSIC.

Why spend your money on music? It's a huge waist of money. And the music is expensive. Get a app like Spotify and listen to music for free.

Music is my life! Music should be number one! I love young money! I am in love with rap and hip hop music!


5 Movies Movies Product Image

Who here does not like to watch movies or have a family movie night with a 100 dollars you can get a couple movies and some money for treats. I think that this is the best Idea of all. There are a ton of good movies you have not seen you could even go to the movie theater. You don't even have to watch a movie with your family. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money on this there is nothing wrong about that. I hope you in joy your movie

I'm growing a pretty big collection of films right now. The newest ones I just got were "The Ten Commandments" and "American History X".

Movies rock!
I'm growing my collection, and It's awesome to have movies you can watch.

If you all want endgame so badly, get the disc or download it onto your phone legally.

6 A Puppy

I think that you ought to rephrase that. When you buy an animal, you aren't just buying the baby version of that animal. You are buying that animals entire life, and it is your duty to provide for and love them all that time. Anyways, when you add food, vet care, and other necessities, dogs cost MUCH more than a hundred dollars. :-/

I really want a Shiba Inu puppy, but I'm going to need WAY more than that. They can cost from $600 to over $1000 just for the dog itself. Then there's food, vet care, toys, leashes, bowls, etc...

A puppy is a great idea. Just think. "Happy birthday honey! " "Thanks mom! " "I have a surprise for you! " (Cue puppy! ) "A PUPPY! "
I know how excited I was when I got my dogs.

They are cute, cuddly and full of energy, but they like to chew. My puppy has chewed up 5 pairs of shoes and a rug! So if you get one keep an eye on it.

7 A Phone A Phone Product Image

100 pounds is not enough for an IPhone, if you plan on having the 5s, so this suggestion is invalid.

£100 is just enough to start a very cheap contract deal! So this is a good idea, but only if your are really desperate for a cheap iPhone, but you wouldn't be able to get the newest one

I have an iPhone and it has completely changed my life! Highly recommended!

Oh my gosh... Just tell me one thing. Where on Earth can I find an iPhone for $100?!?

8 Books Books Product Image

Books are the best thing to just curl up with and forget the world. And there are so many genres too!

This should be higher. If you think gaming is cool, maybe you will buy $100 for Harry Potter.

The benefits of reading are: better memory, better vocabulary, and improved moods.

Books are one of the keys to knowledge/ can open to a new world of imaginations!

9 Donate to Charity

This would be a great idea. However, choose the organization you're supporting in a wise manner so your efforts in helping won't get in vain.

If you do this, you are helping the world be a more happy place, rather then people being miserable, also you can feel good about yourself.

You will feel good about yourself because your helping someone that doesn't have the things you have. And then you will think after I am so greatfull to have a home, food and a family

Donate to an organization you feel passionately about. Do it anonymously and you're sure to feel great!


Live your life to the fullest. Trips give you new experiences, bonding time, and a new look on life. One-hundred dollars might not get you a trip to France, but it will give you an experience.

- Someone...

I like the idea but I'm too young to go on as trip and I don't have enough money. It's going to cost a lot! For the hotel, the bus, the tour, etc.
Maybe when I gratuate I can go with my friend.

A Walmart? Or maybe Cosco? Oh wait it might be too expensive since ITS ONLY A DAMN $100! The top comment is "We all need a vacation" Nice! Go drive to another state, which costs around $10-80 depending on where you are going and then you need money to do whatever you want when u get there and money for the trip back...smh how is this number six

Well when summer break comes with my 100 dollars I will buy is a trip to... Hollywood! ( with permission) maybe.

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11 Cat Cat The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colors and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated. They are highly intelligent and good at problem solving.

Cats typically live longer than dogs, and unlike what many people think, they can be just as much fun. I have two cats, and one of them acts just like a dog, although he's still deathly afraid of the real thing

Yes, yes, YES! Get a kitten! They are so cute and love to cuddle! And also is very fun to make them their own instagram account.

Cats are great company! They're pretty low maintenance as they're generally pretty independent. They're so pretty too!

I have three cats and to me they are safer then dogs and I love both dogs and cats but I have cats and I recommend them!

12 Tattoo

I would get a tattoo of Conker the Squirrel on my arm. JUST KIDDING! I wouldn't get a tattoo. They aren't for me. I don't wanna get a tattoo of something stupid and then regret it years later.
My dad got a tattoo of Jesus on the cross so he's not re-making up his mind. He knew if he was getting something, it might as well represent something big in his life.

Got a tattoo on my arm, I screamed like a baby. Yes I am honest cause the owner was playing this song I kinda detest now, it's called Karate Chop and is the worst Future song I've ever heard.

Best bang for your buck! Get a good one and it's lasts forever. Just think about what you're getting and be sure it's something you want forever.

Maybe something new you can try... I don't have one because of my cultural differences but if I were an American I'd do it.

13 Shoes Shoes Product Image

I mean who couldn't use a crispy new pair of kicks? You can never have too many pairs of shoes!

New shoes every month are already my style, so maybe I would get 2 pairs this month!

Shoes are the best. I will use my money for some curry 2!

100 bucks will get you a nice pair if Nike's.

14 Lap Dance

If you have to pay for it, you're not worth giving it to.

Why not am I right or what?

Or one $100 dollar dance

Makes you a pimp

15 Computer Upgrades

IF you're really into gaming and all that, or if you just have a really old computer, you could spend some money on this (word for the wise, if you're into gaming, spend more money on a graphics card and less on the cpu. )

I love this! My girlfriend loves music and she just told me that she reserved a church mass for our wedding!

It is always nice to have a fast computer, or better yet a faster computer then others. You get a solid state and ram. Yea

I'm saving up for a new computer. there are LOTS of cool games you can play, plus if you a programmer like me you could stand to get a better PC.

16 Headphones Headphones Product Image

Buying the most awesome headphones would be awesome! I know you can get them really cheap, but I mean come on!

If you do get beats. Get studios (new ones) the solos are not nice quality.

Buy Beats By Dr. Dre, they look sexy and perform well.

I have no headphones currently and I want headphones.

17 Gasoline

I would pay $100 for the song by Halsey, it even say it in the song:are you insane like me been in pain like me, bought a 100 dollar...

You just might get to fill your tank.

Do you want to burn a forest down or something?!

Now that good money well spent!

18 iTunes Gift Card iTunes Gift Card Product Image
19 Jewelry Jewelry Product Image

Well, I think that you should do other things, instead of trying to make yourself glittery and attractive. Its OK to be attractive, but don't waist your money,your already beautiful. God made us the way we are expose to be. Think of other things to buy instead...Like a bike or something.

This is a waste of money. Do something productive with your money

Maybe you should pay to go to school first...

Jewelry can dress anything up!

20 A Chinchilla

Chinchillas are fun and provide years of great companionship. My chinchilla has proven to be responsible and helpful in many ways, last year she helped me discover thousands of dollars in tax write offs that I was able to use to buy her a new collar

I just voted for this because...I don't know

Well I love chinchillas but they would be more then one hundred dollars

I love chinchillas!

21 Adult Toys

I'm 16. I'll wait until I'm 21 or older

22 Guinea Pig Guinea Pig The guinea pig, also called the cavy or domestic guinea pig, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.

I love Guinea pigs their so cute and adorable!
Also my bff has a Guinea pig her name is Eliza!
And I love this idea! I'm going to get him now so bye..!

Guinea Pigs are a lot of work! please do your research before purchasing one!

Guinea Pigs are awesome

Yeah! they are little fluffy things that just sit there and make squeeky sounds they are so cute

23 Condoms Condoms Product Image

Well now that my girlfriend and I broke up I may actually get to use some of these!
But only trust either trojan or durex not the other stuff.

Laugh out loud! I was ganna stick with food. But how often does bbq involve getting laid? Haha! I'm with you on this one

Are you people serious?! You are so dirty minded

Hell yeah I'm totally with you on this!

24 Hamster Hamster Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.

I used to have a hamster. His name was Lucky. Cutest little thing ever. I loved how he would rub his hands over his face so adorably or shred paper and stuff it in his cheeks. He died a couple years ago, because hamsters really don't live that long. But the time I did have him was awesome. Get a hamster, they're cute, fluffy, and surprisingly smart.

I have one too. Ponk is him. He is so cute. Get one because he is my best friend and always will be. He is sweet and a teddy bear hamster. Good luck with getting one. I believe in you. May the odds be ever in your favor. laugh out loud ha ha ha

Buy a nice hamster, cage, bag of food, and give him/her love and you're good to go. You never know, he might be your best friend!

Get a hamster there cute but if you are to lazy why are you getting a pet?

25 A Television A Television Product Image
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