Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

If you had to blow $100, what would be the best thing to buy with it?

The Top Ten Things to Buy with $100

1 Clothes

This is one of the actual ones that make good sense! Besides I love new clothes

Why in the hell would you spend $100 on clothes? Do you find an $100 bill on the ground and say, "Oh boy! Now I can get new clothes! "? The hell is wrong with you? - poncho531

Yeah, this would be a really great choice, clothes can make a real image to a person so it is good to have a big collection so you can choice what ever you want to dress with - MatrixGuy

I did this with my 400 dollars I'm 14 and I got a full new wardrobe

My mom ALWAYS has to take me clothes shopping and it sucks! She makes shopping so difficult! I always say, we won't be here longer than we have to be, but girls just stop and take a look at everything they see, consider buying it, make their choice, and before they can leave, see another thing! Just, why?!

I am a girl and I can honestly say you are telling the truth. I HATE shopping with my mom. She sees shoes. She says "which ones do you want? " "I don't care. I just want to leave". I say. My mom makes me try on about 50 pairs before we actually leave. - Discord

2 Games

Love my ps3 games. Drugs are f*, you don't need them. Use your own energy, you don't need help, especially not from drugs. Ps3 games are awesome. My favorites are the shooting/action games, like uncharted 2 or Call of Duty.

Want a hundred Dr Kawashima Brain Training(brain age in america)game cards for the ds anyone?

It's an outstanding game and I think everyone ages mature and up will enjoy it

If you find or earn $100, why would you spend it on clothes?!? Games are entertaining and clothes are just vanity items that you wear. Besides, brand new Call of Duty games cost $60, so you can buy the newest Call of Duty game and one that is a year older for $30 or $40. That's how to really spend $100. Thank me later.

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3 Food

Let's be honest here, who doesn't like food?
With $100 you could get yourself a very fine steak dinner, or buy a lot of nice, yummy chocolates. You really just can't go wrong with food

Just cause I am hungry :D and food is what people need :) makes you happier, makes you feel good. And don't forget to eat healthy fooD

Food is amazing and there are so many choices such as Chinese, Italian, indian etc. The list goes on forever how can you not choose it!

Food sucks if we didn't have to eat that would be great because getting hungry sucks and there is food that is bad for you this should be last and music should be #1 - DattKiddGeorge

4 Music

Thts 100 songs! Or more if you buy albums! Thts like a dream but I have more important things I have to spend my cash on - 3anegroes


Heck yes, being a music nerd I would definitely blow it all on a bunch of epic rock, classical, and Christian songs/albums. But it doesn't matter what I'd get, it matters that it's MUSIC. - SearchingForSunsets

This is what I would spend it on if I had $100 - idolangelx13

5 Movies

If you all want endgame so badly, get the disc or download it onto your phone legally.

Who here does not like to watch movies or have a family movie night with a 100 dollars you can get a couple movies and some money for treats. I think that this is the best Idea of all. There are a ton of good movies you have not seen you could even go to the movie theater. You don't even have to watch a movie with your family. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money on this there is nothing wrong about that. I hope you in joy your movie

Movies rock!
I'm growing my collection, and It's awesome to have movies you can watch.

If you have a blu ray player you can buy the packs of blu ray movies for about 30 bucks (all the Alien movies or Terminator or Resident Evil

6 An iPhone

How can you buy an IPHONE with 100 bucks, people these days crazy think abut it

If only phones costed 100 bucks... - KingFab

The truth is that there are some phones that are on sale for $100 and less than $100. It all depends on the seller. - Masterlet

I really wanted a iPhone 5 for Christmas but I didn't get it but I'm still grateful

Buy some broken phones sold for parts, and use the working parts to build an iPhone

7 A Trip

Live your life to the fullest. Trips give you new experiences, bonding time, and a new look on life. One-hundred dollars might not get you a trip to France, but it will give you an experience.

- Someone...

We all need a vacation! Without one we'd all go crazy in this world

A family trip is great who doesn't like to go here and there from moments

It's better to spend money on experiences rather than things - blackflower

8 A Puppy

I think that you ought to rephrase that. When you buy an animal, you aren't just buying the baby version of that animal. You are buying that animals entire life, and it is your duty to provide for and love them all that time. Anyways, when you add food, vet care, and other necessities, dogs cost MUCH more than a hundred dollars. :-/

I love puppies and I think you should go adopt one because they are the best thing that ever happened in my life

I really want a Shiba Inu puppy, but I'm going to need WAY more than that. They can cost from $600 to over $1000 just for the dog itself. Then there's food, vet care, toys, leashes, bowls, etc...

I have a cute dog. Look at my profile pic to see him. It’s XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX my username - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

9 Books

Books help me escape the stress and reality of life

People who read this need to higher there intellect a bar, thus why they need to read more.

The benefits of reading are: better memory, better vocabulary, and improved moods.

Books is basically going on a vacation! And if you are going to get a book get THE HARRY POTTER SERIES they are the BEST!

10 Donate to Charity

I am 10 years old and if I never donated money to poor people I would grow up never feeling like a real man

Donate to an organization you feel passionately about. Do it anonymously and you're sure to feel great!

Obviously donating is the best thing to do with that 100$ because anyways you don't know what do with that 100$ otherwise you wouldn't have come to this page to read what to do with 100 dollars

This would be a great idea. However, choose the organization you're supporting in a wise manner so your efforts in helping won't get in vain.

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11 A Cat

Whoever written the comment 1 under me the one that says back off dogs... Get out of this website I hAte cats love dogs dogs have been here with humans longer then CATs dogs are way better now get over it cat people

Cats typically live longer than dogs, and unlike what many people think, they can be just as much fun. I have two cats, and one of them acts just like a dog, although he's still deathly afraid of the real thing

Cats are the best kind of friend and pet, back off dogs, you have already had enough love for now!

Cats are awesome companions and pets! Love them

12 Tattoo

I did that but now I regret it

Yeah! Vandalize your body, cause when you are old and wrinkly it will TOTALLY stay the same! Don't forget the chance of infection and the pain! Let's not forget the chance of not getting a job!

Got a tattoo on my arm, I screamed like a baby. Yes I am honest cause the owner was playing this song I kinda detest now, it's called Karate Chop and is the worst Future song I've ever heard. - AlphaQ

Best bang for your buck! Get a good one and it's lasts forever. Just think about what you're getting and be sure it's something you want forever.

13 Computer Upgrades

this would help better than buying a new computer! :)
- Gail

What computer is complete without a PCI express beer dispensing card!

It is always nice to have a fast computer, or better yet a faster computer then others. You get a solid state and ram. Yea

I'm saving up for a new computer. there are LOTS of cool games you can play, plus if you a programmer like me you could stand to get a better PC.

14 Shoes

Who Wouldn't Want A New Pair Of Shoes From The Mall!

I mean who couldn't use a crispy new pair of kicks? You can never have too many pairs of shoes!

Shoes for 100 dollars will be pretty nice

New shoes every month are already my style, so maybe I would get 2 pairs this month!

15 Lap Dance

Your moms gave me a lap dance

If you have to pay for it, you're not worth giving it to.

Lap dances are cool, like drugs

Makes you a pimp

16 Headphones

Beats are expensive as crap their like 400 for a pair if anything buy skullcandy

Buying the most awesome headphones would be awesome! I know you can get them really cheap, but I mean come on!

Get 50 of the cheapest ones.

Get beats by dre

17 Condoms

I buy a lot of this ha ha ha ha.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
PLease vote yes if this is true Because come on guys, who has never use one of this babys

Practice safe snacking use condiments

No. Just no * projectile vomits all over the place, then gets some bleach, and then coughs up a bit of stomach acid * wHy Is tHiS uNhOlY tHiNg On ThE lIsT - IceFoxPlayz

Are you people serious?! You are so dirty minded

18 iPod Shuffle

I would do that. I mean please, have you SEEN those new models! Good suggestion! I would have put the same thing!

Good Idea love it

I really like the idea, pretty good

What if your iPod dies

19 iTunes Gift Card

You can simply buy n e thing with it

Great for someone who loves music

You know you can just go on youtube an convert a file to mp3 - namesnipe

BUY ALL THE MUSIC! - RiverClanRocks

20 Jewelry

This is a waste of money. Do something productive with your money

Maybe you should pay to go to school first...

It is cool but don't wast your money

Jewelry can dress anything up!

21 Gasoline

You just might get to fill your tank.

At least you'll get somewhere.

Now that good money well spent!

It will make us live longer

22 Groceries

Most practical, besides saving the money. - blackflower

23 A Chinchilla

Well I love chinchillas but they would be more then one hundred dollars

Chinchillas are fun and provide years of great companionship. My chinchilla has proven to be responsible and helpful in many ways, last year she helped me discover thousands of dollars in tax write offs that I was able to use to buy her a new collar

Chinchillas are awesome and that can crawl up your sleeve and it feels better than seeing you've just gotten 100 dollars

I just voted for this because...I don't know - CharCharBinks

24 100 Things From the Dollar Tree

I love the Dollar Tree they always seem to have something I like in there.

Stock up on your tooth paste, tooth brushes, snacks, microwave meals, and some other necessities from dollar store. Make that dolla holla, and get ballin' on that budget... My man.

Actually about 94 items, considering you have to pay taxes, unless it's tax free. - Crysis

Buy 100 new pairs of sexy underwear! Your boyfriend will be hyped for 100 days

25 Adult Toys

My boyfriend use it on me he likes it

I'm 16. I'll wait until I'm 21 or older - MangoFruitJuice

For when you need wired pleasure...L..L... ,..

Makes you feel like a million-bucks

26 Guinea Pig The guinea pig, also called the cavy or domestic guinea pig, is a species of rodent belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.

Guinea Pigs are awesome - ElSherlock

I love Guinea Pigs

Yes so awesome

Guinea Pigs are a lot of work! please do your research before purchasing one!

27 Plants

Hi I love plants I am going to have a secret garden.

"Special kind of plants"
In a secret garden, or in the middle of a corn field...

weed only

28 Toys

I'm a 11 year old kid that loves beanie boos so I would buy a TON OF BEANIE BOOS that would be Perfect!

If you are a kid like me this was the better option than drugs or thongs. Laugh out loud! The best toy to buy is Monster High. To me anyways. So that's my opinion. :D

Kids love toys I mean who would not want to have a toy

Yes. I love toys. I have no idea why, I'm 12 and I still love toys. I like LegoS and plushes of video game characters. I already have Pikachu, Link and I'm getting Conker the Squirrel soon. TOYS RULE - Discord

29 Media Player

Please put me on the quote thing


30 Hamster Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.

Buy a nice hamster, cage, bag of food, and give him/her love and you're good to go you never know he might be your best friend!

I used to have a hamster. His name was Lucky. Cutest little thing ever. I loved how he would rub his hands over his face so adorably or shred paper and stuff it in his cheeks. He died a couple years ago, because hamsters really don't live that long. But the time I did have him was awesome. Get a hamster, they're cute, fluffy, and surprisingly smart. - Discord

My mom wont let me ;_;

I took your advice and bought one and it lasted for two and a half years that's how long they can live it was the best

31 A Television

I think that would be more

I love wacthing T.V.


32 Candy

I mean, who the actual hell would spend $100 on candy? They'res better things to spend $100 on then candy.

American candy Japanese candy british candy yum you should buy loads of packets of nerds yum

Spend $100 to get diabetes no thank you

You can never go wrong with candy

33 SAT Books

To increase your sat scores very useful actually as long you use the books though

I buy $1 apps for improving my SAT scores not $40 books, it has a better value for money and it actually makes me do something constructive on my phone when I don't have Wifi. - yatharthb

I have bad grades and I don't care

Only nerds would buy this you scrblrd I'm mlg n0s0pe Pr0

My Man...or Woman

34 Gaming Mic

So you can flick people off online

Do you mean flip



35 Movie Props
36 1,500 Ladybugs

The only lady you can get

I had a little extra money so I got 1,501 ladybugs. These creatures are the greatest thing I have spent my money on. Other then the naughty bugs, Sometimes they leave some droppings in my hair or shirt. Other then that great purchase!

You could spend your money on this.

Why? That is just wrong to tell everyone that girls hate U. U must be stupid. The girls love me!

37 Theatre Tickets

Fun way to spend time with family and friends and on a rainy day! Whats better then eating popcorn and watching an awesome movie!

I can go there for around $3 sooo wherever yall go is wayy too expensive

I love the movies but I don't think I should waste a hundred dollars on that.😮

38 Popcorn Maker

I have a popcorn maker. But you it costs less than $100. - cosmo

No not that popcorn

39 Underwear

Underwear is what you get on a daily basis not when you have $100


40 A Piercing

Yes if you want one do it

Never, My mom keeps saying, "your getting older, if you want to get your ears pierced..." You can never get rid of it!

Yes because it lasts for as long as you take care of it and you won't end up throwing it away any time soon. I'm 13 and I've had my first and second piercings and it's totally worth it!

Yeah, I'm 16, and I love my piercings. they're cool, and you can get so many different types of em'! Get them!

41 Long Board

Tried it once, and I hated it. It was terrible. Gave it a second run though, and BAM! I was in love. It absolutely blew me away. It still does, to be perfectly honest. I find that every time I step onto the board and carve down a huge hill, I'm filled with both a generous adrenaline rush, and more then that, I'm filled with pure happiness. I'm never more in the moment then when I'm going down a hill. The amount of focus you gain from getting better and better, the improvements in balance, the work out that comes with it, and the memories made make this a good decision on any persons part.

my friends keep talking about these things there better then a normal skateboard there faster and better on turns and makes you glide longer then a normal skateboard maybe il get one I was checking website to see what to buy well anyways good luck

I Got a longboard for my birthday... Fell in love with it immediately... I ride it every day and it never gets boring, there is an endless amount of cool tricks and they are really fast I rode a mile straight on a hill that barely goes down at all

Long boarding is the best feeling in the world.. weather your cruising, bombing down hills, or something crazy like dancing.. It really frees your mind. It sounds funny, I know.. But it's epic. There's open roads everywhere just do it, go long board.

42 Kitten

Yes, yes, YES! Get a kitten! They are so cute and love to cuddle! And also is very fun to make them their own instagram account.

How don't what a cute kitten

I got a kitten for free because our friend lives in the country and a pregnant stray gave birth near her house

They are just so cute and fluffy

43 Gummy Bears

Why would you spend $100 on gummy bears!

Perfect for when you have the munchies -420


... let’s get that 100 dollar bill out, baby!

44 Scooter

Great way to get exercise and unspeakably fun. My parents are always bugging me to go outside and I used to say Mobutu now I get up and do it

Love scooters great fun!

45 Airsoft Gun

Its like a war in real life. An amazing game that entertains you for hours. You get to shoot your friends while avoiding getting hit yourself. You actually feel like you are in a warzone. I buy the cheap ones. For 1-hundred dollars I could buy 8 airsoft guns that my friends and I could have fun with for hours. More fun than games in my opinion. Your on the battlefield getting attacked and then you fight back dodging bullets as you run to cover. Now that's a good way to spend money. Just buy the cheaper ones so you get enough for all your friends.

Real life version of Call of Duty. Without the dying part.

Having airsoft wars is incredibly awesome, it's great for adrenaline junkies. Or people who enjoy watching their friends jump in pain.

Yes! Airsoft is really fun! Just watch out to NOT hit anyone into head

46 iPhone Case

They sell $400 ones on Amazon.

I like cases

What else?

47 Gifts

I bought my dad a gift and he was so happy, I will surely do this again.

I think every one should buy other people thing because it is caring

This is a very thoughtful thing to do.

I will gift you this list

48 A Thong

How the hell is a hundred dollars going to pay for my cheetah thong. Like come on, get with the program

It fits perfectly between cheek one and two. Nice, warm and annoying! -. - laugh out loud.

Yes a PINK tight slim thong..

You guys are so dirty

49 Computer

Every on NEEDS a computer!

I'm getting a laptop on December

My grandmother told me that I get a laptop on December. - LapisBob

A used one, not a new one.

50 Drugs

You guys are idiots. Your 14 and your doing drugs already! Are you stupid. I'm 14 too and I'm not dumb like you guys. Drugs don't make you cool. They make you ignorant and mental.

Drugs are so stupid pus they make you stupid. DON'T DRUG!

Humans have known since the dawn of time that drugs are ' dope. The entire concept of human motivation comes from little squirts of "feel-good" neurotransmitters when one responds to a stimulus in a beneficial manner. You literally (and I mean literally here, this is not an exaggeration) spend your entire life attempting to get high on some level or another, it is inescapable.

Also tons of other animals get mad hopped up on drugs all the time, so there's that.

You are all brainwashed by DARE to think drugs are the worst things ever. Do some actual research before you say they make you "ignorant and mental". The real ignorant person here is the one who believes everything their school health class "teaches" them.

Especially since they costed hundreds of celebrities' lives - jp12960

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