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41 Forest of Shadows

Come on this band is unique love the voice of Niclas Frohagen and theire last album Six Waves of Woe and the song Detached that is om my top 10 song this band is just what I need. - Mansonlooks

42 Evoken Evoken Evoken is an American funeral doom metal band from Lyndhurst, New Jersey, that is influenced by the Australian band Disembowelment and the Finnish band Thergothon.
43 Novembers Doom
44 Acrimony
45 Mournful Congregation
46 Sunn 0))
47 Tiamat

Sweden has never really been a spawning pool for many great doom metal bands, but Tiamat makes every metal fan's time worthwhile, (mostly) irrelevant of taste. Never getting truly dull in any way. There is an overall esoteric approach to the music, citing the use of psychadaelic drugs on various occasions. The guitar work is at times a distorted mass that saws through your speakers at while being perfectly crystal clear in other certain parts. While that alone being very gloomy, the vocal duties from Johan Edlund add to the overall haunting and great atmosphere.

The best band this world has seen till now.

48 Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral were a doom metal band from Coventry, England. The group gained attention upon release of its debut album, Forest of Equilibrium, which is considered a classic of the genre.

Draconian, Tiamat, Paradise lost, Katatonia are not doom metal. Bands. BS, pentagram, cathedral... They are doom metal bands. Listen to them and compere them.

Most of the bands on thisnlist are gothic metal, not doom. Listen to Forest Of Equilibrium, it's about as true as doom metal gets

For the beganer's I'll suggest a song"Ashes you leave". You are gonna love them. I bet.

49 October Tide
50 Black Label Society Black Label Society Black Label Society is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1998 by Zakk Wylde. V 1 Comment
51 Skepticism

Really atmospheric and a real badass band

52 Elder
53 Reverend Bizarre V 1 Comment
54 Trees of Eternity

The vocal, Aleah,had cancer then died
The meaning of doom is this woman...

LOL really pleace 72? LOL slipknot is 70 in doom metal bands? what? just listen to I amillion teas and sinking ships then knoow that this band should be in 10 plaeces

55 Empyrium Empyrium

Really? 38th? Listen to the turn of the tides and then consider what is DOOM

56 Doom vs

Listen to "Earthless" - Acid_Bubble

57 Daylight Dies

They create some great piece of music. Truly underrated guys!

Create some great piece of music, ain't they...

They are great just listen to them once

58 Agalloch Agalloch

Maybe not typically Doom, but if I can vote for Agalloch, I will.. Great musicianship.. Every album has to grow. After it grew on you, there's no turning back, eargasm all the way! Ashes to the grain is a sublime start. The Mantle and The Serpent and the Sphere are epic too!

Should be at least top10 in my opinion!

Possibly the best band of all time...

59 The Wounded Kings

Not very well known but my favorite so far

60 Corrupted
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