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21 Shoo Ed

The moment from jonny is funny when he say I'm a Two Headed Monster Attack the Mushroom.

22 Ed, Ed and Away
23 Read All About Ed
24 Stop, Look and Ed
25 Who, What, Where, Ed
26 Scrambled Ed
27 Flea-Bitten Ed

One quote, I told you bunnies would take over the world and they have.

28 Fool on the Ed
29 The Ed-Touchables

I honestly thought this was a terrible episode to have as the first episode of the entire series.

This Like This The Fuuniest Episode Of The Series It Should Be Number 1 - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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30 Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?

This is the best episode in my opinion, and Eddy deserves to be tortured at the end after letting his friends getting beaten up for cash and making Ed spend Sarah's money on Jawbreakers.

31 Every Which Way But Ed

I love the part where Kevin says "Ding-a-ling-dang-my-ding-a-long-ding-dong! ". For those of you who don't know, it's a reference to Jesus Build My Hotrod by Ministry.

32 An Ed in the Bush
33 A Glass of Warm Ed

This episode is hillarious. It uses the best elliments of slapstic and combines it with some amazing writting. The music fits the action perfectly and I can not watch it enough times.

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34 In Like Ed

Top 3 Best Moments of this episode:
3: London Bridge is falling
2 The Claw
1: Ed crashes in The house with a grappling hook - MinusTop10

35 Wish You Were Ed

What a classic! I probably love the moment That's My Horse and it's an energetic showstopper. Combines music and slapstick together courtesy of Ed.

36 Ed Overboard
37 Dawn of the Eds

One of those epic episodes

38 Tight End Ed
39 Nagged To Ed
40 If It Smell Like an Ed
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