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161 Divine Ascension

Female fronted melodic/progressive metal with movie soundtrack like keys, shredding, riffing guitars, a thunderous rhythm section and a voice unheard of in the genre. All from Melbourne, Australia. Check them out.

162 Ecliptica
163 Messiah Force
164 Nocturnal Tyranny and Downshock

Female fronted metal band that is from the United States. They are amazing!

165 Promisqes
166 Magion

One of the best Dutch female fronted metal bands that you probably haven't heard before. Strong voice accompanied by musicians with loads of experience, melodic, powerful and awesome! Guaranteed to be stuck in you're head for a while so proceed with caution ;-)

167 System Divide

This band is cooking they are more or less new to the business but this mordern/melodic death metal band they the best and the lead singer that redhead is smoking hot - DANC3W1THTH3D3V1L

168 Voidstate

These guys are awesome! Think Enter Shikari meets Nightwish!

169 Nya

Relatively unknown rock band but trust me, listen to You Are. You will not be disappointed. By the way Iron Maiden is a great band and all but aren't female fronted - Danielsun182

170 Pythia

Seen this band a few times now in Camden and they were fantantic. Would recommend anyone reading this, to check them out. Emily Ovenden, the lead singer, was orginally in the Medieval Baebes. A very different direction, but her voice works beautifully.

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171 Rockbitch

They put on an excellent live show... To bad they're no longer together

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172 Diablo Swing Orchestra

Such a unique band. There is no way one can describe how great they are. But Annlouice is amazing! If you have the lucky to be close to the stage you can hear her voice clearly when she is really far from the microphone. Their show is amazing and the songs will make you wanna dance and practice your air guitar skills!

Such a powerfully diverse and original sound! One of my favorite bands of all time!

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173 Adorior

A brutal Death/Black Metal band from Sutton, England. Fronted by Melissa-Jaded Lungs.

Violent Death/Thrash from the U.K. A peerless band with a very unique approach, Only for the maniacs.

174 Seeds of Iblis

Kick ass Black Metal band who have more balls (pun intended) than their male counterparts. You would love this if you're onto Black Metal music and anti-religious.

2 Female & 2 Male Black Metal band from Iraq (formerly). Their Leader, Anahita, has a harsh yet beautiful vocal and a phenomenal Bassist.

175 Peccatum

How the heck Peccatum is missing? Ihriel on Vocals/Keyboards, her Husband Ihsahn (Emperor) on Additional Vocals/Bass/Guitars.

176 Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion

Gothic Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Fronted by Jennie Tebler, younger sister of the legendary Swedish Juggernaut; Quorthon of Bathory fame.

177 Neverstar

I vote neverstar the bassist lives in the same block of private flats as me

Amazing singer and an over all great sound in their only album so far.

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178 The Raven Black Project

A combo of old and new influences. Female Power!

179 Oblivious Signal

Female fronted metal/hard rock. Cristina T. Feliciano has a haunting voice and produced the most recent songs herself.

180 The Plasmatics

They fused punk and metal. One of the greatest bands ever, forever legendary

They deserve to at least be in the top 10

Wendy for ever!

I can't believe they weren't on this list yet Tonight Alive is?!? Are you dumb they're pop punk. Anyways The Plasmatics are legendary. They were one of the first bands to fuse punk and metal. They are hardcore as hell. They are one if the most original musicians and a complete phenomenon. And Wendy is a Goddess

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