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161 Adorior

A brutal Death/Black Metal band from Sutton, England. Fronted by Melissa-Jaded Lungs.

Violent Death/Thrash from the U.K. A peerless band with a very unique approach, Only for the maniacs.

162 Seeds of Iblis

Kick ass Black Metal band who have more balls (pun intended) than their male counterparts. You would love this if you're onto Black Metal music and anti-religious.

2 Female & 2 Male Black Metal band from Iraq (formerly). Their Leader, Anahita, has a harsh yet beautiful vocal and a phenomenal Bassist.

163 Peccatum

How the heck Peccatum is missing? Ihriel on Vocals/Keyboards, her Husband Ihsahn (Emperor) on Additional Vocals/Bass/Guitars.

164 Inkubus Sukkubus

Inkubus sukkubus is British metal band with lead singer candia

181?!?!?! What?! This band is brilliant. Seen them numerous times, always great. Candia is a fantastic singer.
If you like Pagan, Gothic, Rock/Metal check them out now!

Inkubus sukkubus is British rock and metal band fronted by a female singer named candia AND DUDE THEY R AWESOME! Try them out

165 Trillium V 1 Comment
166 Neverstar

I vote neverstar the bassist lives in the same block of private flats as me

Amazing singer and an over all great sound in their only album so far.

V 1 Comment
167 The Raven Black Project

A combo of old and new influences. Female Power!

168 Leather Leone

"Surrender to no one". New Chastain!

169 Oblivious Signal

Female fronted metal/hard rock. Cristina T. Feliciano has a haunting voice and produced the most recent songs herself.

170 The Plasmatics

They fused punk and metal. One of the greatest bands ever, forever legendary

V 2 Comments
171 Toronto

Miss Holly Woods (what a great name). Hear the song "Break down the barricade" and you know what I mean.

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172 Shadowside

Awesome Brazilian band that has been getting a lot of attention worldwide. Their latest album Inner Monster Out is great.

Absolutely love this band. Amazing voice, fantastic songs. Can't wait for their new stuff

173 Circle of Conspiracy

Great new band featuring both female and male vocals with a lot of good songs on their first album. I think they can go far.

Awesome mix of vocals! Feels like a mix of Nightwish, Amaranthe and Lacuna Coil!

174 Blues Pills
175 Purson

Purson has two phenomenal albums and are great live. Their latest release, Desire's Magic Theatre, is definitely in my top 5 favorite albums of 2016. - Bestforbusiness

176 Red Queen

Fronted by Elena Vladi who is originally from Russia. Sings with perfect growls and clean vocals. Very nice voice.

177 Detente
178 Lyriel

These German masters of folk/symphonic metal definitely deserve a good spot on this list.

179 Phantom Blue
180 La-Ventura
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