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81 Shanell
82 SkittieSkit

Funny how people can look past her name, but not her style nor flow. This lady has it all going on

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83 CL CL

CL is flawless and she has swag too! CL is undoubtedly the best female rapper of all time!

The best female rapper in Asia and the best leader of the best band 2NE1

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84 Meghan Trainor Meghan Trainor V 1 Comment
85 Kandy Girl
86 Sa-Roc

You need to check her out! How she is not on this list already I have no idea and the fact that Nicki Minaj is no. 1 has caused me to lose all faith in humanity

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87 Mia X

Yall just don't give the south no respect...check her bars on Kane n Abel her u n lady like to every bar she spotted on no limit...she will kill Nikki minaj...

By the way sing ain't rapping...2 different types...Moma Mia is number 1 by far...the lady Andre 3000...

88 MC Invincible
89 T-Love
90 LE (EXID)

A great rapper as well as a talented composer.

91 Dominique Young Unique

Dominique Young Unique is great she did the "EARTHQUAKE" track with Diplo and more

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92 LoLa Monroe
93 Nikolija
94 Halsey Halsey
95 Sister Souljah

She was on the front lines for real

96 Khaos Da Rapper
97 Njeri Earth
98 Baby Blue
99 Miryo

I am shocked to know that one of the best female K-Pop Rappers is not this list. Miryo's rapping is very fierce and very potent. Unfortunately, she is one of the most underrated female K-Pop rappers since Brown Eyed Girls does not have such a large fanbase (such as CL, Nicki). She should deserve a position in the top ten at least.

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100 Sooyoung Sooyoung V 1 Comment
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