Best First Person Shooters of 2011

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1 Battlefield 3

More realistic in comparison to the newer Call of Duty titles, has vehicular warfare, encourages teamwork, delivers teamwork, only playable on the PC. Suck it console fanboys!

I can't call Battlefield a full warfare simulator, but actually I believe that's the most advanced game at the moment, no other engine can afford such precision as Frostbite, This game is also awesome on consoles, so please PC users don't get too excited

Battlefield 3 will make history with the best graphics in a game in history. Right now Crysis 2 holds this title but Battlefield 3 hasn't come out yet. And it will also be fun to play.

Definitely gonna changed the way we think about gaming forever, Call of Duty has now bean beaten.

2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Battlefield 3 is good but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a lot BETTER. I own both games at home and Call of Duty is better. The multiplayer is pretty close but I have more fun in Modern Warfare 3.

The campaign is more interesting in Modern Warfare 3 and Spec Ops missions and survival mode top off this wonderful game.

Modern Warfare 3 is amazing! It is the greatest Call of Duty game ever and way better than ANY Battlefield game made. The guns are awesome, the graphics are great and the action is always fast paced!

Multiplayer is the standout of this amazing game. Campaign is great but not a challenge and spec ops returns with a punch. Bedt Call of Duty hand down and best FPS ever! Way better than Battlefield because boyfriend is just boring!

If I had Battlefield 3, I would possibly vote for that game, but the only games that I have on this list is Call of Duty MW3 and Crysis 2. And Call of Duty MW3 is better so I have to vote for that. It has an okay Campaign and Spec Ops doesn't hurt. But the multiplayer can be stressful at times.

3 Crysis 2

This game should be first. The cry engine is the most awesome engine of all. It is able to make awesome graphics without lagging. In fact, the graphics look like Battlefield 3 but is way better in terms of performance. - MSS47

Best graphics, funnest game ever and a lot of awesome action that keeps you playing for a while to come.

4 Homefront

Homefront really is a great game and I think it's the most underrated game of 2011! Its really fun and the story is just outstanding and top notch.

Multiplayer is also really fun so I recommend this game to anyone that love FPS's

5 Rage

A great action shooter. I like the storyline and just the overall feel of this incredible game. Surely a number one game in my opinion and it is very underrated

6 Resistance 3
7 F.E.A.R. 3
8 Brink

A VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VEERYY underrated game! The game has some great storyline and the gameplay I happen to really enjoy. Some people just not know how to play this game to its full potential.

Probably the most underrated game I've ever seen
Most people stopped playing it
After seeing only the boring single player, not experiencing the game's full potential: the Multiplayer
Without even trying to achieve anything ingame

9 Killzone 3

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11 Mario Sports Mix
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