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41 Golldir

You can get him very early on in the game, and even though I am not sure as to how high his level goes, I know for sure that he makes extremely good use of heavy armour and weapons, and if you're the "Warrior type", having Golldir along side you, both rushing into combat with your weapons drawn is something of a UNIQUE experience:))

You get to help him save his ancestors from a necromancer, and he has a lot of perks which many other followers don't have.

Level up to 30... He can use bow, one/two handed weapons and heavy armor plus he can't die

Golldir!?... Well, a golden smile, of course!

42 Talos

Talos is the best follower but he is so weak he always died can't take a single bandit

Extremely powerful

He is really good with his Nordic Army, he tends to fall a lot.

Very good warrior in one hand combat and can summon a nord hero army with a thousand soldiers can be found in sovengarde after beating main campaign

43 Barbas

Invincible while essential dog. Annoying and bad for stealth, but can kill anyone and never die

I miss Barbas, wish I'd never given him back now but his constant barking and nudging really started winding me up.

Barbas is so annoying though, so I just keep him at the sanctuary for backup when I need him

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44 Meresine

Fiery dragon hunter and marksman who hails from Morrowind. She is quite adept in Light Armor and Block, making her a good tank against challenging enemies. Her unique voice and dialogue options suits her personality perfectly. A must-have follower.

She's a real firebrand and very passionate about riding Skyrim of dragons. An ideal companion for the Dragonborn.

I think MOD characters shouldn't be on the list, ANYWHERE. They aren't in the regular game, so they have no place or reason to be here.

45 Valdimar

His spells are extremely diverse and he is near immortal from his self sustain. Pretty much a better version of Lydia. Except he isn't as cute

Quite a versatile companion. Good tank with heavy armor but a decent mage as well. Rather boring talker.

I just want to write about him so he has something but I'm heard people say his awesome I want to see him

Under appreciated when put in right senorio way helpful

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46 Ingjard

No level cap, very cool equipment and pretty a smile. Just saying...

A strong warrior. Very hot!

Easily the most beautiful maiden, and looks fabulous in Dawnguard armour.

Just disgraceful! Inward is the much better version of Mjoll the lioness and she is super hawt and feisty!

47 Ralis Sedarys

This dude is a KILLING MACHINE. Light armor, high sneak, and strong. He likes to dual wield and that turns him into a ' Cuisinart as he dices up every mob in sight, and his light armor skill is so high he can tank! Don't kill him...recruit this and watch yourself become his sidekick.

Guys incredibly powerful, I turned around to fight a troll but ralis had already one hit killed it

48 Telvas

This is only my second follower after Lydia died, but I don't see much point in changing to anyone else. If Telvas and myself conjure a fire elemental then there is four of us and getting through most caves is pretty easy.

He is just awesome, no more to be said

A dark elf expert in destruction magic and in conjuration, can be found in tel mithryn after destroying the ash guardian

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49 Dremora Markynaz
50 Ahtar

When entering Solitude for the first time, the first thing you see is Ahtar chopping of someone's head. Enough said.

Ahtar is one of my all-time favorite followers! Where else are you going to get the Headsman's Axe? Nowhere.

Probably one of the most intimidating looking dudes in the game. He's chill and got swagger, he also has one of a kind armor and the headsman's axe. He got mad skillz too

Ahtar also only redguard follower besides rayya. And quiet unlike many other annoying followers.

51 Steadfast Dwarven Sphere

The fact that you can remake him if he dies and loot him makes him a bolt/gold source, along with his base attack being him due to crossbow and built in dwarfed dagger. Decent eefense, too.

Really great follower but you can only get him if you have the dragonborn DLC he is a good companion for levels 10-50

52 Iona

Very good in most heavy armor. She is my wife and I love her.

Looks hot in her ebony armor. Gonna marry her one day!

I have had Iona from Riften for most of my game. She beasts most bandit camps before I can even reach them. She has a pretty good carry weight and and is one of the quieter followers (I hate talkative companions like Mjoll and Lydia). She has also never glitched on me.

53 Calder

He a good follower because he does everything you want him he's gaints club

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54 Ria
55 Faendal

Better than Sven. Light armored, trains in archery, and has himself a bow, quiver of arrows, and dagger. Pretty faithful. Not the best but he is my most common follower. I've armed him with thieves guild armor, only gauntlets and and boots are imperial steel enchanted with 15% increase on archery and one armed combat. He has a steel shield, imperial bow, steel arrows, dwarven dagger, sky forge steel sword and a torch. Shame he doesn't do destruction, restoration, and/or conjuration but you can't have everything. I understand your choice though if you disagree. If you agree, I am overjoyed(not literally) and the picture you see him in is totally awesome. Thanks for reading.

This guy is one of the worst followers you can get in the game.(other than the dogs)he is very weak and attacks you over the smallest hit from you, another thing is that you can't transform into vampire lord while he is near you or he will attack you. The only thing that's even remotely good about him is that he can train you for free(if you keep taking the money back from him) so you could level up quicker but even that doesn't last long considering the fact that he is a novice trainer

This guy is the worst follower u can get!

56 Dremora Kynval

This dude catches everything he hits on fire! Can be unlocked when you have a drinking contest with sam

Well if you're a master in conjuration like me you'd get the dead thrall spell from Phinis Gestor in the college of winterhold after completing a quest that becomes available when you reach 100 in conjuration.
After that just do the daedric quest of Dagon and you'll eventually turn up at his shrine and get the daedric artifact which is mehunes razor.
After you finish the quest Dagon will summon a couple of dremora kynvals that you'll kill and then you could use the dead thrall spell to make one of them a permanent follower.
If you have twin souls you could dead thrall both of them and have 2 op followers.
If you've already finished the daedric quest before don't worry just head over to the shrine and you'll find a dremora kynval there that you could kill.

57 Athis

Very handy with One-Handed weapons and Heavy Armor, he also makes a great Blade.

58 Roggi Knot-Beard

Had him for my first follower after Lydia and gave him dragon scale armor and shield and one hand axe and he was a little weak at the start but cool dude. Always wants some mead lol. After a bit of traveling and leveling I went into a cave and it had 5 enemies right off the bat. Then I watched him charge into battle and proceed to wreck the lot of them and them clear out the cave with me following and watching. Only got rid of him at lv 60 when we battled a dragon and he ran off back to his home town after taking a point blank hit from a dragons fire breath. And nearly died. That's when I realized he was done leveling and out of his league. But had such good memories with him I let home keep the gear (and some mead) eventually became the gaurd of my house and defended it from endless supply of raiders.

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59 Lob

Lob is a great follower he is two handed wears Orc armour all the time unless you don't give him Orc but if you give him way better armour he will use that armour. Lob is an awesome follower and you need to do Orc missions to be able to have him.

Don't get him sometimes I can't find him then he's licking ball in a shack

I love lob I married him he is so cool with the malaccath armour and he is 2-handed

Malaccath armour is cool because it's red and green mostly red though

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60 Werewolf

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