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1 Forza Horizon 3

This is, and always will be, my first Forza game. I am new to the series, and I already love Forza. The music, the open world, intense racing on road and off, makes this game great. The dlc is good, it runs smoothly, graphics aren't bad, super fast cars, and more. If you weren't sure about a racing game, get this and you will enjoy it immensely. I did.

It has the best expansions and 2nd best map

I have at least 1000 hours in this game, I had fun with every second that I played, way back in the day you could glitch the game and you could get 1 billion dollars. Then, boom, there is no more worrying about races.

The game is unlimited and has all the cars in the world!

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2 Forza Horizon 4

Forza horizon 4 just broke the boundaries, Britain, The Soundtrack, Seasons per week and sheer adrenaline just made it wonderful but the exhaust notes are terrible, this is the real Gran Turismo killer.

This games breaks the boundaries of ordinary games with tremendous graphics and a fun and interesting story!

Best Forza there is

I love this game it is the best forza ever #forza 4 rocks

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3 Forza Motorsport 4

I played Forza Motorsport 4 every day and I thought that Forza Motorsport 4 was the best Forza game Turn 10 created

Of both series (Motorsport and Horizon) Motorsport takes the cake, and Motorsport 4 is by far the best version. The series truly peaked at this point. After the iconic Motorsport 3, this was an absolute legend, and predated the not-so great Motorsport 5. The only issue is the lack of DLC content availability as most of the old server features are down, however you can still race online, join clubs, and complete the career mode as many times as you want.

My first Forza game following the original (didn't play 2 or 3). Great graphics for the time and great simulation. Maple Valley is #1!

Only reason people didn't vote for FM4 is that they haven't played it.

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4 Forza Horizon 2

I like the way the game feel but if will be awesome if the be racing cars on it but it's a really nice and fun game

STill play the soundtrack of this today, it made the game way better than Horizon 3

I never liked this Forza. No interspersing map, no story, no interesting cars. Get horizon 1,3 or 4 instead

Best Forza game of all time best soundtrack too

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5 Forza Motorsport 3

This was my first Forza game, and the best I've played so far. Awesome soundtrack, great cover car, good graphics, extreme racetracks and locations, especially Sedona and that Spanish mountain track, it shaped up other Forza games, great intro bit for when you line up for a race, and much more! I still have it in my cabinet and still play to this day.

This is probably the best other than FM4 to be honest

My favorite soundtrack

A true classic. It's also a major improvement over the first two. This game also helped start to shape future forza games. I will always think this is the best forza Motorsport game.

6 Forza Motorsport 6

Easily the best game. So much fun to play.

Best of all time

Trash, garbage, pasuda

Easy and fun to play

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7 Forza Motorsport 7

To be honest, This game is better than 5. Just my opinion. - LapisBob

The best by far!

I ( SEJ JNR 888) reckon the need to put in 2018 V8 SUPERCARS. If you don't know what they are, their the cars that race on Mount Panorama, their Aussie. They should also put more Australian race tracks in! That's all. It seems that it needs more cool cars and then it would probably be in the top five!

Only last because I (CheesyNachos) added it just before it came out. Everyone likes Horizon 3 and votes for it instead of voting for a motorsport game every once in a while, despite the name of this list

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8 Forza Horizon

Best forza game by far. Fun gameplay and actual progression that brought you back again and again. Had some of the best car sounds(the newer games sound crap compared to it, although horizon 2 had great sounds) had the best soundtrack, gorgeous artstyle and was the only game that really truly captured the vibes of a festival. Just watch the start menu and see what I mean. People sitting around their cars enjoying the sun, music and the people around them. None of the other games capture this feeling.

Best Horizon game ever made. 2-4 don't even come close. Best single player, actual progression, best multiplayer, best soundtrack. This gane is too good

Best car list

I think this is the best forza game because it's hard, challenging, fun, and has nice graphics even though it is 6 years old it is the best

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9 Forza Motorsport 2

This is still the best Forza Motorsport game (Feb 2019.) I've played them all in order on the years they came out. This is the hidden gem! If you play this game today you wont be disappointed. It plays like Turn 10 was never going to make another game ever again. It's super polished and ready for eternity. This game also has truly the best soundtrack of any Forza game still. It's just the feeling of customizing your car and listening to a wide range of rock, pop, indie and electro that makes you never want to turn off your Xbox 360 before you do one more race. The racing also has absolutely no forgiveness. No rewind, no wide range of difficulty options, no auto brake, nothing, Just play as it is and risk it all. Winning in this game feels good... really good. Hardcore players who love racing games buy an Xbox 360 just for this game. The racing physics are perfect blend of simulation and controller friendly mechanics that make it like no other game.

This game introduced me to Forza. Spent hundreds of hours painting, tuning, and selling cars on the auction house.

I personally thought that this game was one of the best because it was a real sense of racing and had a wide range of cars. I think that the others on the list are just beacause they are newer, but this one is as good as them

Last Forza game before all of the bullcrap micro transactions and DLCs

10 Forza Motorsport

Just to say the first should always be the best. If the first a game didn't come out there wouldn't be another game

Fora motorsport 1sucks it will never be the best game and has shirty ads graphics

Love tis game

Best racing game ever

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11 Forza Motorsport 5

Probably the first of the really modern Forzas

I honestly love this game as a guilty pleasure

Forza 5 is garbage it has nearly the same amount of cars and tracks as Forza 1... Getting this game is just a waste of money really

Come on! This Forza Motorsport 5, the best of the Forza franchise. #1 should have Forza Motorsport 5 attached to it! NOT #6!

12 Forza 6 Motorsport 6 Apex

Redundant version of the regular Forza 6. Do not buy

This Forza game has less than 100 cars and less than 50 tracks!

13 Forza Street

Worst. Forza. Game. Ever.

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