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1 Minene Uryu Minene Uryu


The best character for sure

She's definitely the most awesome character

Total badass, she is so awesome!

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2 Yuno Gasai Yuno Gasai

How is she NOT number one?

Such a cool backstory and a cool character arc, I mean the other characters were all great but yuno takes the cake

Yuno is just a legit queen of yandere, she's the total definition, and is willing to go just to the limit for Yukki's survival. She can have flaws, true. Such as trapping him in that room tied to a chair, and that, my people, is why she's the best! Yuno does have a complete OVER OBSESSION, but that's what every yandere is supposed to be like. And she, Yuno Gasai, is the entire package.

She is indeed clingy but she is smart come on.

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3 Aru Akise Aru Akise

Aru was my absolute favorite! Sure, there were times I disagreed with his manipulative nature such as when he got his friends involved with the future diary havoc without them knowing. But it is evident he cares for them greatly. Even until his end, he tried to protect the world and his last friend Yuki. There are instances when I find myself thinking "My god, this guy is a genius." His intellect stuns me along with his calm demeanor and determination. I admit, I was kinda pissed when the writers had him have a crush on Yuki. Mainly because it seems as if in his last moments he was reduced to simply being a love interest instead on focusing on his actual goal saving the world (also I kinda hate Yuki). But I still believe that he was doing it for the greater good and thought Yuki was best as God and he didn't do it simply because he was his crush. He is an awesome and complex character

He is hot and coool

He's the real hero of the whole series...

Man shoulda rekt that bietch yuno but he wuz too nice

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4 Deus Ex Machina
5 Keigo Kurusu
6 Yukiteru Amano Yukiteru Amano

He is just a poor boy need love:/

He is a great character

He's pretty half baked, and I think that he's pretty boring.


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7 Tsubaki Kasugano

"Her backstory seriously destroyed me, what they did to her sickened me but she's still alive and kicking"

Screw Tsubaki haters.

8 Ai Mikami
9 Marco Ikusaba
10 Muru Muru

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11 Reisuke Houjou

He is an intelligent for his youth and is also adorable. He is easily believed for his age and ability to manipulate others. I believe Reisuke should be top 10.

He was just so cute yet so twisted at the same time :3

12 Yomotsu Hirasaka

Definitely the best character

Should be 2nd at least. Most funny character

13 Kamado Ueshita

Why isn't she in the top 10? She's so caring, and not crazy or a killer.

Plus she made it to the final three, if only Yuki decided to take Yuno out when she manipulated him to kill Moa, Hinata, Kosakca, and Aru.

Her Roman counterpart is Vesta (Hestia). KAMADO DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE 😭😭😭

14 Masumi Nishijima
15 Hinata Hino
16 Takao Hiyama
17 Mao Nonosaka
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1. Yuno Gasai
2. Minene Uryu
3. Aru Akise
1. Aru Akise
2. Minene Uryu
3. Yuno Gasai
1. Yuno Gasai
2. Minene Uryu
3. Yukiteru Amano


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