Fifth Harmony

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Fifth Harmony is an American girl group based in Miami, composed of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and previously, Camila Cabello until her departure from the group on December 18, 2016. The group signed a joint record deal with Simon Cowell's label Syco Records and L.A.


Fifth Harmony represent every aspect required to truly make the best girl group: vocals, quality, choreography, chemistry, lyrics, messages, videos, and images. They have superior vocals covering the entire spectrum- from Lauren's alto to Camila's soprano, all five girls have powerful voices and good enunciation. There is no lead singer. Each girl has a chance to shine in their songs, a chance to sing the chorus. They are the embodiment of top-notch pop music: they cover the entire emotional spectrum with meaningful lyrics that can empower ANYONE. The choreography is just spectacular, they can sing and dance at the same time. They do not lipsync or use playback. Their live versions sound almost exactly like the studio. And sure they can be sexual but they actually deserve huge one-ups for embracing their sexuality. If they want to be provocative, well then who are you to judge? At least their videos are artful, not pornographic. Lastly their images are positive and squeaky clean, they ...more

Fifth Harmony is THE best girl group of this decade! They are beautiful outside and inside. They've got pretty mind and soul, beautiful face and body. They deserve the spot #1! These girls are so talented but underrated! Proud harmonizer.

They need to be in the top ten. I mean right now they have three platinum singles and I can't be more pround of these girls. Feel free to crown them THE best girl group. Their style might have changed but I'm pretty sure the girls themselves haven't. I'm so proud to be one of those people who supported them since the X Factor. Other than that I am more than proud to be a Harmonizer!

Fifth harmony is the best girl group their work from home is in top ten of bill board hot 100 they are all about girl power and their fandom are totally awesome they should be on no1they are way better than little mix

How can they be so down? I believe they are better than supremes!

Fifth harmony is the best girl band they should be in in number one and they are group whose single is in top ten of billboard hot #100 chart which girl band has a song that's in top ten even not spice girls whatever this chart of top ten won't change the truth # happy to be a hamonizer!

! Why is fifth harmony so low! Their Better Together EP debuted #2 on itunes! They worked so hard to get where they are. My friend cannot stop humming their songs.

These girls are amazing and I don't understand why they are not at least third. Each of them has a unique singing voice and personality. Their songs are amazingly amazing and I couldn't ask for a better girl group. I am pround to be a Harmonizer.

Proud Harmonizer here! Fifth Harmony is so talented, just crank up any of their songs.

What are they doing at #18 they should be WAY higher! And they ACTUALLY can sing.

They are absolutely incredible!

They deserve to be more than this!

They are the best right now they are amazing

They're have unique voice and complete each other

Fifth Harmony can change your life

Why the hell are they in no.19? Their debut album was #1 on itunes in almost 25 countries in almost 40 mins without their boyfriends help like little mix do! Their weekly sale is almost 65-70k which is quite good for a girlband's debut album! They work so hard and are still so down to earth funny relatable teenage girls from X- Factor. come on harmonizer get them to #1 here!

Fifth Harmony should definitely be on top of silly girl groups like Girl Generation. They have actual vocal abilities and don't just blabber away in some obscure language barely 5% of the population can understand. All the Fifth Harmony members have excellent voices Lauren can hit a C3 Ally can even belt a B6 and Normani, Dinah and Ally can all do whistle tones. Enough said, their vocal abilities are supremely good. They deserve the top place instead of that stupid Korean Group SNSD who can't even sing and just go around with their plastic surgically crafter faces and lower the self esteem of their fans by their anorexic bodies. Fifth Harmony spreads positivity and female empowerment, like on Brave Honest Beautiful and Bo$$. I don't understand why people are so ignorant and dumb and would actually vote for Girls Generation over a seriously good group like 5H, or other good groups like Spice Girls, Little Mix and Destiny's Child.

Fifth harmony are my favorite singers they are the best and they will stay there best for me I am there biggest harmoniser

They don't really have to be #1 but at least top little mix...5h even won more awards than little mix

They are SO overrated! All they sing about is six ("e") like work from home, all in my head abd worth it are so dirty

They are the most awarded girlgroup of this decade. They love their fans and always make sure to show it to them. How can you not love them? The best girlgroup ever.

They are the best! Their songs have so much meaning and is so catchy and full of emotion! All of them have such unique voices. Their videos are so good!
They must at least be in the top 5!

Fifth Harmony needs to be number 1. Fifth Harmony is the biggest girl group of the decade! 3 VMAs, gold and platinum singles, vevo certified on all of their videos, HAVE been named biggest girl group in the world MANY times. They are the most successful alumni off the x factor, (even though they placed 3rd). They have the best single by a western girl group ever, (their not even a western girl group), and they break records by PCD, Spice Girls, and Destinys Child! With one of the most powerful, intellegent and strongest fanbases in the world, Fifth Harmony definitely is the biggest girl group in the world.

This list is trash how are these Korean groups this high, TLC, Destiny's Child, Fifth Harmony and more should be higher.
Also why is Little Mix higher than Fifth Harmony

Who in heck are girls generation..I'm 54 yrs old & never heard of them.. really? this poll is ridiculous..HELLO 5th Harmony getting ready to hit 100million in 3 weeks..5TH HARMONY RULES